Technology has taken over almost everything in our life. We use mobile phones as an organizer, reminder, to keep in touch with friends and family, to search for helpful tips and recipes and a lot more. All these uses are really good, but if we use it in a balanced way, not all the time, otherwise, these devices will harm our mental and physical health and personal life as well. In this article we will be discussing about what causes sleep deprivation, one of the most leading cause of which is using electronic devices throughout the day especially before bed.


Before jumping onto the details, let’s see how electronic devices causes sleep deprivation. Our Brain have a pea size tiny gland called Pineal Gland which releases Melatonin hormone. This hormone is responsible for our Circadian Rhythm (sleep & wake cycles) and help us in falling asleep. Normally Pineal glands form Melatonin at night.

Using of electronic devices on bed before sleeping suppresses the production of Melatonin Hormone which causes sleep deprivation. Not only this, radiations that emerge from these devices are so harmful and damage human tissues. It harms our mental and physical health very badly.


  1. DEPRESSION: Sleep is very necessary to keep our mind and body in a proper functioning order in a calm and relaxed way. Sleep deprived people cannot do anything properly as they get agitated, irritated and depressed very quickly because of restlessness and lack of sleep.So, using electronic devices cause sleep deprivation which then cause depression. This depression could me the most leading cause of fights in families, bad relationships with partner or friends or colleagues.
  2. BAD MEMORY: Proper sleep helps our brain and nerve cells to remember all the things we have learned and store these learnings into our memory. So, sleep deprived person have bad memory as well….
  3. IMPAIRED MENTAL ABILITIES: A sleepless and tired brain is not at all able to sort out different tasks, sleep deprived person thinks negatively most of the times. Not able to do and sort things properly even makes the person more angry. If this condition persists and sleeplessness becomes a chronic problem, then the person might get suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, depression, anxieties and other metal issues.
  4. WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM: Sleep deprivation weakens our immune system. When we sleep, our body produces Cytokines which is responsible for fighting against bacterias and viruses that make us ill. Hence, lack of sleep makes us more prone to illnesses and infections.
  5. OBESITY: Sleep deprivation also causes Obesity, let’s have a look how it happens, our body releases two hormones Leptin and Ghrelin. Leptine’s responsibility is to inform our brain that we have eaten enough and now we should stop eating. Sleep deprivation suppresses the formation of this hormone and a sleep deprives person doesn’t feel full while eating and eat a lot, sleeplessness also increase the formation of Ghrelin(hunger stimulating hormone). By combining all these factors, there are very high chances for a person to get obese.
  6. GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT: Sleep deprivation also causes a decrease in Growth Hormone released by pituitary glands. This growth hormone repairs and build up body tissues and muscle mass, hence helps in proper growth and development.

So, if we want to have a proper and sound sleep, then avoid using electronic devices and tablets for about 1 hr to 30 minutes atleast, before going to bed and try to keep these devices at good distance from you when you sleep. Mobile phones and tablets just beside our beds are so so harmful for us and for our kids.

CONCLUSION: If we have a look on all 6 points I have mentioned, Bad moods+Bad memory+Impaired mental abilities+Weak immune system+Obesity+Improper growth with less growth hormones, are these the presents and gifts that we are giving to our little bundle on joys every single day? Please think and share your point of views on this issue. But make a promise now, minimize the use of electronic devices all the time, especially at night and live a healthy and happy life with family and have fun…:)



  1. That is really scary to think we could not only cause insomnia by using devices before bed but be damaging the tissue in the brain. This is something to definitely take serious, as parents our children copy everything we do so we are responsible for their well being. I am so glad you provided this information. Thanks for another great article!

    • HI Melissa, thank you for your appreciation. I am glad that you like the information I have shared in this article. Actually in this modern era of technology it is very crucial for us to know hoe it is causing harm to us, so that, we can limit the use of these gadgets.

      • Hi Sarah,
        I heard about how bad cell phones were for young children when they first starting making smartphones and I wouldn’t let my 10 year old have one but sleep deprivation is another reason to worry. I don’t use one much but I am sure my laptop is no better.

