We as a parent, always try our best to know about best and effective ways to boost our child’s development, growth and intelligence. We all want to see our child as a healthy, confident and intelligent individual. To help our child in learning and development process, it is very vital for us to know about their physical and mental development and health. When we read articles about children’s development and learning, a term “Cognitive Development” is mentioned almost everywhere, so, I thought, I should also write in a simplified manner about “what is cognitive development?”. This will help you all wonderful parents to understand the learning process of your child and I am sure you will do the best to improve your child’s development and growth.

COGNITION: Before knowing about what is cognitive development, lets first have a simplified understanding about what Cognition really is?? Cognition means the process or action our mind takes in order to learn and acquire knowledge about experiences from our surroundings and senses and understanding from these experiences.

COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: It is the development of thoughts along with memory and remembrance, decision making and solving different problems according to all those experiences. Cognitive development starts from infancy and goes all the way to adulthood, as kids learn every day from everything happening around them.

Cognitive development process of mental understanding from biological growth and maturation and experiences from the environment and surroundings. One of the most important period of cognitive learning is first two years of like, as during this time, your baby is learning and experiencing sensory motor skills a lot.

In first 1 month of life baby learn through reflexes that they have even before their birth like sucking reflexes and also by sight i.e., looking, though their eyesight is not fully developed and they see things blurred and also, they learn through hearing i.e., their parent’s voices and other familiar sounds. From 2-4 months, babies learn about taking things into the mouth though they are only ably to suck their thumb at the moment. They might start touching and may try to hold on different things near their reach.

From 4-8 months, baby learn about repeated actions and enjoy taking same toys into the mouth or smile if we make repeated sounds or actions like clapping. They learn from their surroundings by touching, grabbing, holding onto different textures and toys. At about 7-8 months up till 1 year of age baby started to show interest in specific actions and any specific toy or rattle or show interest in selective rhymes of their choice. They learn all this from observations and memory of last few months of their life. 1 year – 18 months: At this stage kids learn to move around and started to talk also, now they are intelligent enough to understand and do specific actions to get their parents attention and how to lead them to do their favourite actions and how to let them play along with them. 18 months-2 years of age: At this stage with all previous experiences and learnings, kids are now able to see and understand thing by their own mind and thought process and now they are also able to sort and solve very simple problems like staking toys, simple construction blocks and puzzles according to their age.

I hope this article helped you understand the basics of cognitive learning and skills. I will be covering cognitive learning of older age groups as well in my forthcoming articles which will help you in boosting your little ones ability of observing and learning different skills and becoming an intelligent child and do his/her very best academically as well.

If we give our little one a healthy childhood and encourage them in exploring their thoughts, creativity and intelligence, they will become a healthy and intelligent adult full of confidence along with positivity.

So, participating and enjoying little things with your baby is very crucial for their mental and physical growth and help them throughout their life and will benefit them in every step and in every relation, from a brother, friend or class fellow to a colleague, partner and father.










  1. Hi Sarah
    Love the layout and lots of interesting information. Good content (lots of things I’d forgotten) as my children are now grown up, but great for mums and dads with babies and toddlers !

    • Thank you mark for your comments. I am glad you like the content. The aim of kiddieversity.com is to provide information about good parenting skills as well as knowledge and easy/simple activities that can help our kids in their growth and development.

  2. Hello Sarah,

    This is a pretty awesome website. Very informative and great content too. I may give some time to read your articles to give me an idea with my kids specially about the school holidays! I like the web design as well and the images with the articles.

    All the best,

    • Hi Riza, thank you so much for your appreciation and for sharing your comments here. I am glad that you like my work and images as well, actually images are the better medium to remember important things, isn’t it?

  3. Great post! My sister just had a baby, so I will show this to her. Loved the video as well. It is really important for parents to follow these benchmarks of development! My son is 22, but I remember all of this, and making sure he was on target. Well written and full of great information.

    • Hi Amy, thank you for sharing your comments on this post. It is very important for us as parents to know about benchmarks of our little ones, it helps us understand about what to expect from our child, though every child learn things as per their own pace. thank you once again for your kind comments.

  4. Fantastic information which has been explained really well. I love the branding, use of illustrations and pictures on this site. I look forward to reading the articles on older children too as that is where mine are!!


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