It is a very overwhelming feeling when we see our kids growing and doing well in their education and extracurricular activities. Kids usually make a lot of mess while playing and exploring different activities and toys. During this process of playing and exploring, they do get bored quite often. In this case you don’t need to worry because boredom is really good for their mental growth and intelligence and this article will covers the “benefits of boredom” first and then some really useful ideas for your kids about ” what to do when your are bored at home?”


Boredom is an emotional/mental state in which we are left with nothing to do at all and we lack interest in everything around us. Growing kids usually gets bored very quickly and the most interesting thing is that it is really good for their mental and imaginative growth along with  the boost in their intelligence and creativity. So, if your child gets bore very often, then don’t worry, he/she might come up with some really creative and intelligent ideas.


  1. Creativity boots our child’s imagination power and creativity. When our kids get bored with everything around them, they started thinking in mental quiet within themselves and that is where all the imaginations and creativity starts from and then they started doing something different in their own way.
  2. Boredom helps our little kids to learn about making relationships and friendship. If we give enough time to our child when they are bored and dont distract them, this will helps them collaborate with others, hence, helping them to learn interpersonal skills as well along with good friendship with siblings and other kids around them.
  3. Boredom teaches our child about making friends and about interpersonal skills. This will lead to a huge boost on communication skills, vocabulary building and confidence.
  4. Boredom develops the sense of surrounding and belonging in your child. If a child is bust with one activity and not getting bored, then he/she doesn’t focus on what is happening around him/her. Boredom helps them to learn and and enjoy what is happening around them and how to help and spend a good time with the things which doesn’t seems to be of their interest. This is where the creative and new ideas emerges from.
  5. Boredom teaches our child to live in the situation where they are not comfortable, such situations helps our child in learning about making thing of their interest and how to solve the problem of their boredom by trying different activities and games. This habit will benefit them throughout their lives and they will learn the problem solving skills in a far better way.


  1. Reduce screen time as much as possible as it entertains your child all the time which is not good for their mental and physical health and it also cause sleep deprivation in our kids and in adults as well.
  2. Encourage your child in different craft activities and let them explore what they wanted to, this will help them in development of their imagination, creativity, intelligence and confidence.
  3. Encourage then to play with simple learning tools and toys, This will help them learn everything they want along with a lot of entertainment and play. Spending a lot of time on High-tech toys are not always good for your child’s intelligence and learning.
  4. Encourage you child to do  more physical activities like outdoor plays, swimming, cycling and running and also encourage them in doing household chores, believe me kids love mimicking and they will love helping you in your work. During this ask them ow to do different chores, they might come up with a better way or a better solution than us.
  5. Let you child make mess, try different crafts of their choice, kids learn a lot while doing crafts of their choice and also by making mess.
  6. Ask you child to make a boredom bag or boredom box, let them collect the scrap things in it like pop sickle sticks, old/broken ruler, old pencils, colors, paper, tape, scissors, cardboard pieces and papers, glitter, toilet paper rolls and each and everything they love to add in it. When they get bored, ask them to take that box out and try to figure our, what they could make out of these scrap things. This is one of the best thing to do in order to boost the thinking, imagination and creativity in our child.

So lovely parents, these are some ideas about our kids and their boredom. Please share your ideas and experiences as well. I would love to read all of your experiences as well.





  1. I really appreciate your post. I think as a society we have forgotten how effective boredom can be to help a child exercise their imagination. Instead the prevalent thought is to turn on some sort of video distraction whether in the car or at home. I remember fondly those car trips where we played an alphabet game using license plates as a letter board. It sparked a curiosity and an attention to our surroundings engaging our senses.

    • Hi Stacy, thank you so much for sharing your views on this important topic. I agree with you that boredom sparkles curiosity in our kids and that is how their creativity starts.

  2. Its an informative article, these days parents are more concern about their kid due to competitions, this is the best time when you can help your child learn different activities or gain mastery in the activity which is of their interest. The boredom bag or boredom box is an excellent suggestion..

    • Hi Huzefa, You are absolutely tight. Most of the parents are concerned about their child’s grade and numbers but they should treat their child as an individual with different interests and abilities. Thank you so much for your comments and I really appreciate your time.

  3. Thanks for this great post. I didn’t know there are so many benefits for being bored. But I do agree with you that we should keep phones and tablets away from children as much as possible so that they don’t develop an addiction to electronic devices at such a young age.

