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Hello lovely parents, Half Term Holidays are about to start after a couple of weeks. Have you planned anything for your kids or thought about how to entertain and make their one week holiday full of fun. Well, today I am going to share with you some really easy and practical ideas about things to do in the school holidays. These ideas are not only easy, practical and enjoyable but also very affordable and helpful for our little kiddies in expressing and exploring their own creativity in their own way. So, let’s see, what we can do in our kid’s Half Term holidays.

1-INDOOR SOFT PLAY AND FUN: In this cold weather, indoor soft play is really a great option and gives our child a good physical and mental exercise as they have to climb, jump and wonder around a lot in the play area. I really like soft play for kids and my kids enjoy  going there too 🙂

2-INDOOR GARDENING: Indoor gardening is a really good activity to do at home. It doesn’t matter if you have a big house or a little flat. Planting something in one tiny pot teaches our kids a lot about being patient, being kind and being caring towards plants and this way they will learn to stay polite and caring with their fellows as well. Plant edible herbs is a really good idea, this way they will learn about benefits of eating fresh and healthy food.

3-CRAFT ACTIVITIES: Craft activities are always a fun for kids to do, these activities may include cardboard craft, shoe box craft, tissue paper roll craft, painting, coloring or drawings or anything of their choice. Here are some ideas for your beautiful kiddies…:). For more ideas about indoor crafts, click https://kiddieversity.com/category/toddlers-kids/

4-COOKING TOGETHER: Whenever you cook, you can ask them what they want to eat, involve them in this process while keeping in mind all safety measures as per their age and abilities. Discuss health benefits and nutritional values of the food you cook and tell them in their own childish way about how these foods can benefit our health and growth.

5-LIBRARY: Book reading culture should always be encourage for every age group. Take you kids to library and let them choose the book of their own choice, take it home and enjoy reading the book and discuss about it. Ask them about why they want to read this specific book among many others. Appreciate their reasoning and help them in reading and knowing more and more.

6-SET GOALS: Though this half term holiday is just a week but in this week you can sat the goals along with your child regarding what they want to learn, like good habits and discuss with them about good and bad manners. Set a goal to acquire good and try to avoid bad habits. One week is good enough time to make goals like this. Appreciate and reward them for their efforts and encourage them to do so in future as well. Parent’s appreciation is the best thing to boost our child’s confidence and courage.

7-HOLIDAY PROJECTS: Your child might get some project from school for this half term holiday, if not, then give your child one. You have to help and discuss them accordingly in wither way. Project we can give them could be making a sketch, create something by using papers and cardboard or plant anything or make something with cartons and play dough or from any other thing. This way they will learn how to concentrate and how to time bound themselves in order to finish a task in limited time. For further craft and activity ideas, please click https://kiddieversity.com/category/toddlers-kids/

8-FOOD CREATIVITY: Give your kids vegetables, cheese, pepperoni, salami, fruits and boiled beans or pasta. Then let them create their own sandwich, salad, and vegetables. You can also give them pizza sauce and dough, let them create their own pizza and then bake it for them or decorate a pancake or a cup cake. Food creativity is such a fun activity for kids to do and they always enjoy doing this. This way, they will also learn about creative and health eating please check this out https://kiddieversity.com/category/food-diet/

9-GAMES: Get involve in playing games with them, either pretend play or board games or puzzles as per their interest, have fun and laugh together. Kids love playing games and spend time with parents too and this is such a great way to becomes a good friend of your child and helps you building a loving bond of love as well.

10-PLAY DATES: Plan play dates with your child’s friends, invite them at home and let them play the way they want. Well good idea is to be friends with your child’s parents so that you can enjoy as well while kids are playing. In this era of technology, spending time together with close friends is very important. You ask ask your child’s friends to take one toy of their choice to share as well.

So, these are some ideas that I wanted to share with all of your and I am going to practice the same during the half term holidays of my daughter. Please share your ideas as well, about what you are planning to do in term holidays along with your kiddies. I will be lovely to read you ideas and experiences as well…:)

Check these video demos for further ideas about crafts and activities…:)


  1. During the holiday’s children can have a lot of free time on their hands and you want to find fun activities for them to do at home. I like to spend time with my children doing artwork together. I love spending time with my kids and I am always up for new activities we can try together. I would love to try out some new crafts our next holiday break. Thanks for more great ideas!

