When we talk about anxiety the sudden words come in our mind are fear, stress and nervousness. Anxiety is a fear that results from the imagined situation and the feeling of getting frightened from the anticipated situations that something might be harmful. It creates the state of being anxious about something that could endanger you.

If you ask yourself why do I have anxiety? Then let me answer you that anxiety is a natural quick response to the fear of no real reason it occurs normally when you feel under pressure or contains bad feelings about anything or feel nervousness. The very first day at school, at job or normally at stage in front of many people to deliver the few words or speech leads to anxiety for many people or it could be caused by any pressure of everyday tasks and chores.

Why do I have Anxiety?

Every person who suffers from anxiety raises a question and get curious “why do I have anxiety?” Though it is mental illness and people often unable rule out that they could have anxiety because there is no specific reason for having anxiety for many people, but the point to understand is that it can become worse if not treated properly on time.

We all feel anxious at one point in life but problem occurs when these anxious feelings don’t go away and become the part of our routine, it totally damages our lifestyle and personality. We don’t get happy and remain all the time nervous and fearful. Anxiety is a very common problem and the ratio of having anxiety in women is higher than men, every 3 women and a man in 5 experience anxiety.

Signs Of Anxiety In Women:

Usually people of all ages whether children, teenager and elderly experience anxiety but when we talk about elders the ratio of experiencing anxiety in women is higher than the men. However, the reason could be biological and social etc but still this problem is very common in women. Depression and anxiety interrelate to each other, knowing the signs of depression in women may help you to understand the difference between both the terms anxiety and depression. Mostly chemical imbalances causes anxiety in women and imbalances could be occur due to work load, household chores, kids affairs, and other responsibilities. To make sure either you are experiencing anxiety or not this list of signs of anxiety will help you.

  • Remain awake, unable to take good peaceful sleep
  • Feels anxious and curious in every situation
  • Lack of concentration: distract attention and unable to focus on things
  • Rapid palpitation, continuously feels nervousness and shivering
  • Palm sweating and cold flushes
  • Tiredness and fatigue most of the time
  • Feeling of unbearable and “getting mad”
  • Feeling hopelessness and withdrawing from everything.

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety does not experience with certain situations it may be due to different factors. According to the scientific research people who are timid get easily troubled, want prompt control over the situations are tend to have anxiety.

However the most common causes are:

Heredity – It genetically transfers from parents to kids or if any member in family is suffering from anxiety than the chances of struggling with this problem are much higher.

Brain’s Composition – Another cause may be some unhealthy activities like high usage of alcohol and drug addiction which changes the levels of chemicals in the brain causing stress and leads to anxiety.

Personality Traits – Certain personality traits often lead to have anxiety like low self- esteem and people who consider themselves useless and worthless suffer from this problem.

Home & Lifestyle-If you are living with a people who are naturally forceful and use abusive language at home then you are likely to experience anxiety. Another cause may be any traumatic scene or situation that often creates the chances of having anxiety.

What Are Anxiety attacks?

Anxiety attacks describe the time when you are being experiencing the specific feeling of fear and your body reacts towards the fearful situation and you become nervous and frightened. Dealing with anxiety could be difficult if you don’t know exactly the signs and symptoms of anxiety attacks. People who suffer from anxiety don’t remain fearful all the time; there are certain symptoms which you should know to understand exactly when you have anxiety. Below is the list which helps you to figure out if anyone experiencing any of these so, he/she should see the doctor.

However the symptoms of anxiety attacks may be vary from person to person as the body of everyone chemically and genetically different and may react in a different manner apart from these mentioned symptoms below; but it doesn’t mean that if the signs are not matching with the person reading this information doesn’t have anxiety. In this case, he/she should consult the doctor to get the right medical treatment to get rid from anxiety.

  • Stressful or unpleasant feeling, throat contraction, you feel suffocation like your throat is closed or something stuck in throat.
  • Severe headache most of the time
  • Depersonalize ( Remain away from reality and keep themselves separate from everyone)
  • Like to be dreaming and prefer to be alone
  • Feels dizziness and unconscious in normal situations
  • Get emotionally disturbed
  • Negative self-talk
  • Trembling and frightened
  • Nausea and less breathing
  • Panic feeling
  • Heart palpitation
  • Cry feeling
  • Blank mind
  • Answering unnecessary questions raising in mind
  • Frightened for no reason
  • Repetition of unusual gestures

Conclusion: I hope this article will help you to understand about the term anxiety and what are its symptoms. Never ignore your minor fear, do consult your doctor to get the better suggestion in order to overcome your fear. The sooner your fear diagnose the quicker you can get rid of this problem.

My next article would be regarding the ways to get rid of anxiety disorder naturally. Don’t forget to give your feedback as, it boost my confidence to bring much more useful informative content.


  1. Very good and thorough post. Unfortunately, anxiety is not taken seriously because so many people use this word incorrectly, similar to misuse of word stress. It’s medical condition and not a fashion accessory.
    I do have some anxiety issues and I am dealing with them with doctor’s help.
    It is very important that parents pay immediate attention if their kids experience any sign of anxiety. The sooner spotted and reacted the better the result will be.

    • Hi Alex, I totally agree with what you have mentioned and it is really painful, we dont take anxiety to serious though we take cough, fever and little illnesse very seriously, mental health is even equally important. It is really important to pay attention and to seek proper help and guidance with medical experts, therapists and loved ones.