        • Hi Melissa, than you so much for sharing your comment here. Actually electronic devices are bad for our health but we also cannot avoid using them at all, so we have to find a proper balance in limiting the use of these devices.

          • Yes, time limiting is important. I just recently found out about the blue light that the devices give off that can cause insomnia but my laptop allows me to turn on what is called a “night light” automatically at 7PM which turns on warmer colors to help this issue. I wonder if they will be adding this to all devices.

  2. Wow! I go through periods on no sleep and lots of sleep. My whole life, even before technology. Played sports all through college. My body adapted. Still, after 2-3 days of lot’s of sleep ..2-3 days of not being able to sleep more than 4 -6 hours in a row follow. I have had to fight tech to not make it worse. TV was bad enough, now it is in our pocket.

    • Hi Thomas, thank you so much for your comments. many people experience the same as you have mentioned, but technology as you have said is now in our pockets made it worst, not only sleepwise but it also causes various other health problems.

  3. These screens are so very scary…and seeing the science behind how they affect us makes me even more convinced that I need to keep the computer out of my room, and when I’m done with my phone, I’m DONE – no more texting and reading in bed. Thanks for the important heads up

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for your appreciation, and I agree with you, screens are scary if used all the times, especially when a sound sleep is concerned.

  4. Hi,
    this is one awesome post I shall be sharing this with my children Especially my daughter who is constantly on her phone. At night sometimes she is on to the early morning even though she is 16 she is still my baby. I shall share this one with her she might just take notice. In fact I am going to share this to my facebook account I have tons of friends who complain about the use of mobile phones.
    My daughter is very cranky in the mornings too.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Regards Deborah.

    • Hi Deborah, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. Using electronic devices is a very common problem now a days, I am glad that you like it and your daughter will find it useful too:)

  5. I tend to sleep very well. However, I exercise a lot and cut out processed foods. Technology definitely impacts our lives, so I try to only go online if I have to do something important.

  6. I was never aware that computer screens could be one of the causes of sleep deprivation. I was thinking it was the other way around, helping you to sleep. I use my computer a few hours a day but i find that too much looking at the screen irritates my eyes. i limit it to half an hour at the most. Thank you for highlighting these symptoms out to us.

    • Hi Andrew, you are absolutely right, too much screen tie irritates our eyes as well and also affects our mood and sleep too. thank you so much for sharing your comment here on this common issue.

  7. Hi Sarah,
    I will admit, I am one of those who does exactly contrary of what you have discuss in your article. Though, I have heard of radiation killing brain tissue, I never took for real. Your article once again put it clear what risks you can pose if you do not adhere to health guides. I will not forget the 1 hour and 30 minutes before bedtime. Even our kids are at great risks, if we do not control them from using electronic devices for hours and hours.
    For sure, I will let my family and friends to visit your site and read this.
    Great informative article, thanks once again Sarah.

    • Hi Engelhardt, thank you so very much for sharing your reviews on this article. I am so glad that you like my work and I am sure your family and friends will find it useful too.

  8. Wow, you’ve put this together really well, making it easy to comprehend and understand how technology affects our brains, our sleep and how it impacts on us if we are sleep deprived. I think it’s important to be more aware of how it all affects our brains and body so we can make informed decisions for ourselves and our families. I already limit my kids technology use during school weeks, but will be more aware of how long they are on their devices even on weekends. Especially a few hours before bed time. Thanks for putting it together like you have. On point!

    • Hi Katmac, thank you so much for sharing your comments here on this common problem. Too much screen tie is so harmful for our health and interferes in our good and sound sleep as well.

  9. You are right. Sleep deprived people are the hardest to deal with, they easily get irritated. I use electronic devices a lot for work-related activities even at night. However, I make sure that I am not deprived of sleep. I’m not sure whether 6 to 7 hours of sleep is good enough for women my age but so far, I’m feeling good every day. If I would have a child someday, I wouldn’t let the use of electronic devices until they are responsible enough to understand how to discipline themselves. Great article, parents should read this. Keep it up!

