Medically depression is a disorder that has negative impact on behavior, emotions, thoughts and feelings. It affects the way you behave, you talk, you eat and sleep, you think about yourself and surroundings, it literally damages your over all regular activities.  Every passing year more and more people are being diagnosed with this medical illness. Especially, women are more suffering from depression than men, because the signs of depression in women are being ignored and they keep themselves busy with their daily routine life, kids, friends and family.

Women mostly hide their depression and keep behaving normally while they fight internally against behavioral disorders, moods and thoughts which badly affect them mentally and physically. The signs of depression can be varied from women to women, some may have few and others can experience a lot.

When we talk about causes of depression so there is no any specific, it could be genetic, medical illness, just a little stress or hormonal imbalances.

Mostly depression found in women is caused by hormone imbalances because some factors of depression are associated with hormones which lead to anxiety and stress. As soon as hormones fluctuate the signs of depression like fatigue, mood swings, and anxiety appears. Because your body is use to deal with specific amount of hormone and when its level increases you will start having symptoms of depression. It mostly happens before and during menstruation in some women, pre and post menopausal time, during pregnancy and post-partum as well.

Not all women experience same symptoms of depression, so here are the following signs that may help you to understand what exactly the signs of depression could be:

Lack of interest: Depression can make you feel lonely, it can take off your interest and pleasure from the activities you love to do like hanging out with friends, shopping, parties etc.

Hopelessness: Depression makes you hopeless and helpless which leads to the feeling of sadness, guilt, accusing all the time to the situations, blaming, and neglecting personal appearance, accepting the fault without knowing the reason, frequent changes in moods, feeling lazy and sleepy all the time.

Dramatic change in emotions: Depression can badly damages your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. You like to remain silent for most of the day or probably a whole day. Mostly you feel tired, angry, irritability negative, lose temper, aggressive and above all sometimes feel emotionless.

Lack and gain of appetite: Every woman experiences it differently in the phase of depression. Mostly women in depressive conditions don’t take a healthy diet. They avoid taking regular meal which leads them to sickness or drowsiness. On the other hand, some women’s appetite increases in depression. So, the lack and gain of appetite are related to the depression.

Sleep disorder: Depression is not something that should be ignored because this disorder affects your day to day functions. It also affects your sleep schedule, some of you would take long sleep or other would wish to sleep a little. This disorder of falling asleep or staying asleep creates health issues.

Cognitive symptoms: Depression doesn’t not only affects psychologically, it also affects the way person thinks. It leads to the diminish ability to focus, concentrate, or to think. They feel difficulty in making decisions, and try to avoid situations where they have to take decisions. Look confused, avoid social activities, doesn’t meet tasks on time.

Lethargy: Depression mostly brings the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, it occurs due to lack of energy and excitement. That is why most of the things you stop doing that you love to do because you feel lazy, tired and lethargic.

Digestive distress: Depression also creates trouble for your tummy. Some of you main suffer from any one of these symptoms in the phase of depression. You might have the feeling of nausea, cramping, gastric issues, abdominal pain, and constipation. Sometimes it becomes worsen beyond expectations and can be dangerous for your life.

If you feel any of the symptoms of depression, feel free to discuss with your partner or friends and also seek medical help for further treatment if needed. In mild depression that could happen during pre and post menopausal age or during pregnancy and after giving birth could be treated just by consulting a doctor and talk to your friends and family. Pregnancy and post-partum depression could be because of worries and fears of giving birth and taking care of baby and also because of sleepless nights and tiredness. Though just by consulting your healthcare provider and to just by talks and relaxation therapies like Ante-natal  and post-partum relaxing Yoga and just by having a Spa or a little walk in fresh air could be the best treatment for you.

Mind relaxing YOGA

If symptoms of depression are getting worst then you might need proper medical treatment for that. Well, the anxieties we mums feel is just because of ups and downs in hormone levels, sleeplessness, pregnancy and taking care of baby afterwards.

As the time will pass, the  symptoms started to fad off  and gradually you will start feeling good and happy as your hormones after giving birth, lifestyle with baby and daily routine started to settle. It takes some time but it will settle. So try to be social as much as possible and feel free to discuss each and every worry with your dear ones and plan meet ups with your friends and just chill out and chat and laugh with them. This will work as the best medicine…

Eat well and take a good care of your health as your beautiful baby wants a happy mummy. So, household chores can be done at any time, the main priority is your own health and you as a brave mum to be happy.

