Eczema is a skin condition in which our skin becomes dry, scaly and in worst cases infected. This skin condition is also known as Atopic Dermatitis. It is very common condition and in this article we will be discussing everything about eczema and will answer the question “what is the cure for eczema?” in detail.

I am sure every Parent has a lot of questions in mind if their babies are suffering from eczema, so, in this article we will also discuss causes of eczema in babies and its management in a simplistic way.


  1. Family History.
  2. Weather.
  3. Skin products like lotions, moisturizers, ointments and soaps that contain chemicals.
  4. Allergies to certain products, detergents and food.
  5. Carelessness with dry skin can also lead to Eczema.

How Eczema Happens:

Our Skin Comprises of three layers, i,e.,

  1. Epidermis- Provides a water-proof barrier to our skin in order to maintain skin moisture & tone.
  2. Dermis-contain hair follicles, sweat glands and connective tissues.
  3. Hypodermis- contain connective tissues and collagen.

So, as you see, the top most layer Epidermis is responsible to maintain moisture of our skin. If skin becomes allergic to something and if the skin is very very dry and flaky then it wont maintain proper moisture, which leads to skin drying, flaky skin, redness and itchiness and if remains untreated can cause bleeding and infection.


  1. Skin dryness.
  2. Flaky skin.
  3. Redness.
  4. Itchiness.
  5. Boils and pimple like raised areas on skin.
  6. Bleeding & infection if remains untreated.


Eczema care and management is somewhat similar like we do in dry skin and in this skin condition is very disturbing not only for your child but also for parents. It is very difficult for babies to have a good sleep because of itchiness and uncomfortable feeling they have with eczema and so it is very disturbing for parents as well. So, to minimize all these discomforts, following steps of management should be followed:

  1. Use of fragrance free skin products for babies and kids.
  2. Use non-bio detergent for washing clothes.
  3. Moisturize with paraffin, petroleum jelly or simple fragrance free skin moisturizers very frequent throughout the day i.e., atleast 5-6 times a day. My Daughter  suffered from extreme eczema when she was a baby and I have to massage with a thick layer of moisturizer all over her body with every nappy change. By doing so I managed to do both at a time.
  4. Avoid bathing every day, just two baths a week are enough. Bath your baby in a lukewarm water with paraffin bath, oatmeal bath, fragrance free bath or even a medicated bath prescribed by your doctor.
  5. After bath pat dry with a clean towel, dont rub the skin vigorously and wipe off water partially.
  6. Massage your baby’s whole body with the ointment/moisturizer that suits his/her skin.
  7. Put comfortable loose clothes on.
  8. Keep nails trimmed as it might cause bleeding if your  bay scratches his/her skin.
  9. Put socks and Mittens on of more safety.
  10. Keep room humid or use a humidifier for more comfort.


If you baby is suffering from dry skin then you dont need to go to the doctor until and unless symptoms get worst and not getting better. Usually with normal dry skin, following the 10 points of management mentioned above, your baby’s dry skin gets better for sure, but even after following these 10 points, your baby’s skin is not getting better then go and see a doctor, as there are high chances of eczema in your baby. Your doctor will prescribe medicated or simple paraffin bath and ointments and steroid cream if needed.

Conclusion: From all above information, now we came to know that we can minimize the discomfort of our baby with skin dryness and eczema by following 10 points of management with proper clothing and humid atmosphere. Proper care is very important in order to avoid bleeding and infection and regular doctor’s visit is a must for proper check up and treatment. I am sure eczema can be cured by proper management and treatment. If your little one is also suffering from eczema, the I hope they will get better soon and have clear eczema free skin with a lot of beautiful smiles…:)



  1. This is a great post and you give so many details. I never experienced Eczema with my babies and back then I don’t think I would have been very prepared. I feel so bad for babies because they can’t tell us what is wrong so dealing with things like this is so sad because you know it is uncomfortable to them and they can’t tell you. Thanks again for another great detailed article!

    • Hi Melissa, Thank you so much for your comments. Eczema is so so common in babies and like you I also experiences two babies with eczema. It is very crucial to us as parents to know how to manage it alongside with the advises of our doctor.

  2. Thanks for writing this article, my grandson suffers from eczema, so I will send my daughter the link to this page. Your tips on using oatmeal and bathing less I will tell her to try it out.

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Jamila, thank you so much for your comments. eczema is very very common in babies and oatmeal bath works like wonder, believe me the results are great.

  3. I’ve always felt bad for babies who suffer from this. You provide a lot of good information though that’s sure to help any parent with a little one who has been afflicted with it. Keep up the good work, momma!