  2. I had my first ever anxiety attack about 3 years ago when I was doing my weekly shop, out of the blue I just felt like I was going to die and I didn’t know what was happening, I haven’t been able to go into that shop on my own since that day. These attacks started getting more frequent and I still didn’t know what they were and they would happen for no reason at all.
    I still get them now but I know how to control them as last year I was diagnosed with anxiety and clinical depression which I am now taking medication for.
    I still don’t know why they started or why I keep getting them, I am only 39 but a few months after being diagnosed and was starting to feel better in myself with the help of the doctors and the medication I was rushed into hospital after suffering from a heart attack and I had to have an operation to have a stent put in.
    I couldn’t believe that I had a heart attack at my age! The doctors put it down to stress so I try to take everything in my stride now but with 4 children it can be difficult to be stress-free, lol
    Thanks for this brilliant article and I will keep coming back to your website to read more of them, thanks.

    • Hi Mathew, thank you so much for sharing your experience in detail, it will also help others a lot as well. I am glad that you get diagnosed and getting treatment on time, that is the best thing to do. It is no doubt very difficult, parenting four kids. It is a difficult job to do, I can understand as a parent of two kids. Thank you so much for sharing all your experiences with us, it really means a lot.

  3. Anxiety can be paralyzing and dangerous, especially panic attacks…sometimes it can feel like you’re having a heart attack and breathing is so so hard. I have had my anxiety treated professionally for many years now and recommend a combination of medication and therapy for anyone suffering from this awful condition.

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for your comments. You are absolutely right, Anxiety can be paralyzing and dangerous but we can come out of this horrible things if we get treated on time along with good help from health experts and our loved ones.

  4. Im glad you pointed out the reasons that can cause anxiety. Many women I know that are struggling with anxiety feel maybe they are not normal, or they are crazy for no reason, but there is many things that can cause anxiety that we don’t even know.
    I still struggle with anxiety, but truth to be told when I first started experiencing it I had no idea what was happening, when i tried to talk to an “adult” my feelings were disregarded, which only worsened what i was feeling.
    I had severe anxiety meltdowns, i feel i couldn’t breathe, my vision was blurry…everything was crumbling down, its like your body goes override and you are feeling everything at the same time, yet you have no control…it still scares me when it happens.
    At least now I know what it is and try to inform others which are unsure what is happening, so i’m glad i came across your post, its very informative.
    I look forward to tis on how to cope.

    • Hi Anne, thank you so much for sharing your comments on this very common and important issue. I am glad that you find this post helpful and want to share with others, This way a lot of other people can get benefit from this. Thank you once again 🙂

  5. Aneixty is something that I’ve been battling with since I was a kid. It all comes from internal and It sucks and kind of just pops up at the worst time possible. I enjoyed reading this ill be sure to bookmark and use in the future.

    • Hello Tylor, Thank you so much for your comments. Anxiety in no doubt very killing and disturbing and I am sure you will come out of this disturbing thing very soon. Wish you all the best:)

  6. Anxiety is such a common thing that I am glad you have taken the time to write a post about the symptoms of it. I’ve suffered anxiety and severe depression in the past but fortunately I have come through it now and realise that there is a great life out there.
    These problems can be a long hard road to overcome if you don’t have the right knowledge and support in place, and can even be dangerous.
    The thing that I know saved me was good nutrition AND exercise combined, especially keeping blood sugar stable with low GI eating. And omega 3 fish oil supplements!! It really is the key to getting rid of it forever, or at least to the point of you controlling it and not it controlling you.

    • Hi Stefanie, you are right, Anxiety is very very common now a day. We can certainly overcome these disastrous illness but we have to take proper health checkups, doctor’s advice and therapies if needed and top most help from our loved ones works like wonder. That’s is why I have shared this article to spread the awareness about this condition to as many people as possible.

  7. Hey Sarah, we have a few family members and friends who have suffered anxiety and still do.

    We’re not sure of the answers why they suffer but we put most of the causes down to work stresses and one down to a hectic homelife.
    Every member I’m talking about here, anxiety has led to drink and what a state they have gotten themselves into. Everything gone, job’s, friends home, the lot but obviously we stand by them and help out whenever we can but unfortunately their drunken state fuels depression which leads to panic attacks which makes helping out increasingly difficult.
    They all say the same thing, anxiety led to secret drinking in the home in the early days which took hold to eventually ruin their lives.

    Looking back we’d have tried harder to get them out of the home to socialise more often but we weren’t aware of their condition at the time. They have all been diagnosed by the doctors to be suffering anxiety, it’s one horrible illness.

    Have you had friends suffering anxiety which has lead to alcoholism?

    • Hi Simon, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. As you have said, the cause of anxiety is not know but it could be caused by family problems, every day life tiredness and tensions and could run in family, though it is very important to get it diagnosed as soon as possible so that we can get help from doctors and therapists. You did the right thing to take them our and make them socialize, meeting with people and friends works like wonder and really helps in minimizing the effects of anxiety and depression.

  8. This is all very good to know. I had a friend have an anxiety attack at church once. Also, I learned something the hard way about my autistic son. Children with autism are very anxiety and get their relaxation from their mothers.

    Once I stood up firmly but respectfully to a woman who was accosting us in a donut shop. My son kept pleading with me to leave it alone but I had to be tough. That circumstance bothered him so much. I couldn’t understand why it did.

    I happened to have a Understanding Autism book. I just happened to pick it up and just happened to turn to the page where it showed me that my child was typically anxious and looked to me for support. I was happy with God that he allowed me to see that; however, I was disappointed with myself how I let my son down.

    • Hi Lane, I really thank you for your time and comments here on this article. I wish yo all the best for you and your son and wishing you a happy life a head. Thank you once again for sharing your experience.


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