Hello Mummies, today we will be discussing a very common problem during pregnancy and this is Insomnia. It is one of the most common pregnancy and health problem. Before jumping on to details, let’s understand in easier way, what insomnia really is? and what is the cure for insomnia?

Insomnia: Insomnia is sleeplessness, inadequate sleep or poor-quality sleep and that means, even if we sleep for some time but we still wake up with tiredness and fatigue.

Insomnia During Pregnancy: Insomnia is very common during pregnancy and around 75-78 % of women suffers from insomnia during their pregnancy.

Factors & Causes of Insomnia During Pregnancy:

  • Heart burn and frequent urination: As pregnancy progresses, size of our little baby increases day by day heart burn and frequent urination as a result of increasing pressure on bladder. All these factors lead to sleeplessness.
  • Anxieties & Depression: hormonal changes and fears of labour and having a baby and life afterwards can lead to depression and anxiety. Because of these fears, it is difficult for pregnant mums to have a good and sound sleep.
  • Physical changes: As our pregnancy progresses, it puts more and more pressure on our back and hip joint. We often feel uncomfortable in turning while lying or lying on our back. It is painful because of this pressure.
  • Leg Cramps: with growing baby and a lot of pressure on our legs and cause cramps and this leads to insomnia as well.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue and tiredness is very common during pregnancy and can happen even if you don’t do anything and have rest, because even while resting, our body is continuously busy in taking care of our growing baby and meeting its requirements. This is also a reason for insomnia.

Tips & Techniques to cope with Insomnia:

  • Relaxing environment in bedroom: Make your bedroom neat and tidy. Switch off main light and switch on dimmed ones. Set the temperature as per your choice. spray in your bedroom your favourite and relaxing fragrance. A relaxing environment helps a lot in relaxing our minds and to have a sound sleep. Your bed linen, pillows and blanket should be comfortable too.
  • Reduce your Screen time: Reduce your screen time especially an hour before going to bed. Our brain stimulates Hormone Melatonin that’s is responsible for regulation of sleep cycle. Too much light and rays from screen and videos decrease the production of this hormone which leads to tiredness of mind and body as well as sleeplessness.
  • Relaxing Massage: Ask your partner to give you’re a relaxing massage with your favourite essential oil or massage lotion and talk to your partner about all your worries and spend a happy relaxing time together. According to several studies, a good massage interferes with hormone serotonin and melatonin which leads to relaxation and good sleep.
  • Relaxing Bath: Relaxing warm bath with a relaxing and aromatics bath oil along with Epsom salt is a superb therapy as far as sleep is concerned. It relaxes our mind and body and eliminate all stresses wither mental or physical. Such a warm bath with some relaxing music and sounds of nature works like wonder….
  • Gym: Regular gym exercise i.e., safe for pregnant woman also aids to good and relaxing mind and help us having a good sleep. So, join a gym and get started prenatal exercises according to your health expert’s advice.
  • Yoga: Mindful and Relaxing Yoga is also one of the best therapy to sure insomnia. If you are suffering from insomnia, then get registered with your nearest Yoga Centre and see the wonders. This is my personal experience….
  • Regular walk and relaxing time: Go for regular walks, preferably in the park. Walking and relaxing while breathing fresh ait in the beautiful greens has a magical effect in relaxing our mind.
  • Maternity Pillow: Well, last but not the least, maternity pillow. It is very helpful during sleeping as we can keep it between our legs to relax and also help us in relaxing while sleeping.
  • Dietary Changes: Cut off caffeine and soda drinks and replace them with fresh juices and water and also milk. Chamomile tea is also very good in insomnia as it relaxes the mind. My doctor advised me to drink chamomile tea when I was suffering from pregnancy insomnia.

But yes, always do changes in diet according to your doctor’s advice and consult them for best advice and treatment if required. I hope these remedies and tips will help you all. Pregnancy is one of the most blessed and overwhelming thing in our life but yes it does come with come discomforts. Well, these discomforts are just temporary, and you will be fine after the arrival of your bay when your hold him/her in your arms. These pregnancy and health problems will pass and a beautiful baby with a lot of joys and fun will be with you to fill your life with happiness and pleasure…



  1. Where in the world were you when I was pregnant. I was working an 8-10 hour a day job and going through serious marital issues. One very meaning person told me that I need to get over my issues but didn’t offer any suggestions on how. I went through the insomnia and indigestion. Boy did I hate that one. Again, the anxiety and depression came from the things that I had been experiencing for a long time.

    BTW, do you have any tips for how to deal with the indigestion? I don’t know why I’m asking this. My children are 14 and 15.

    • Thank you Lane for your views on this article. Insomnia is really very disturbing thing that could happen to any pregnant lady. It is very important for people around us to be supportive and best thing is to have solutions and tips regarding relaxation and staying happy. Relaxation and happiness leads to a good relaxing sleep for sure..

  2. This is so awesome for not only mommies but for daddies to know as well. Great and very informative I will bookmark this. I also love how the images pop out at you as you read down. I will be recommending this site to others. keep up the work!

    • Thank you so much Jaye for your appreciation. I agree with you 100% that daddies need to know as well so that they can understand and cooperate with their partner. Actually not only insomnia, everything woke side by side in a relationship, isn’t it…

  3. Innsomnia is a very real problem for most of us because of the constant screening. when pregnant it seems even more important to be mindful of how our bodies need sleep and time away from all of that. thanks for all the good real life suggestions – massage, exercise, stress reduction.

    • Hi Penelope, thank you for commenting on this important issue of pregnant women. Insomnia is very very common during pregnancy and relaxation, massage and bath works like wonder to be honest.. that’s is my personal experience…:)

    • Thank you Paual for your reviews on this important issue of pregnant women. You are right, a warm bath really works well in this condition and helps having a good sleep by relaxing our Mind and Body.

    • Thank you so much Andy for your comment on this article. Insomnia is a painful and disturbing issue and tips in this article are not only for mums but also for dads if they are suffering from it too.

  4. I loved the information. Very helpful and informative. My husband and I are planning to have a child soon. So this information came just the right time. I will be referring back to your website in the future. Thank you for the work.

    • Thank you Hong for your views on this article. I wish you all the best for having a little beautiful baby. Insomnia is very common during pregnancy but it won’t happen to all pregnant woman and I hope you will be among those who don’t suffer from this disturbing sleep problem. I am glad that you like my work. It really means a lot. Thank you…

  5. Sleeping can be very difficult when pregnant… it is so uncomfortable! Thank you for the great tips. Relaxing and being mindfulness is a great way to just mind off of your uncomfortableness. After all, if mom is stressed out, it would affect her baby negatively.
    I agree with you that Yoga is great for pregnant women. It definitely promotes mindfulness and relaxation. It will also help the baby calming and relaxing!

    • Thank you kyoko for your comments and I totally agree with your, mindfulness and yoga are so beneficial if someone is suffering from insomnia especially during pregnancy. Mindful yoga, relaxing bath and massage are the best treatments in this condition.


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