Before having my own kids, I always keep wondering why parents look for sensory play activities for kids, what does that help for. But I never asked this question to any parent not even from my very own mummy friends until I myself became mum of two 😀 Sometimes you get answers of your questions from your own experiences. Especially in parenthood mums and dads get a lot of similar answers of the curious questions they had earlier in bachelors life haha 🙂

In today’s post I am sharing a platform (giftofcuriosity) for parents to get benefit from most interesting yet attractive, funny, colourful sensory activities for toddlers and kids.

Engaging your kids in sensory play helps them in developing their mental and physical health. Their five senses taste, touch, smell, sound and sight get improve as well as their brains get sharpen as they learn how to relate the objects with each other.

The benefits of sensory play are numerous. Here is a partial list of skills children develop when engaging in sensory play:

  • Language skills – children develop their language skills, including new vocabulary, as they talk about their experiences
  • Social skills – children who engage in sensory experiences alongside others learn to share, negotiate, and plan
  • Fine motor skills – as children manipulate small objects, they develop their fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills – children develop gross motor skills by squatting, jumping, or otherwise moving their bodies
  • Dramatic play skills – children frequently use sensory materials to engage in dramatic play such as by “baking cakes” or “building roads”
  • Scientific reasoning skills – children learn about cause and effect when manipulating sensory materials
  • Self-control skills – children develop self-control as they learn to respect the rules and boundaries for sensory play.

Gift of Curiosity


  1. Any resource you can use to help develop your child’s progress needs to be explored.

    I think sensory devices are brilliant and have worked very well with my own kids development in the past.

    It’s also a good idea to use sensory for stimulation purposes as you said in the post it helps to engage them both mentally and physically.

    great post!

  2. The benefits of sensory play are amazing and I really love encouraging my children to play with items similar to the ones in your header image. I still play with play dough with my children and I find the time very distracting and stress relieving. I always love the topics you provide and once again you have not let me down. I will look into giftofcuriosity further. Thank you so much!

  3. Sensory activities are very important for all children!
    My son used to hate touching food with his bare hands, he felt messy..even foods that did not make a mess, he would refuse to try them and cry.
    I know it might not sound like a big problem, but this affected his eating habits to the point all food textures caused him to gag.
    I started introducing sensory activities to help him cope with different textures and enviroments, it took time but i could see improvement.
    Everything is connected, and engaging with them in sensory activities can improve their development!
    So im glad i came across your post 😀 I will be checking for more ideas with that link!

  4. I agree sensory activities are so important for kids development. It certainly helped me with my son, as baby he didn’t not like it when his hands got dirty either with food or other things so it was hard for me to offer him finger food. So what really helped was play dough, lots of water play and sand play. He is 4 now and absolutely fine with all these now so sensory activities is great and really good fun. Robin now has a youtube channel with toy reviews and video games that he likes to play. There will be lots fun educational videos to come as well. I will leave a link below so people please support Robin by subscribing and liking his videos. Thanks

    • Hi Nalin, thank you for all your appreciation. I hope you kids will learn and enjoy these sensory activities as well. I have seen Robin’s channel as well and really loved it.


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