    • Hi King Kong’s Girl, thank you so much for your comments. you are absolutely right that sleep deprived people are most difficult to deal with as they get irritated very quickly and one of the main reason of this is too much use of electronic devices especially before going to bed.

  10. Thanks for another informative read! I’ve been reading a lot recently about the effects of using phones/tablets and how it affects our sleep – and your article has highlighted the many issues surrounding it. The science behind it all really puts it into perspective and you’re right in saying do we really want to give our kids the negative health impacts of using these gadgets? I know I certainly don’t. Great read!

    • Hi Teresa, thank you for your comments and appreciation. I am glad that your like this article and agree with the perspectives I have mentioned.

  11. Hi Sarah,
    What a great post. It makes one wonder just how many people are suffering from sleep deprivation due to having the TV in the room besides keeping their cell phones next to the bed. It is quite worrying because if you don’t get enough sleep and then drive, you can’t be thinking clearly.
    This was really good to read as it makes one more aware of the dangers.

    • Hi Jill, thanks for liking the post and sharing views. The purpose of writing this post was to inform people that how badly these electronic devices are damaging their lives, their peace and their health as well. So, we all need to minimize the usage of these devices to avoid dangers.

  12. Hi Sarah,
    It’a amazing how we have all grown to rely on our smart devices so much. Some us remember the days when the only form of communication was a fixed telephone line and postal service… did we survive!
    I can certainly relate to your comment about memory loss, as I find I need to make more notes and calendar entries to keep up with my normal working and personal life, yet the very device I am using, could be contributing to my bad memory!

  13. I’m shocked! I knew all this screen time was not healthy but I had no idea! I’m fairly good at shutting down at certain time of the day but so many of those in my life seem connected ALL the time.I will be sharing this information with them. Thanks for the awesome post!

    • Thanks for the comments Steven. In fact we all know the bad effects of using electronic devices but still remain connected to it, so we have to set the limits of using these devices in order to avoid the harms.

  14. Holly cow, I had no idea that not getting enough sleep causes depression. Im sure thats why I have felt that way on a lack of sleep. Really well done. Thank you for this.

  15. These 6 points with regards to sleep deprivation are crucial for everyone to take a step back to consider how technology is affecting our lives. Most of us are guilty of staying online too long which inevitably makes us late to bed & disrupts our sleep.
    I think your idea of not using electronic devices 1 ½ hours before bedtime is pivotal to achieve a decent sleep pattern. Going to bed with things on your mind never works, a clear head is best.
    When we have our nephew & niece stopping over, they’d be on their mobiles all night if we kept broadband on however in our house we’ve said unfortunately they shut up shop at 8 pm and switch it off. Not happy chappies but hey, they’re a pleasure to chat to in a morning.

  16. I can identify so much with this as I suffered insomnia for years and I honestly wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. It ruins lives and makes you sick, and eventually can even cause premature death. This is why is is SO important to do everything you can to keep yourself relaxed.
    The worst offender for sure is electronic devices. I always turn my wifi off at night and put my mobile phone onto flight mode and this definitely makes a huge difference to my sleep patterns.
    Thankd for such a great article alerting us to the dangers of too many electronic devices.

  17. Very good article. I was trying to sleep by listening a music quietly with an earphones, I though it was good but I was wrong. I was feeling very tired in the morning and didn’t slept well. I heard that white noise neutralize outside noises and isn’t causing any negative effect on our health. I hope it’s true…

  18. Great post Sarah, couldn’t agree more. I normally try to stop using technology/looking at screens at least an hour before I go to sleep. I also started wearing special glasses at night that help block out blue light, which helps your circadian rhythm. Thanks for sharing!

  19. These are great points to think about!
    This is actually a great concern amongst parents nowadays – allowing their kids to be soaked into these technological era. I understand how hard to deal this issue.
    I am very glad you wrote about it, it is worth sharing.
    All the best!


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