Mindfulness is all about training ourselves to stay calm and relaxed by focusing more on positive thoughts and aspects of life. We all have difficulties and tensions in our daily life, especially when we talk about super busy mothers, so, it is really vital to practice easy mindful techniques which we can incorporate within our busy schedule. So, today we will be discussing top 10 mindfulness techniques, especially for all of the “Super & Hardworking Mums”.

  1. Yoga: Yoga is body and mind exercise along with meditation. From this practice, we achieve mind and body relaxation, mindfulness, and a quiet calm state. It is one of the best way to achieve mindfulness and can be done at any time of the day, at home, in park or even in your room.
  2. Simple Breathing Exercise: We can achieve mindfulness via proper breathing practice. Exhale through mouth completely. Then close your mouth & inhale calmly through your nose to a count of 4. Then hold your breath & count 6. Then exhale completely through mouth completely. Do this Breathing exercise for 10 minutes each day and see the visible results:)
  3. Relaxing at a quiet place: Go to a relaxing green, your home garden and any quiet corner in your nearest park, just switch of your mind from everyday workloads, tensions and chores. Just Relax and see the nature and if possible do the breathing exercise mentioned in point 2.
  4. Relaxing sounds of Nature: If you have any park or place where there is a flowing little stream, waterfall or nature’s sounds like water flowing, chirping of birds and breeze, then you can achieve the best level of mindfulness just by spending some quiet time there.
  5. Relaxing bath: Relaxing warm bath with your favorite essential oil, and a couple of candles and a relaxing soak for 5-10 minutes is also a great way to achieve mindfulness.
  6. Relaxing Spa
  7. Relaxing Massage
  8. Relaxing Body & Face Care: Apply a relaxing facial mask and sit on your comfortable sofa or bed and enjoy some quiet time when your kids are asleep as you can ask for help from your partner to give to 5-10 minutes of relaxation.
  9. Relaxing tea: Relaxing tea especially chamomile tea is best to relax mind and for calming our tired body. You can follow point 8 while having your tea:)  
  10. Essential oil in a calm and comfortable bedroom: Make your bed before sleeping and use room essential oil diffuser and one of the best options is essential oil linen spray. These relaxing aroma from the essential oil, in a warm and comfortable bedroom is a dream come true for a busy mum for and a great way to achieve mindfulness. For best results, you can also listen to relaxing sounds of nature using headphone and just close your eyes and relax on the bed. Most important tip for this to stop using electronic gadgets atleast half an hour before going to bed.

I am sure you all will find these tips and techniques really helpful. Actually, I haven’t mentioned anything that is hard for busy mums to do or expensive to afford. These ten things can be incorporated within our busy schedule with a little effort and after that, we all will get used to it.

As a mum of two, I can very well understand the busy and difficult schedules of all the mums. We all ignore ourselves in order to take care of family and kids. We all have to take care of ourselves also, after that we can give our best to our kids. I have read this saying in a book and I totally agree with it…:)

You cannot pour from an empty pot, so you have to take care of yourself first.



    • Hi Santana, thank you for your comment. Silence it also my favorite thing to have because as a mum of two, I hardly get any chance to sit and relax in silence:)

  1. Relaxing in a quiet place and taking a hot bath are my favorite ways to unwind. it’s amazing how simple gestures of self-care can make all the stress and nonsense melt away, and we can feel whole again. what a great list of tips for stressed out moms!

    • Hi Penelope, sitting in quiet place and bath is my favorite too. It is so important for all of us to have some relaxing time for ourselves to achieve mindfulness and peace. This is a must for us so that we can start our days with a positive energy with happiness.

  2. These all seem like such great (and easy) things we can do to relax. I know I get so busy with chores and things that need to be done with the kids that I forget to take a breather. Yet, it’s so good for your health to do that. It’s something that I want to remind my kids about too. Better to get them started off on the right path with this!

    • Hi Christina, thank you for sharing your comments on this article. The purpose of sharing this post is to help busy mums like me to have some mindful activities that are really easy to practice in our busy life as we all never get enough time to spend hours on pampering ourselves.

  3. These are all some great mindfulness techniques. I love taking a relaxing bath or using breathing exercises. Who doesn’t want to pamper themselves but as a mom, you can’t always find the time but it is something to definitely recommend. Your list provides so many different opportunities to practice mindfulness and relieve stress. Thanks!

  4. My wife practices mindfulness to combat her depression and anxiety. These are all good tips you’re sharing. And you make an excellent point– you can’t take care of others if you’re empty yourself.

  5. I love all of these and do them regularly. It really is true what they say about needing to be happy yourself before you can make others happy, and so we all need to learn how to relax and unwind no matter how busy our schedule.
    I literally do just 10 minutes meditation in the morning and it sets me up for the day. I just feel so much calmer and more productive; there are days when I don’t do this or I forget and I really notice the difference so it DOES work!
    Yoga is another great relaxer which also keeps your body supple too, and this is also a vital thing for health, especially if you don’t get enough time to exercise.
    Great post Sarah!

  6. This is a great article for mums and anyone looking to calm themselves and reduce stress. Will pass this on to my friend who is a young mother, thank you!

    • Thank you so much Nick for your appreciation. these techniques are really very helpful for busy mums to stay calm. In our busy schedule, we do need such quick Mindful techniques to stay mentally calm and healthy.

  7. In addition to my three children, I cared for several others so caring for myself rarely happened. Taking them outside or to a park was the best medicine! The fresh air and exercise was good for all of us and it gave me a few moments to relax while they played.

    Thanks for another great article!


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