When we talk about Mother, what comes in our mind is love, affection, care and nurture. Our mother gives us all her energy and life in bringing us up into a good and healthy person with good values. Though every day is Mother’s Day and we should not hesitate to pamper our mum quite often but on this mother’s day, I am going to share with you some ideas about special gifts for mother’s day.

Special gifts for mother’s day doesn’t mean expensive things and valuables, all mum wants is our love and affection. In this article I will be sharing some edible gift ideas like mum’s pamper set, fruits arrangements and skewers that even kids can make and treat their mum with a little help from dad and then a cardboard TV show with a Love poster. This is especially a full day pamper gift from kiddies to their super mum.

So, let’s start making our treats for super mum.


Start your day by presenting your mum, her first mother’s day present. Best ideas is to buy a pamper set. As it is from kiddies, you can save some pocket money to buy one, a good little pamper set with a lotion or scrub can cost less than £10 with a card made by kiddies


After having a bath with the pamper set, now it’s time for a breakfast. Along with regular breakfast that you all usually have, make fruit skewers for your mum, you can use fruits of her choice along with a napkin with knife and fork folded beautifully if it is needed for the breakfast.


Well, mum thinks that pamper set is her mother’s day resent, she will be amazed when she say your fruits skewers and after that a “mother’s day presentation.

All kiddies need to do is to cut the edges of a cardboard to make a television and then go behind that cardboard TV and sing a poem or something about mother. Well, kids can read this without a cardboard TV but this will add a little bit more fun. Kids can prepared their speech or poem in their own words.


After this presentation, make this poster shown in the picture. It is made by colored hard paper and clothe pegs which you can stick with a craft glue and colored markers. Write something about mother in your own words or you can also write Mother’s Day Quotes on this poster.

Well, this whole day treat will be one of the best treat for a mother and it doesn’t need to spend even a little money and all kiddies can do this for their mum as a mother does’t need anything expensive or a lot of money, she only need her children’s love and affection and this is the most beautiful present for her.



  1. These are all great Mother’s Day gifts. I love the cool fruit skewers. And so right, moms will appreciate the special attention and the love shown in preparing these gifts.

    • Hi Shirley, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. Mums always like our love and attention and expensive gift don’t matter to her because her love is so selfless and immense.

  2. You always have such inspired food ideas. You really should consider doing something with that…kinda along the lines of the “edible arrangements” company. I bet you could make a killing with kid-friendly catering or something like that 🙂 Great gift ideas for mother’s day!

    • Hi Penelope, Thank you so much for your appreciation. I am glad that you like my ideas. Your idea is great and I think I will consider doing it in near future. Thank you so much.


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