Our little kids always love messy play and activities that involve different textures and colors. This way, they will learn and explore colors, shapes, textures, and consistencies of different things. Feeling everything around them by their five senses is what they love the most. One of the most famous toys that fulfill all these demands of a growing and creative brain is Slime. In today’s review, I have got some amazing Slime Supplies and Accessories that your child will love for sure.


If you are a parent of kids who love slime (Well, all kids do :), then this question might arise in your mind. So, let’s discuss this first before jumping onto product reviews…

Most of the slimes available in the market and some of the homemade slime too contains Borax. It is a white powdery alkaline mineral salt. It causes burns, sickness, irritation, nausea, and vomiting if it crosses the European Union Safety Limit i.e., 300mg/kg.


Well, there is good news for all our creative kiddies who love Slime. We can certainly make Borax-Free Slime at home which is very safe for our little ones. Why should we use Borax even below the safety limit? Let’s exclude it completely and let our little kids enjoy this amazing toy which is very beneficial to boost their following skills:

  1. Fine Motor Skills
  2. Tactile Sensation
  3. Ability to concentrate and Focus on whatever they do
  4. Cognitive Skills
  5. Creativity and Imagination

Now, Let’s see what Slime Supplies we have, to make our own slime.

FEPITO 49 Pack Slime Supplies Kit:

FEPITO 49 pack slime making supplies kit is perfect for your kids to make slime at home, using their own imagination and creativity in a beautiful and unique way. All the beautiful and colored beads and other accessories are so attractive and vibrant. This will make Slime making and playing experience of your child so awesome, believe me, they will love it for sure!!!

Product Specification:

  • Fishbowl beads: made up of Acrylics Material, approximately 7mm.
  • Sugar Paper: 3 different colors and made of  PVC Material.
  • Slice: Approximately 4 mm, in three different colors.
  • Plastic Slime Shells: 3 different colors.

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Package Contains:

  • 15 pcs Confetti 6 packs of Foam beads.
  • 6 pack Slime Foam Beads
  • 6 pcs Imagination Gold Leaf (silver, rose red and gold)
  • 5 pack Slime Shells
  • 5 pcs Slime Tools
  • 5 Pack Fishbowl Beads
  • 3 pack Mini Slice
  • 2 pcs Slime Containers
  • 1 pack Google Eyes
  • 1 pack Rubber Rainbow

Warning: This Kit doesn’t contain Slime and not suitable for kids under 3 years age.



Mermaid & Unicorn Charm Party Supplies:

This mermaid & unicorn charm party kit is one of the most appealing product because mermaid and unicorn are the characters Our little girls love to play with. This slime kit is perfect for our little creative girls and boys can have it too if they want to explore more and more creativity and fun.

Product Features:

  • Charms are made up of plastic.
  • Very simple packaging.
  • Multiple items for multiple uses.
  • Adult Supervision is required.
  • Not suitable for kids under 3 years age.

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Package Includes:

This package includes 70 PCS to make your slime more creative and unique as per your choice, the packaging items might be different at other places. It contains Foam beads for slime, foam balls for slime accessories and …

14-PCS unicorn
12-PCS mermaid
24-PCS jars glitter sheet
12-PCS heart slices
4-PCS foam beads
4-PCS fishbowl beads

Warning: This Kit doesn’t contain Slime and not suitable for kids under 3 years age.

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The two amazing accessories for Slime making will make your little ones happy for sure. Slime is such an amazing toy for kids to play with. Let’s make it Borax free and absolutely safe at home using these supplies. Please share your feedback after using these beautiful Slime Supplies. Thanks for reading this review.

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  1. What a wonderful collection of party supplies!
    To be honest, I don’t know that much about any of that. At least I do now!
    My niece and nephew will appreciate all my new founded knowledge for sure.
    Thank you so much for sharing this article.
    I’ll be coming back to it any time I need advice on the matter!

    • Hi Boby, I am sure your niece and nephew will love these slime supplies. You are more than welcome to visit this website again and again whenever you need tips or suggestions. This is the main reason for me to build this website, you will always get new and super products and ideas about parenting, health, craft and everything that everyone should know.

  2. Thanks for a great idea. As the father of a five year old girl, who loves slime, this is super relevant to me!

    And I am very happy that it is possible to make it without Borax… Steering clear of unwanted chemicals and other substances is quite a task in todays world, so thank you for the great guidelines. I will definitely be looking through your site for other ideas!

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Michael, thank you so much for your comments. Stay safe is very important for us and our little kids. That’s why I have shared Borax free slime recipe, it is very simple to make. I am sure your 5 year old daughter will love making this slime along with these awesome supplies. Please share your feedback and pictures after making this slime.

  3. I never knew Borax could be hazardous and is found in slime. Being a father of three and slime being the big thing around the house these days its good to know this. As safety is my top priority when it comes to my kids. Thank you for the info.

    • Hi Justin, Borax is dangerous for our children’s delicate skin. Making slime borax free is absolutely safe and the recipe I have shared is very easy and simple. I agree with you 100% that our child’s safety should be the first priority as a parent. Thank you for your feedback, Sarah.

  4. This came in such a good time! Yesterday I decided to make slime at home; I JUST messaged my boyfriend to start the plans!
    Just a quick question, do you think I could use these accessories while making a fluffy slime as well or it wouldn’t match very well?
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I love the Mermaid and Unicorn Kit, I might get it for myself!

    Have a wonderful week,
    Barbara 🙂

    • Hi Barbara, slime is indeed a superb thing fir our kids to play with if we use borax free slime. Please do try these supplies and share your experience and pictures after making slime and using these supplies. I will be looking forward for your feedback. Thank you, Sarah.

    • Hi Nate,
      Thank you for your comment. Please do tray this borax Free Slime recipe. It is so so easy to make and safe too. I am sure your daughter will like it. Please share your feedback and picture after making slime from this recipe.

  5. I love your article. It gives great information on how to make a safe SLIME for kids! I love that you mentioned all the great benefits of allowing children to play with slime, for instance it promotes better fine motor skills, creativity, focus etc. I love it! Super!
    Thanks for sharing your information.
    Have an awesome day!

    • Hello Angela, thank you so much for appreciating my post. Slime is very important for boosting our child’s senses and coordination. It is indeed a safe play if we use borax free slime as I have mention in the article.


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