If we as parents are struggling to teach our kids focusing or concentrating on one specific task, and our child started to wonder while performing a specific work, then this article will benefit you a lot.

I am sharing some nice and helpful smart parenting tips in order to develop the ability to focus in our children. We all want our little ones to succeed in life and we are always curious to learn and practice the skills of smart parenting, because all these skills help us to guide our child in his/her learning journey.


  • Setting limits in whatever task or work we give our kids to do. This will teach them the idea about how much to do and when to do the specific task and also teaches our little one to pay attention.
  • After giving your kids some tasks, ask them to repeat what you have said in a polite way with please and thanks then afterwards? This will increase their ability to remember their task and help them paying attention on what is been said.
  • Do what you have said. From this, your child will learn that you are consistent and then they will learn about consistency as well. Kids do learn a lot from what they see around them.
  • Always speak in kind words and use the terms “please” and “thank you” quite often. This will create interest in your kids to listen to you and they will also learn manners about communication.
  • When you give them any task, always set time limits. By doing this, your kids will remember what task they have been given and they will concentrate and focus on it as they have to finish it within limited time period.
  • Dividing one big task into some smaller tasks will help your child in completing it as well as to concentrate and focus on one small task rather than worrying about difficulty in doing the bigger one.
  • Make sure your children have good enough rest and sleep as well. Sleep will help in development of mental and physical health.
  • Make sure your child is having good diet along with healthy games and physical activity. Joining school sports club, cycling and swimming are the best things to do.
  • Always spend good time with your kids as a family, read books and play together as well. This will create a strong bond between you and your child and then of course your child will focus on what you have said and then they will learn to focus independently on their own works and tasks.
  • Provide them the toys which boost focus and attention like staking toys, construction blocks and board games. Play with them these games as well along with a lot of enjoyment and laughs.

    child playing with colorful toys. little girl and funny curly baby boy with educational toy blocks. children play at day care or preschool. mess in kids room. toddlers build a tower in kindergarten.

  • Always listen and pay attention on what they are saying and sharing with you. Even if they ask one thing so many times, answer them with kindness and affection. From this, your kids will also learn to pay attention and focus.
  • When kids are performing their tasks, don’t do anything that can distract their attention like watching television or listening to music and talking to one another in loud voice.

I hope these tips will work well for you and your little ones. Please do share your ideas regarding this topic and about smart parenting. After all, we all learn from one another and It will be lovely to read your tips and ideas…😊.






  1. As of right now, I don’t have any kids, but I do like the tips mentioned here. Especially the tip of making sure to spend quality time with your kids. When my time comes, I’ll be the best dad I can be

  2. Thank you William for your comments. It is our job as a parent to give our kids a healthy start in life along with good values. Tips and techniques about good parenting and spending a quality time with kids is very important and I am sure you will be a good father as well.

    • Thank you Kimberly for your comments. It is very important for us as parents to help our kids and encourage them in doing whatever they want and for that the first thing we have to teach them is to concentration and focus on their interests and goals and that what this article is all about.

  3. Hi Sarah, this is a great reminder to all parents. It’s easy to forget that young brains are wired very differently to adult brains, so we really do need to amend our behaviour with our kids when it comes to things like providing instructions, and setting them tasks. We also need to be mindful all the time that they are watching everything we do and say. What we say and how we say it is so important. Kids look to parents for guidance and to see what behaviours are acceptable. The behaviours that we reward in our kids is so important in their learning and development too 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are some great tips on improving a child’s concentration. I’m sure so many parents could benefit from this as I know it is something that can be a struggle, especially in today’s world of so many distractions. You can literally see that some kids are just wired all the time.
    Good sleep, diet, and exercise are probably the 3 main things to keep things fit and healthy and of course lots of attention and play time with parents.

  5. Great tips, Sarah! I especially love that you say to use “please” and “thank you” with your kids. I see so many parents are really rude with their kids and then wonder why their kids are so rude to them. It’s not hard to be kind to everyone – including and especially your own family members!

    I loved all of your tips! Not just for my own kids. I work at an elementary school with some our special education students and these can really help there too. Thank you!!

  6. It’s so important to give kids the attention they need so they can cultivate the time and concentration they’ll need to succeed in life. It starts with the parents, always! great tips, thanks 🙂

  7. Wonderful tips! I really try hard to do what I say I will do. My son knows, when I say something I do mean it. It is a pet peeve of mine too, so I follow thru. I like the idea of having him repeat back to me what I have asked him to do. Sometimes his mind is elsewhere and he is really not listening LOL.

  8. These are great tips! They seem to include a lot of ways to show how to teach your children proper
    communication skills. Like having them repeat what you asked them and it also teaches them manners. Thanks for sharing this, I always look forward to your articles.

  9. These are great tips and I will be sure to share them with my daughter for my grand kids. Good parenting and spending quality time with them is so important. Thank you for another great post!

  10. Hey Sarah, I’m glad you mentioned please & thank yous. Politeness costs nothing and is only taught from parenting nowadays.
    Dividing large tasks up into small chunks to maintain concentration in order to stop a child’s mind from wandering is a great tip. I had the attention span as a gnat when I was growing up, reading books unfortunately became a boring chore to me however we used to read a book’s chapter at a time to keep focused, it’s the same idea.

    Like you, I think a balanced healthy diet with plenty of fresh air and teamwork activity sports including swimming is just as important as education and helps create the building blocks to a successful and sociable lifestyle, activities smart parents can get involved with,

  11. Awesome tips for all parents. The importance of spending consistent quality time with our children cannot be emphasized enough. Thanks for sharing these very important tips with us.

    Awesome post!

    • Hi Steven, thank you for your comments and appreciation. Spending a quality time with out kids is the most important thing to practice. This way we can help them in growing into a mentally and physically healthy, positive and happy person.

  12. I am a terrible micro manager. I guess that comes from being a perfectionist and wanting things done right. So I will admit that I did a little bit too much for my kids growing up. With my third son I have learned to give him tasks, let him do them and then praise him even if I don’t think it was done perfectly. Because I know that I tend to set the standard a little too high. Great information!


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