We all give gifts to our loved ones on different occasions. While choosing a gift, we always try to buy the best thing for them, which they love and use with their love and happiness. Well, the trend of giving gift vouchers is increasing day by day. This gives receiver the choice to buy whatever they love rather than giving them something don’t like or might already have. Amazon gift cards are an amazing option too. So, if you are thinking where to buy amazon gift cards? Then you are at the right place.


Amazon e-Gift Vouchers are the best present to give. These cards are a real hit among thousands of buyers as you can see in reviews on amazon because of the following amazing features:

  • You can choose the amount as per your affordability starting from £10/$25.
  • These e-Vouchers can be delivered and received instantly or on your chosen date & time  (can be scheduled to the delivery up to 1 year in advance) via email or text message or you can also share via messaging, which amazon will let you know within 5 minutes of buying that your voucher is ready to share so that you can share it yourself.
  • You can choose your own personalised message and not only this, you can also use your own photo or any photo of your choice too. Well, these e Vouchers offer some other amazing features i.e., animated messages with amazing music and fun. These are the most amazing features these Vouchers have.
  • There is a vast variety of card designs you can choose according to the occasion.
  • These gift cards are valid not only for 1 year or 2 but for 10 years. Isn’t it great!


Almost all stores sell their own gift vouchers which can restrict the the choice of receiver to buy only from those store. Though Amazon gift vouchers can only be redeemed on Amazon but Amazon is not just a specific store. Receiver can choose anything they like from baby & maternity items to kids toys, stationery, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, clothing, home-ware, dinnerware, electronics and unlimited other things as well. We cannot get this wast variety of choice on any other store. So, these e-Vouchers are “THE BEST” option to give as a present to our loved ones.





  1. I love to give (and receive) Amazon gift cards! Not only is it really easy to get them delivered to you quickly, but there is always something that someone can use – books, games, toys, clothing, and even diapers or supplies if the kids are really small and don’t exactly “need” a toy yet. I didn’t realize that you could personalize them, so I will check that out next time I am in need of one. I also didn’t realize they are good for 10 years – mine never last longer than a month!

  2. What a great idea for a baby shower, birthday, or holiday gift! I love this option and had no idea you could even use your own chosen picture. Will definitely be buying some gift cards in the near future.

    Thanks for the information!

  3. I do love a good gift card! 🙂 Amazon gift cars are a great idea!! Do you know if they are available in Australia?

    Thanks for a great post!
    Have a super day!


  4. You know I really hadn’t thought of an Amazon gift card. My son loves to shop on Amazon, heck we all do right? But, a gift card just for Amazon is going to be great. I did not even know I could get one. My oldest son’s birthday is next month… he even does some of his grocery shopping on Amazon (it’s not available where I live darn it!) and so this is going to be the perfect gift. I gave him cash at Christmas, and this just seems like it might be a little bit more personal which is what I want.

  5. Amazon gift cards are the best; I have both given and received them. They are the most versatile gift card on the market today. Unlike the Prepaid Visa cards, they do not lose their value over time. You have shown more options than they had the last time I purchased one. This is birthday season in my family, so I’m glad for the reminder that Amazon gift cards make the perfect gift.

  6. Great post!

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of e-gift cards. It’s definitely a great idea and saves lots of time. And the fact that you can personalize your own message and add your own photo is amazing. You can’t do that with regular gift cards!

    I wonder, though, is there an additional charge for e-delivery and personalization?

    • Hi Britney, thank you for your comments. These cards are a great option to give as a gift and there is no additional charge for personalised message and e delivery and even animated messages are free too.

  7. Hi Sarah,

    This is an awesome gift idea. I like the fact that you can personalize the picture and message or there is an animated message with music. The receiver will really enjoy it. Plus they have vast of choices of the products that they will purchase using the Amazon gift card.

    I am glad you shared the features of the Amazon gift card.


    • Hi Joyce, I agree with you, Gift Cards are far better option then buying a proper gift. These cards gives the receiver millions of choices to choose from. Amazon itself is a huge store with everything available just by a click and we can buy whatever we want. This makes these Gift e Vouchers a better option to give.

  8. Amazon gift cards are a great idea! Everybody has something they could buy from Amazon so they are great for the whole family, plus they are trusted by everybody.
    I like the fact you get to choose your own design card to make it relevant for the person you are buying it for, and great that they can be sent as E-cards to save waste on paper etc.
    I will definitely consider these when buying presents in the future.


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