ADHD is a very common and chronic problem especially in kids and today I am going to share with you the answer of a very commonly asked question by most of the parents, and this question is ” what is the meaning of adhd and what it really is?” Well, if you are suspecting that your child is suffering from this chronic disorder, then you will be able to understand all about adhd here, so, let’s start with the definition and then we will proceed further.


ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. When we talk about behavioral problems and disorders, this is one of the commonest among many. It is a chronic problem and it’s symptoms start from the age of 1.5 years of age but becomes more prominent during pre-school and school age i.e., 3-7 years. Cause of ADHD is unknown but is does run in families and could be caused by some chemical imbalances.

Around 2 in every 3 kids with ADHD, symptoms continue in their adulthood as well.


ADHD symptoms are categorized in three following types:

Symptoms of ADHD
  1. Inattention: Lack of consistency and persistence and lack of focus on one specific work, forgetfulness, loss of interest in doing homework and other tasks, getting bored very quickly, usually ADHD kids feel difficulty in being organised, doing one specific work with attention, planning ahead and finishing tasks organized, planning ahead, and finishing the given tasks.
  2. Hyperactivity: Constant “naughtiness” and “on the go” behavior even when it is not needed or appropriate, a lot of talking, fidgeting and tapping are common symptoms in this category. Kids do feel difficulty in relaxing and sitting still at one place and most of the times they run, jump and climb most of the time.
  3. Impulsivity: Kid usually take risky actions and they don’t think about the consequences and results that could be caused by this behavior, sometimes kids do behave hasty. Such kids talks and acts without thinking, loose their temper quite easily, interrupts a lot when two people are talking. Kids usually do tasks by guess work rather than thinking and solving by using logic to come up to a solution.


Well, if your child is experiencing symptoms in some occasions without any constant pattern, then it is not ADHD. Whereas, ADHD kids show symptoms every time if same situation happens again and again. They always show same pattern and behavior. It is difficult to to say either your child has ADHD or not just by looking at some actions and behaviors on some occasions as kids do have such behaviors that I have mentioned because kids do these actions in naughtiness and fun, so a proper check and history of actions is required to come up to a proper diagnosis.


If you think that your child is suffering from ADHD, then go and see your health expert as soon as possible so that your child can get proper therapy and treatment and you can get proper guidelines about dealing with ADHD child. Not all ADHD kids need medication and a lot of treatments, some therapy and the way we understand and deal with our child also helps a lot. Your doctor might refer your child to psychotherapist who talks to your child and help him according to his problems by having a healthy conversation with in a nice and friendly way.

Your health expert will ask you about the pattern and history of your child’s behavior in specific situations and will also take your family history about ADHD and will advice your the proper therapy and treatment if needed after going through the history and other parameters for making a diagnosis.


Though ADHD kids face difficulty in focusing and fulfilling their tasks with concentration and focus, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t succeed academically. if you think that your child has ADHD symptoms and along with your doctor’s help, do discuss these symptoms with your child’s teachers and experts in school, as they already have noticed these symptoms in your kids.

By doing so, your child can get education strategically as per his/her needs. So, discussing this with teachers is as important as seeking medical consultations.


ADHD kids find it difficult to concentrate on one specific thing, that means they have tendency to think about different things at a time, so, their imagination is very good and that makes them more creative.

As ADHD kids gets bore very quickly, so they try and do different type of work and tasks, so they are usually very flexible in different situations rather than sticking to one and concentrating on it.

AS these kids usually talk a lot, people hardly find them boring and they posses a good ability to have a healthy interaction with others.

ADHD kids are usually hyperactive, this hyperactivity and energy keeps them motivated and they work really hard and strive and ultimately succeeds in achieving their goals.

ADHD is not at all related to lack of intelligence & talent, ADHD kids are usually very intelligent, intellectual, artistic and creative.

Well, this is the basic necessary information about ADHD kids, I will be discussing about parenting tips for parents with ADHD kids to help out the parents and to make their job easier in dealing with ADHD child. I hope you find this information really helpful, please check these video demonstrations for further understanding in a simplistic and easy way.




  1. I’m sure my 2nd eldest son has ADHD but I am still waiting for the doctors to get back to me with his results, he can be the sweetest child in the world one minute then turn into a wild man the next. It is like walking on eggshells with him sometimes as we don’t know what is going to set him off.
    Is there a certain age they have to be to get tested for ADHD?

    • Hi Matthew, thank you for sharing your views n this article. ADHD kids get showing symptoms between 18 months to 4-7 years and there is not certain age to get tested. We can see our doctor whenever we notice anything similar to the symptoms of adhd and we also have to follow the protocol of our health care providers.

        • Hi Matthew, Thank you for your appreciation. ADHD treatment can be given whenever it got diagnosed( though it is best to start as early as possible, proper counseling from psychotherapist along with doctor’s consultation really helps a lot.

  2. Hi–great post and I liked the video it simplifies understanding. This is an important topic and as you have put information in the logical order it helpful understanding–my question is do you think ADHD can be as a result of hereditary.? thank you for

    • Hi Kwacha, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. Exact cause of ADHD in not know but in some cases it does run in family.