As parenthood is such a beautiful experience but it does come with some ups and downs, but in the end you will be a happy mummy as you see your growing little one smiling, sitting, crawling, talking beautifully in his/her own language and going to school, you will forget your depression…so stay healthy, happy and enjoy :).











  1. Depression is a terrible disease for both men and women. It kills and does not care who you are. Depression should be treated the same as any physical disease. Mental illness needs more respect, attention, and awareness. Thank you for this informative post. I like to stress natural remedies for depression such as exercise, healthy eating, supplementation, and counseling. Treatment whether medical or natural should always be available to depression patients.

    • Thanks Rob for the comments. Yes, you are right depression badly affects both men and women. However, appropriate treatment can control it for being worst. Healthy eating, proper exercise and supplement give you strength and ability to cope it easily.

  2. Depression is something to be taken very seriously because it takes a big toll on your life and health. I am glad you are educating women about the signs of depression because mothers need to take care of themselves and because they have a family to care for they must make sure that they get the treatment they need as soon as possible. Thanks for this post!

    • Thank you Melissa for your appreciation. This means a lot to me and I agree with your 100%, mothers need to take care of themselves so that they can take care of their kids and family as well, infact mums should take care of themselves to live a happy life as a person as well. It is very important for all of us to know and recognize the symptoms of depression so that we dont mix it with our everyday tiredness.

      • Yes, Sarah, I agree, you must recognize the symptoms because it is so similar to normal fatigue. You don’t want to ignore it because you think. “I am just tired”. Also, a mother should take care of themselves for themselves, great point!

        • Hi Melissa, thank you so much for sharing your views on this article. It is really important to recognize the symptoms of depression so that we dont mix it with normal fatigue and get the proper treatment if needed.

  3. Depression is very real and very dangerous, particularly for new moms. It’s so important to take early signs seriously and do whatever it takes to intervene. I’m a huge fan of a combination of medication and talk therapy, and also making sure I regularly exercise. that last piece is probably the most important, and my mood shifts are far more noticeable when I stop going to the gym.

    • Hi Penelope , thank you and I really appreciate that you have shared your views on this very important problem, we mums do get depression and one of the main reasons apart from hormonal roller coaster is that we ignore ourselves while taking care of our family and kids, I we keep ourselves in priority, then we could be able to minimize the effects of depression.

  4. This was very informative. I have been told that I have symptoms of depression, but I don’t feel depressed. I still enjoy many things. After reading this, I realize, I’m not that depressed as much as I’m just an introvert and extroverts tend to assume that I’m depressed when I prefer reading to talking to them.
    It is important to distinguish depression from everyday tiredness.

    • Hi Melinda, thank you for your comments on this important issue, I am really glad to know that you dont feel depressed, and yes it is very very important to differentiate depression from tiredness to get proper treatment and consultation.

  5. This is a serious topic that needs to be addressed more. I think it’s extremely important for men to familiarize themselves with the signs of depression in women, so they can help address them early. Communication with your partner plays a huge role in working through depression. You know your partner better than anyone else, so you need to be open and available to communicate when/ if you notice something may be wrong. Sometimes, simply recognizing a change in behavior and addressing it in a loving manner can be a great start to the healing process. Pay attention husbands and fathers.

    • Hi Niko, thank you so much for your comments, you are absolutely right, it is very important for men to understand about female depression so that they can help out their partners in the best way possible.

  6. When you say people hide their depression and keep behaving normally, this has always been our issue with regards to offering help. We have many family and friends who have undergone depression behind closed doors but unfortunately a high percentage have lead to drink and surprisingly this has been very well hidden. Unfortunately once drink takes hold depression multiplies. We’ve always said if we had new in the initial stages depression had set in, we would have been more successful in helping. Depression is an awful and highly mis-understood illness. Talk to friends & family in the early stages is pivotal in my view,

    • Hi Simon, thank you so much for sharing your views with us, it is disastrous when people dont share their depression with friends and near ones, it is very important to speak up and share your problems with friends and family to get the best help.

  7. I have always been a “glass is half full” type of gal and pretty much always positive and upbeat. For me, it was a life changing event that caused me to have depression. It took me to realize the effect I was having on not just me, but on my family to realize I needed to make some changes. I was surprised to see how far into depression I actually went, especially when that is not my nature at all. For me, it just took the mindset to make a change, and just look at things from a different perspective. Now all is back to normal thank goodness!


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