You all wonderful mummies very well know how much important vegetables are for growing kids. But getting them towards eating all those raw vegetables is really very difficult task. Isn’t it?

Therefore, I came up with an idea of sharing some simple salad ideas with you to attract your little kids towards eating healthy vegetables. These salad ideas are very simple, creative yet appealing and you don’t need extra time and energy to prepare them.

Even your little ones can make these salads in their own creative way just give them vegetables like cucumber, tomato, carrot, olives, beans, peas, lettuce, onion, and all those vegetables that your kids can love, and just assist them how to prepare, that’s it.

You can also do the same with fruits as i explained in my article Easiest & Healthiest Fruit Salads – Simple Salads Recipes

So, let’s see what amazing shapes you can prepare with the following vegetables.

Funny Chicken Made Of Vegetables On Plate:

Surprised Lion Made Of Vegetables On White Background:

Vegetable Bear Made On Plate And Table With Ingredients:

Amusing Vegetable Goat Made On Plate:

Monkey Made Of Fresh Vegetables On Wooden Background: 

Here you can use radish instead of using spring onion to make its arms and legs.

Mouse Made Of Vegetables On Plate And table:

Cat Made Of Raw Vegetables:

Rabbit Made Of Carrot:


So, beautiful mummiesi hope you would like these ideas as all are very simple and interesting, give them a try along with your kiddies. I am sure they will love to explore their imaginations and will create something very interesting shape.

If you have already used this idea so share your experience along with the pictures, i will be glad to see your creativity and your little ones innovation. Share with us in below comment box. Will you give me a chance to see your little ones creativity??




  1. Hi.
    Really enjoyed exploring the different ways to coax kiddies into getting involved with vegetables. A genius idea and one I will use. Thank you!

    • Thanks Allan for your views, i am glad that you liked my idea of sharing interesting vegetable shapes to encourage kiddies towards eating vegetables, same as you can do with the fruits. As both are very crucial for growing kids 🙂

  2. Oh Wow! I love, love these ideas! First of all your site is nice, second of all the images of the veggies are so artistic. I love art and yes, it is hard to get kids to eat veggies. I don’t know why but, for some reason you have to do these little tricks every now and then. I have 8 of so, I know.

    I will definitely try this with my kids and see how, this works out. And, of course, we would share our experience. They probably would like that too. I wish I use to home-school and we could have used a site like this.

    Thank you so much for sharing..

    • Thank you so much Lakisha for your views along with appreciation. I am happy that you liked my website, actually being a mother i can understand the kiddy’s issue mostly mums are facing out there. Therefore, the purpose of creating is to help all those mums who don’t get tricks to handle their fussy kids especially at meal time. Kids in their growing age becomes adventurous and fascinate with creative things. They feel bore to eat by sitting at one place without any interesting activity, when you involve them in preparing, cutting, and presenting the vegetables, they feel more happy and show more interest in eating them. I used this trick with my daughter and it really did work 🙂


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