  3. My wife is a teacher at a school in our local town. She has to deal with all sorts and kinds of children all the time. So to help her do her job better when she is faced with an issue like a child suffering from ADHD. She can have some insight on how to handle that child the appropriate way. This article will surely help her a lot. I’m going to send it her way and see how she likes it.

    Matter of fact this is worthy of a facebook share I know there are masses of people out there who could benefit from this information.

    Great post!

    • Hi Zach, I am glad that you like my article and I am sure your wife will find it useful too and yes I have shared it on face book and social media as well so that a lot of people can get the awareness about ADHD.

  4. I notice my children had these features outlined as ADHD usually under age 4. Its good to know the differences between normal hyperactivity and ADHD.
    Is it possible for parents to control ADHD in their children early of before it gets out hand?

    • HI Peter, thank you so much for sharing your comments on this article, ADHD is not a threatening disorder or disease, it is just a condition and a child can live a normal life like others with some support from health experts, teachers and parents and as you have asked, the earlier we detect and start helping our child, the better!!!

  5. ADHD was something I suffered with as a child. It wasn’t easy but nowadays I’m able to help others who suffer from the same condition as I once did myself.

    I love articles like this. It just opens and sheds so much light on something I feel gets overlooked far too often.

    Great work definitely sharing this!

    • Hi William, thank you so much for sharing your views and experience as an ADHD child, and what could be the best thing that you are helping others who are suffering from the same condition, I really appreciate this and thank you so much for all your appreciation, it really means a lot.

  6. One of our nephews has ADHD and like you mention they have very creative minds, he describes his dreams and stories with such vivid imagination however because he’s so talkative he comes across very personable & friendly than more reserved kids. We many times sit down and listen to the most unbelievable story – ha!
    He’s been diagnosed like you mention here and gets plenty of assistance from the school & teachers. Whether he’s got a chemical in-balance or not, I’m not sure but he’s always full of fun and we always have a laugh meanwhile many of his friends have similar issues so he’s not alone, it’s quite common.

    • Hi Simon, thank you so much for sharing your comments on this article.As you have said that your nephews have ADHD and are very creative, that is absolutely right, these kids are very creative and intelligent. They always love to do activities that are full of fun and play. It is a common thing among many kids now a days.

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Intresting topic that’ll generate lots of discussion. You note that these children often ate very intelligent, creative and artistic which are fantastic and fast becoming rare qualities. The medication given to these children in my experience makes them docile and withdrawn, in essence, destroying the creativity and intelligence. Rather curious, I think.

    Could you share some research showing the genetic link to ADHD?

    • Hi Lace, thank you so much for commenting on this common issue among kids. ADHD kids are usually super active and full of fun and very creative. Exact cause of ADHD is not known and it is a thought that it runs in family as well but exact cause is still not known.

  8. As an adult with ADHD, who was never diagnosed or treated as a kid, I’m encouraged by the level of attention this disorder has been receiving. Kids need to be able to concentrate effectively. Many ADHD people are so high functioning that they go under the radar, but it’s worth ruling out the diagnosis even if you have a mere suspicion. Daily stimulants have made a world of difference in my life, for the better.

    • Hi Penelope, you are absolutely right, ADHD people are highly creative, intelligent and functioning and you as an ADHD person knows it for sure. Proper help at right time is so so important to help the child in the best way 🙂

  9. Hi Sarah,

    Great post as usual! ADHD is a big thing here in Australia to. Lots of children now being diagnosed. My personal opinion is that it has a lot to do with diet. If kids are being fed mainly processed foods and fizzy drinks like coke and red cordials they are going to be hyper active.

    ADHD is a new disease this century and I know a doctor here has been putting kids on a plant based diet and has removed sugary foods from their diets and it has improved their lives dramatically.

    Sadly most schools just have junk in their canteens. It is an ongoing problem but hopefully more and more doctors can look to a good healthy diet as a cure rather than medication. Cheers,


    • Hi Kevin, thank you for your comments, ADHD is very common now a day, not only in Australia but many parts of the world. What you have mentioned about school canteens is so true and good food is the key for good mental and physical well being.

  10. Hi Sarah. ADHD is such a common problem these days. I work with a medical herbalist and she says she has seen in the last 2 years an unprecedented amount of kids coming in with ADHD, fitting episodes and all other brain issues. She says it is down to our highly polluted environment, especially all the heavy metals and toxins we are breathing in constantly. Those metals are getting into a child’s delicate brain even while it is still in the womb. It’s awful! I only have 2 nephews and one of them has ADHD and the other has seizures, I also have many friends who’s children have similar problems so that is more than a coincidence.
    Our only defence against our toxic environment is to keep as healthy as possible by consuming lots of antioxidant rich foods which will keep us in a good state of detoxification.(this may help at least)
    Thanks for highlighting these issues as more parents need to be aware.

    • Thank you so much Stefanie for your comments and appreciation. This problem is very common and I agree with you, we have to keep our environment and lifestyle as healthy as possible.

  11. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for another comprehensive post on a very important topic. For parents who have children with ADHD, it is important to learn everything you can as soon as possible. There are many misconceptions about ADHD and it is important to get a diagnosis from a doctor. I love how you mention all the positive things about ADHD. Thanks for this post, it has given me a new perspective.

    • Hi Melissa, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation, this is no doubt very common thing we see in kids now a days, that’s why I wrote this article to share it with as much parents as possible to make their job easier.


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