WaterWipes are the best wipes for our Preemie/newborn baby’s delicate skin. These wipes contain 99% water, making them unique amongst all other brands of wipes on the market. They are so highly ranked that they have won a variety of awards from organisations including The National Eczema Association and Allergy UK.
They were Gold Winner of the Gentle Parenting 2015 Award and Winner of Best Baby Wipes 2014 by Loved by Parents, these wipes have won Mum&Tots Award, Family Choice Award 2017, Preferred Choice Award by Baby Maternity Magazine and Babyclub Award and much more. They are the world’s purest baby wipes and are suitable from birth.​


WaterWipes are best for our babies because of the following features which make them the best as compared to other brands.
  • 99.9 % PURE WATER AND A DROP OF FRUIT EXTRACT gives care as mild and gentle as using cotton wool and water. It is highly recommended by Healthcare Professionals and Midwives.​
  • NO NASTIES, HARSH CHEMICALS OR ALCOHOL which can cause skin irritation and dryness.
  • NEWBORN/PRE-MATURE BABY SKIN FRIENDLY which is great news for parents of babies with sensitive skin, eczema  or other Allergies. They can also be used safely on the delicate and sensitive skin of premature babies.​
  • HAND AND FACE FRIENDLY from birth and suitable for wiping when teething or weaning, very convenient when on the go.  Can even be used around the sensitive eye area.​
  • EXCLUSIVELY APPROVED by Allergy UK, AFPRAL (French Association For Prevention Of Allergies), DHA and The National Eczema Association of America.​
  • VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE having never been tested on animals nor do they contain any animal by-products​.


The multiple use of WaterWipes for all ages made it a popular product. These wipes can be used for cleaning face and other body parts as well. Water Wipes are one of the most expensive brands on the market, this multi-pack of 12 x 60 (720 wipes) is currently retailing at $42.99/£20.41 , but the combined benefits plus peace of mind make them a perfect choice for mums especially.


When its about baby’s hygiene and skin care mums tends to express their ultimate concerns towards using the best baby products. Wipes are one of the main product are being used right after baby’s birth. Though number of wipes are available in the market and online store but are you sure they all are chemical free? So, why don’t you use the wipes which are made up of purified water and would not cause skin irritation and dryness. These WaterWipes are wet enough to gently clean the bottom of your little one which will avoid developing diaper rash. The drop of fruit extract it contains keeps the delicate skin of baby soft and moisturised. I have used these wipes for both of my babies who suffered from eczema and find them “The Best Wipes”. I am sure all other parents like me will be happy using these wipes for their babies.

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  1. I didn’t know about these wipes. I’ll buy because the ones we normally use irritates the skin of my toddler – – he’s still on nappies, while he masters toilet training 🙂

    • Hi Thais, these wipes are so so gentle for all skin type especially dry, eczematous or irritated skin as these wipes only contain 99% water with just a little drop of fruit extract. I used it on both of my kids when they were babies and suffered from extreme eczema. I am 100% sure these wipes will help your little toddler’s skin to recover. Please do try these wipes and let us know your feedback. Here I am sharing the link again to make your job easier
      Many thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it and looking forward for your feedback after using these wipes.

  2. I had never heard of water wipes before. I love your site and was browsing your information, and this intrigued me. I can see where these would be better for a new born’s skin. I am going to get some to have on hand for my new grand baby!

    • Thanks for the comments Dear, I have been using these water wipes as my kid’s skin is very sensitive. Literally, these wipes are just a wonderful product for babies.


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