    • Hi Jerry, thank you so much for your appreciation and for sharing your kind views on this article. Electronic devices are really harmful or us and for our kids, we need to encourage our kids to do physical activities and crafts instead.

  4. I agree with regard to creativity boots our child’s imagination, I remember when we were young we used to invent all sorts of games and things to keep us occupied throughout the summer holidays meanwhile we had a dog too which required walking every day. As soon as boredom became an issue, we’d all take the dog for a long walk.
    I mixed with a group of friends who were football mad, we used to play for hours on the school playing field at weekends, evening and holidays, only the rain would stop our football.
    We’ve notice with regard to our nephew & niece, if there’s no new games to play on the tablet or xbox, boredom soon sets in, they seem to be addicted and digitally play far too much to be honest. I wish they would both get some fresh air & play outside more, their friends are the same. If broadband’s down – wow do we have a problem! – ha!
    I do agree with swimming, I think its one of the most healthiest sports going that’s great fun for all ages. We used to love swimming & still do.

    • Hi Simon, thank you so very much for sharing your views and experience, I do agree with you about swimming, no doubt, it is on of the healthiest sports and we all should encourage our kids to learn swimming.

  5. Trying to get kids out of the boredom syndrome these days isn’t easy especially when they have outgrown all their toys and they are looking around for something for them to do. Getting them involved in outside activities is usually okay in the Summer months but in the Winter it is something else. I suppose being entertaining yourself can help as it can have an influence on them. I bet that if you started doing something that looks interesting your kids may want to join in.

    • Hi Andrew, thank you so much for your comments. I really appreciate and agree with your point of being entertaining our selves to have a good influence on our child and along with this we also have to get involve along with them in their activities, games and everything.

  6. I have a nephew who always asks me to play with him because most of the time he plays alone and gets bored at the same time. I didn’t know boredom has benefits, thanks for this new info. Because I’m not really into playing with his toys, we usually do puzzles and lego. I might try playing playdoughs and flashcards this coming weekend, as you included in your list of simple tools and toys.

    • Hi King Kong’s girl, Thank you so much for your comments. Flashcards, lego, art and crafts and puzzles are awesome tools for kids to play, enjoy and learn.

  7. Hi Sarah,
    I really love this post. First off, I didn’t know there were so many benefits to boredom, hehe. I love the tip you give to parents about encouraging crafts. For Christmas, I bought my children art supplies and they love them. I even spend time with them drawing and coloring when I can. Thanks for another great post!

    • i Melissa, thank you so much for your comments. Boredom is really beneficial for our kids in order to boost their intelligence and creativity. Art supplies and simple toys are far better for kids to enjoy and to learn from rather than sitting at one place using electronic devices.

  8. Hey Sarah,

    I’ve heard chatter here and there about the benefits of letting your children become bored instead of keeping them entertained. Now that I’ve read your article it makes a lot more sense, and you make a lot of good points.

    I’m trying to be a little more hands-off when it comes to keeping my son entertained by letting him think of ways to keep himself occupied; this includes reducing the amount of time he spends on his smart device. It’s a little difficult for me because I want to keep him happy. Also, since I see him every other week I try to make the best of it and cram as much fun in as possible. The struggle, lol.

    I’ll try out these tips the next time I have him again. Thanks for posting them!

    • Hi Chris, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. I am sure you will find these tips very helpful and effective.

  9. Who knew that a child that is bored can lead to creativity! It makes so much sense that I never thought about it the way you explained. I have already raised my daughter and now babysit my grandchildren sometimes. My daughter must be doing something right because they can seem to come up with creative things to do on their own instead of I’m bored! Great article it definitely opened my eyes to look at boredom differently

    Thank you!

    • Hi Kimberly, thank you so much for your appreciation. you and your daughter both looks intelligent and creative as you have mentioned your experience as well. Thank you once again for your comments.

  10. Making a boredom bag is a great idea. All of these ideas are really helpful. I encourage my grandson to put down the electronics and go outside and play. We also use sidewalk chalk and he’s very creative with his drawings. Great information on Boredom, thank you!

  11. I was really enjoying reading this article. Actually I didn’t know there were so many great benefits for children. Especially I love the idea of boredom box. I learnt through your article that everything around us can be a good tool for children to help the growth of imagination and creativity. Thank you Sarah. Great article! I’m looking forward to your next article.