    • Hi Blu, thank you so much for your kind comments. It is really a painful feeling, looking at babies with eczema and discomfort. I have personally experienced it as my both kids had eczema, now they are fine. The aim of my work is to make other parent’s job easier and simpler and I an sure other parents will find it useful too.

  4. This is some great information. I am an L.P.N. The mother of one of my pediatric home care patients has been using coconut oil with a drop of lavender essential oil on her babies eczema. It seems to be working well and does not contain chemicals like other moisturizers,

    • Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for our comments and yes coconut oil is also a good option and some find olive oil good too. Whatever suits to the skin in not enough though as skin with eczema need to be taken care along with full care regimen.

  5. With the winter season here, our skin loses moisture due to not so much humidity in the air. Babies and adults with eczema can all suffer from the weather if not taken care properly. Great information with lots of details. I don’t have kids as of right now. But some of the things you listed can also benefit adults as well. For example. I have very dry skin, I don’t think I have eczema, but using a humidifier has been helping me greatly. This is great information to have when I become a mom. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Hong, Thank you so much for sharing your views on this important topic, you are absolutely right, in winter our skin loses moisture and that’s what causes flakes to develop and also itchiness and discomfort. That’s why I decided to wright this article, to help other parents in making their baby comfortable by following some easy steps of care.

  6. Eczema is so scary especially on the precious babies, and has to be uncomfortable for them, but it’s good to see you demystify it and give tips on how to guard against it. I really agree that bathing less often is something we all need for skin health. And patting dry retains more of our natural skin oils vs. rubbing our skin vigorously afterwards.

    • Hello Penelope, thank you so much for your comments. you are right, eczema is very scary, not only for babies but for parents too. My daughter suffered from eczema a lot and I still remember the sleepless nights and all the struggle I went through.

  7. I wish your articles was around when my kids were babies as this was a big issue for my eldest two who are now grown up.

    What are your views on various washing powders as this can cause a skin reaction as you mentioned non bio detergents but have you any recommendations for new parents?

    • Hi Darren, thank you so much for your comments and for your appreciation. My daughter also suffered from eczema when she was a baby and eczema needs alot of care and hard work to keep skin as healthy and normal as possibly. I always use Ariel non bio detergent and I find it good.

  8. Sarah, a great wealth of information that can be easily applied to not only babies but also adults
    who suffer from eczema. I remember an elementary school classmate who had eczema that was
    very noticeable on her legs and arms. Other students never wanted to sit near her or befriend
    her–how stupid is that! I know this caused her feelings of rejection, always being stared and
    pointed at around school. I am glad to see that those who have eczema can now have relief
    and take advantage of effective treatments.

    • Hi Phildora, thank you so muchfor sharing your comments with us, you are absolutely right, this care regimen for babies can be applied to adults as well.

  9. Interesting post! My son suffered with eczema during his infancy. As you suggested in your post, we had to put socks on his hands, too. Otherwise, he’d scratch his face so much. A doctor suggested we try a product called Domeboro. It’s a powder you mix with water. Then you take a rag and soak it in the astringent solution. After that, squeeze out the excess solution and lightly press the rag on the affected areas of skin. After that, you moisturize with lost of petroleum jelly. I’m from the U.S., so I don’t know the availability of Domeboro in other countries. But it worked wonders for our son. Domeboro could fit right in with all the other wonderful tips you’ve offered. Our son grew out of having eczema once he got older. We were thankful for that. We worried he’d battle eczema all his life. Eczema can make your child feel miserable. It’s good of you to address this issue.

  10. Hey Sarah, Thanks for another great informative article! Eczema always seems to be so much worse in babies. My niece had it when she was a baby and she just seemed so uncomfortable! I will definitely be referring back to your article, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Ezra for liking this article. I can understand as my both kids have suffered from eczema, it becomes very difficult for babies to have a good sleep because of itchiness and uncomfortable feeling they have with eczema and so it is very disturbing for parents as well. But the treatments and care been mentioned in this article are really very helpful.

  11. Hi Sarah. This is a really useful post! I have a new borne baby so I will be returning to your site for more advice. Also I have a friend with a young child that’s suffering with eczema, I will send her the link to this page.

    Many thanks

  12. Eczema is a truly painful condition which must be even worse for a small baby with their super thin and delicate skin. We deal with it a lot at work (I work with a medical herbalist) and we always tell people to use only natural products on their skin with no chemicals at all. Some people don’t realise that chemist bought and doctor prescribed so called ‘natural products’ are still jammed full of harsh chemicals when you take a closer look at ingredients. Honestly, it’s shocking! These may offer shot term relief but in the long term they can actually make the problem worse.

    We make some lovely creams at work that are just a plain base cream with added pure oils and essential oils and we have so much success with them that they are one of our best selling products.


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