Hello wonderful mums, being a mother of two, I can very well understand the tough schedule of yours and during this we sometimes ignore our own health and because of this ignorance we experience many health problems too. Most common among these health problems is back pain. So, If “What’s the cause of back pain?” is the question that arises in your mind as well, then this article will help you a lot in the easiest way ever…


  1. Muscle/ligament/nerve strain
  2. Improper Positioning while doing different chores and while working.
  3. Menstrual cycle
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Giving birth/Labour
  6. Spinal Nerve compression (Most common:sciatic nerve)
  7. Spinal disc problems

In average 3 in 4 mums suffers from back pain in their life.


Normal back pain like because of tiredness, period pains and pain because of stress can be corrected by taking normal painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen. If the back pain persists for longer and doesn’t get better by pain killers, then you may need to see a doctor for proper treatment. Back pain is categorized as “chronic” if it doesn’t go within 3-6 months.


You all mums will be pleased to know that there are very high chances to get rid of back pain just by taking care of the positions in which we do our everyday chores. There is no rocket science and I am not going to give you advises in difficult medical terms and long paragraphs to read. So, here is a PICTORIAL DEMO:









See how simple it is, to get rid of back pain just by doing things in a correct posture. Being in wrong posture, puts a lot strain on backbone, ribs, hip bone, joints and muscles which causes back pain. I will  be grateful too all hardworking mums if they share their point of view about this common problem.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I like this post very much because it is very helpful, as a mom of 2 kids I can totally relate to this. Unfortunately I can relate to the pictures with a red X, more than to the way things should be done. I am gonna try the green ones and hopefully things are gonna change 🙂

    • Hi Jana, thank you so much for your views on this common problem and I have shared pictorial demonstrations so that it will be helpful for everyone to understand and practice.

  2. hey, that was a very informative post. I do experience back pain sometime. My family doctor told it is could be because of my long working hours. But I feel it, especially during the weekend. I think it may be because of the back workout, I’m having trouble in keeping my back in the right position, as you showed in the pic above. I hope it’s not a big problem.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Akber, Thank you so much for sharing your views on this article, and I am sorry to know that your experienced back pain as well, but along with dr’s treatments and physio therapies these healthy positions that I have mentioned works like wonder in easing off the pain.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I was born with a birth defect of my spine and it causes much pain in my back and since a child, I have found that I have had many issues with my posture. Which I believe have possibly led to the other issues I now have with my neck and spine. Bad posture is a bad habit that I find hard to break but I know it is really important to alleviate some of my pain so thanks for showing me again how important it is. Do you know any simple techniques to help with correcting neck posture, I really am having trouble with that?

    • Hi Melissa, I am so sorry to know that you have suffered all that, to correct neck posture, you need proper neck support while lying and sitting and also try your best to keep your neck as straight as possible, this will help you in easing off your discomfort. Thank you:)

  4. Back pain is no joke. I suffered from it for years for a job I had. Man I regret I ever did it. Now I have to go to threrphy twice a week to try and fix it. The pain killers seem to hold the pain off for some hours but it comes back.

    I’m going to change everything like how I lay, stand, walk etc just like you pointed out in the article. Hopefully it helps some anything is good right now.

    • Hi Zach, I am so sorry about your back pain. It is now doubt very killing at times. along with doctor’s medication, physiotherapy and proper postures in our everyday life are so so important and all these three things work side by side.

  5. As a person who always stands up with back pain, I now see why that is the case, thank you for such a lovely post,

    I couldn’t see anything that I didn’t love. The way you explained things through images helps to keep it in memory.

    I definitely will treasure this for years to come you have a gift you know your audience, the way you put everything together is great.

    In my opinion you did a great job.
    Well done.

    • Hi Angelique, thank you so much for your lots of appreciation. Please do try these postures mentioned in the article and you will see clear different within few days:)

  6. Posture is so important, but can be a challenge to adjust to your new dimensions when pregnant. thanks for this good overview for back pain and how to deal with it!

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for your appreciation, proper posture is so so important and most of us do underestimate this very important thing and suffers from back pain quite often.

  7. Great post. My twins are now 4 years old and they are getting heavy to pick which has contributed to my back pain.

    After recovering from a bulging disc, I do regular upkeep of core and back muscles which has helped immensely.

    Great tips here and this will help many. Just because you don’t have back problems now, doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you.

    • Hi Vince, thank you so much for sharing your views here on this article and I am really sorry to know about your disc problem, I hope your are feeling fine now.

  8. Hi Sarah, thank you for this article, very useful indeed. I suffer from lower back pain ever since my son was born 7 months ago. I kind of hoped it will pass but recently it got even worse so I had to visit a physiotherapist. Most of my problems with back pain are caused by weakened core muscles – working out everyday to fix this. I find it hard to watch my posture when I am holding my baby. I always tuck my pelvis in and stick my tummy out 🙂 After checking your ilustrations I can see that I will have to correct the way I sleep, too.


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