    • HI Chihiro, thank you so much for enjoying this article. Boredom box is such an amazing idea that almost all kids love to do. Thank you for your appreciation:)

    • Hi Andy, I am glad that you agree with educing screen tie. In this modern era of science, we can’t totally avoid these gadgets, there are pros as well, so a limited use is the best thing to do.

  12. Up until finding this post, I’ve never thought about boredom in that way.
    I mean, who you have thought that being bored is actually beneficial to the children?
    And I completely back you up on this one – young kinds should never spend too much time being glued to the screen.
    I’m having a lot of problems with this one – when I babysit my niece, she refuses to eat unless I play her something to watch.
    It’s so frustrating!
    You’ve made plenty of excellent points in this article, I’ll keep them all in mind.
    Thanks for that!

  13. I like your post. It was fun and entertaining. It shows me a lot to do with my son when he is bored which happens a lot. Your post was very delightful and informative. Really enjoyed it.

  14. I like the idea of a boredom box. We always have craft items on hand for the kids to create with. They also like to make forts by throwing blankets over the furniture. Sometimes a big cardboard box will keep them busy for days, decorating it and moving things in to make a cozy spot.

  15. Wow, as a kid that was pretty much bored all the time, this makes a lot of sense.

    I never had any homework, I was one of the few kids in my class that always finished the work in class and never had to bring it home. I was also bored a lot in school.

    Unfortunately for me, being bored left me with ample time to think, and I didn’t have much of an imagination. This kind of led to a bit of an anxiety disorder, and I was because I couldn’t find things to interest me while I was bored.

    Luckily, later in life, I grew to love reading novels. This increased my vocabulary, my reading speed, and my out of the box thinking. And really, it was all because I was bored as a kid. Now, other than work, I don’t spend near as much time on a computer or watching television.

    My anxiety issues slowly faded away as I found unique and interesting ways to decrease the boredom. So, without going into deep research on this topic, everything that you have written in the article makes perfect sense to me, because I experienced it a lot.

  16. Great post. I have never really thought about the positives that can come from being bored. It is very important for our children to learn to be creative and to make relationships with others. I think that getting physical activity is very important for them as well!

  17. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard about “benefits” of boredom before. I think boredom in short intervals is just fine, but prolonged boredom means you’re finding nothing to do and not coping as well. It’s important for kids to not feel anxious when they’re bored, and instead simply see it as an opportunity to think of a way to occupy their mind. I wonder if today’s technology is actually holding back our kids’ imagination…

  18. I really liked your post and your website is very impressive.

    I have a nephew and niece who get bored very, very quickly and I think your suggestion of the boredom bag is excellent. Kids want things instantly these days, they have no patience.

    I think teaching the children to learn patience will definitely help them in their future.

  19. I used to study psychology in grad school, and it was mentioned there that boredom can be good for children; for many of the reasons that you list here.

    So many parents work really hard to keep their kids busy, when it is okay to just let them be. I’m guilty of this when I have my nephews over. I feel like I have to keep them busy so they don’t get bored. Now, I think that I’ll let them spend some time being bored, or doing whatever.

    Thanks for this friendly reminder that it’s okay to let kids be bored!

  20. I distinctly remember being bored when I was a kid and complaining about it to my mother. After doing it for a while I made up something to do, like went fishing with friends, built a fort, had a snow fight etc. As an adult I can’t remember the last time I’ve been bored (besides work) because there is constantly stuff to do. We are bombarded with information from our smart devices that our over burdened brains can’t even process. I think boredom is where true creativity lives and I would encourage in children just like you suggest. Besides being bored, say waiting in a line is part of living. You can’t always escape into your smartphone.

  21. Regarding reducing a child’s screen time – spot on! Children are so busy developing that they don’t need to be told from external sources how to be and what to look like. I believe unlimited access to the internet can be quite damaging for kids without parental supervision.

    Thank you for sharing this post!

  22. That tidbit about children being constantly stimulated by stuff on screen like video games is quite true. Children now seem to treat boredom as torture because they’re used to just having something that constantly entertains them. I had less of that than most kids when I was their age due to my mother’s paranoia about video games and tv rotting my brain. While I didn’t agree with her, (yet I did have the knowledge that too much of it would be distracting…but what I was watching wasn’t too much) I made due with my imagination. Even now as an adult I have a pretty vibrant imagination. So there is some merit here.


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