    • Hi Melissa, I agree with you and I always get my daughter involve in art activities too, like your do. Holidays are the period to do a lot of activities in an enjoyable way along with creativity, fun, giggles and play.

      • Spring break is coming up for my children so there is a lot of things on this list we can do to keep us busy and keep them off of their devices. We are going to do a lot of crafting, I can’t wait for that.

        • Hi Melissa, thank you so much for all your appreciation, these indoor activities are perfect for school holiday for our kids to stay healthy and active.

  2. Hi Sarah,I so enjoyed looking at the really gorgeous pictures of the babies. What granny can resist looking at them with delight. It was so good to read your wonderful well thought out plans for keeping children busy in the holidays. I am sure I wasn’t that inventive when my children were little. This will be a perfect article for moms to read to help them keep their sanity when told for the umpteenth time how boring life is. You should have plenty of very grateful moms once they have read these marvelous ideas. well done.

    • HI Jill, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. It really means a lot. The purpose of writing this article is to help parents to plan something amazing for their kids in their holidays as per their choices as well. I am glad you find it helpful too for other mums.

  3. I love getting the kids involved with cooking and indoor gardening is such a good idea, because it goes hand in hand. Having a home herb garden or even a simple tomato or pepper plant is a great way to teach kids that not all food comes from the grocery stores!

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for your comments. Getting involve in cooking or doing something creative with food or art work or craft or anything else along with some gardening is the healthiest thing to do in holidays.

  4. Hi Sarah, great post! I especially loved the ideas about cooking with your kids and teaching them about healthy foods, and the indoor plants. How fantastic, there are indeed many kinds of salad vegetables that you can easily plant indoors and let them grow in a window that get sunlight. It is so important to teach children how to eat healthily as you are setting up good habits for life. Luckily my own mother always gave us nutritious food and I know that set me on the path to become a nutritional therapist as I have always been fascinated by food. Thanks

    • Hi Stefanie, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. Indoor planting and cooking together are two really healthy activities along with other fun, crafts and play.

    • HI Marko, thank you so much for your comments, when kids get involve in toy making, even by using cardboard and papers, they enjoy and learn more.

  5. Hi Melissa,

    First off, what an absolutely beautiful post and I loved all the pictures demonstrating indoor activities for children. Brought back a lot of child hood memories and memories of my little boy when he was much younger.

    I particularly liked that brilliant idea of creating those puppets and a stage, so cool, however my version was sock puppets lol – my son use to kill himself laughing as they beat each other up after arguing over the silliest things haha. Still makes me smile.

    My parents bought me a really big present one year! I remember, because the box it came in was HUGE!

    Guess what I did Melissa? I got my Dad to cut out a square hole in the box, I jumped in, and I was flying to outer space, which is a little weird, because I can’t stand heights now as an adult lol. My poor parents haha.

    Thanks for this wonderful article and I will try the puppet stage one when I visit my nieces and nephews in London in the summer.



    • HI Philip, Thank you so much for sharing you experience with us, Doing different activities with fun during school holidays is so so important and Puppets are great fun to converse with your child in a funny and playful way.

  6. Your post is amazing. It’s still early for me, but I believe these are great activities to do when you have kids. Cooking with them seems fun. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make pizza

    • Hi William, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation, you are absolutely right, cooking with kids is a great activity and I will share pizza recipe for kids very soon.

  7. Hello Sarah,

    This is a great list of things to do when the kids are in school holiday.
    I don’t have kids yet but If I had, I’d definitely make them help me with the indoor gardening.

  8. What a bunch of great ideas. I’m going to try the herb garden with my grandson, I think he will really enjoy it. All of these ideas will bring out the kids creativity. 🙂

    • Hi Tammy, thank you for your comments. Herb gardening is one of the most healthiest activity to do with kids, I am glad that you do this with your grandson.

  9. Such brilliant ideas for stuff to do with the kiddies in the holidays. I know it can often be a problem for some parents trying to keep them entertained in bad weather especially. I really like the idea of letting children do some baking as it can set them up for life teaching them valuable skills, and also help them to understand nutrition and where there food comes from.
    Another thing I loved as a kid was growing indoor plants, I remember the first thing I ever grew was a carrot top and it absolutely mesmerized me every day watching it grow more and more ha ha.

    • Hi Stefanie, thank you for your comment. Indeed it is difficult to keep kids entertained in school holidays especially in bad weather. Anything creative like baking and cooking or any other craft or indoor plays are the best options.


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