Mother and daughter playing clapping game

Speech and language delay is a very common problem among kids and becomes more prominent as they start going to preschool and big schools. In this condition, kids lack the ability to utter works and understand the meaning behind those words. Such kids so feel shy to speak and it could be frustrating for them because they cannot express themselves.

In my today’s article I am going to share some of the best learning activities for children with Speech & Language Delay, these activities are so so simple and we can do these with our kids in  a playful and enjoyable way at home and these are proved activities that work in boosting children’s speech and language. So, Let’s have a look on the following activities.


When you start this activity, don’t let your child to speak during talk. Here you are the one who will speak only and your kid will listen to you.

  • When you start talking to your child it has a great impact on your child’s response. Be gentle and use the adequate volume to start talking with your child, and connect your eyes to make sure he/she is focusing on your words and listening to you. Call his/her name with all your love and start talking on his/her favourite topic like toys, story, character, weather etc.
  • Go for shopping and take him/her along and describe the things they are watching and you are buying. Get their help in taking things out of the bag and call the name of each item and make sure he/she understands the name; you can ask them to recall the name you just told.
  • Take their help in household chores like at cooking time, you can ask them to join in kitchen and explain them what are you making and take their help as well. Talk about the steps you are using in cooking meal, show them the vegetables and let them hold in hands and feel then tell name of the vegetables and ask them if they got memorized, repeat the vegetable’s name and ask them to pass you the vegetable you are looking to cut.
  • Whenever go out with your kids either for a walk, school, shopping or friend’s place. Keep talking all the way through what you can see. You can talk about the road signs, trees, weather, birds, etc.
  • Beautiful parents, kids don’t learn by themselves it is our responsibility to entertain them and educate them about new things. Because the more we talk about new things the better they learn and memorize which later help them in their school life.


  • In this activity say the words and clap out the times it has syllable. Like if you say butter – bu-tter ( 2 claps) because it has 2 syllable. Similarly, callout the names of different objects, toys, and your kid’s favourite books and clap out its syllables.
  • You can also put those items, objects and things on their specific place and tell your kids that the place is belong to the objects.
  • When you are out with your kids, point out the things like “tree” and clap its syllable which is only one, rainy – rai-ny- (2 claps) and go on.
  • You can extend this activity according the situation and place. There is no specific method or time to arrange this activity so; when you feel your kid is responding to you start playing this clapping game.


  • When you are playing with your kids like if you are playing with blocks and you are clapping its colour name like orange- o-range( 2 claps), purple – pur-ple- (2 claps), blue ( 1 clap). Now it’s time to placing the blocks back to the belonging place.
  • If you are placing the grocery items, ask your child to place the item on the exact place. It doesn’t only help in memorizing the object’s name but also help in organizing the things.


So far you parents were active in above activities now it’s time to let your child speak. You both are playing with blocks and you named the block pink (1 clap), now ask your child the block’s colour name. Wao! Wonderful it’s pink ( 1 clap), do you like pink colour? Do you have any dress in pink colour? Relate the colour names with other objects of the house and help him/her to remember if they got anything else and let them call their name.

In a park or when playing outside home, do ask about different objects you have already told him/her many times to make sure if he/she has got memorize the name, purpose or whatever you have discussed about.

Mother and daughter playing clapping game


Teach them the names of items, objects and places and clap it out along with your kids. First you call the name clap its syllable and ask him/her to clap along with you. Play this activity as much as you kid enjoy.




Wonderful parents Children with Speech and language delay need some special attention. Because this problem occurs in very early age, therefore, it creates problem in their learning and academic performances.

The activities I described above help those kids to learn at home before joining school and can be enjoyed during their preschool and school days as, all these activities will help them to improve their language and communication skills and will increase their vocabulary which can later help them in their school education by building confidence.

Therefore, the children who learn more words in everyday life at home are tend to do well in school as compare to those whose experience of learning new words is limited. So, I hope wonderful parents you would find this article very helpful and useful and would use these activities to cope with this problem.

Here are useful videos for boosting speech and language in a child.


  1. Thank you for all the resources! You have games to play with the kids and other resources to show parent how to teach their kids! My children are 8 and we used a lot of these games when they were in pre-K and Kindergarten! Do you have any advice for older children to help improve math?

    • Hi Alicia, thank you so much for sharing your kind views on this article, and as you are asking the articles about maths skills for older kids. These articles in pipe line and you will be able yo see them very soon. Thank you for asking:)

  2. I am so glad I came across this post because I have a niece that is experiencing delayed speech. She is now 3+ years, but refuses to talk. She listens well and will do whatever you ask her to do, but refuses to talk. The speech therapist told her mom that the child has delayed speech. As I read this post, I see where my niece could benefit from these activities. I will definitely share this post with her mom.

    • Hello Carol, thank you for your comments. I am glad that you like these activities for kids with speech delay. I am sure your niece will benefit from it for sure as all these activities are especially designed to boost child’s speech and language.

  3. Great post yet again Sarah! I can really identify with this as my nephew had delayed speech problems because unbeknownst to all of us he had hearing problems because of gromits. These hearing problems, although they were slight, affected his learning of speech. The miracle of it was, as soon as he had his gromits put in he literally learnt everything he was behind on within weeks. We were all amazed by him as before that we thought he would be behind the other kids his age for a long time.
    Kids have such an amazing ability to learn and bounce back from adversities like that.
    I really love all your great advice on how to teach children with the clapping game. You always make everything fun for both kids and adults alike.

    • Hi Stefanie, thank you so much for sharing your comments. Hearing impairment is also one of the reason for speech delay as kids learn to pronounce the words they hear in their everyday life but I am glad that your nephew is fine now and learning things according to his age. Clapping activity is great to help kids learn how to pronounce words in a fun way.

  4. I’m always amazed at how quick children’s brains work…just going in a store and teaching them the names of different fruits and veggies and even flowers, they remember them all! It’s incredible!

    • Hello Penelope, no doubt it is so true, kid’s brain works so fast and learn things very quickly, so teaching them things along with our everyday work like buying grocery and playing around. We can teach our kids in a playful and fun way by integrating their teaching process within our daily chores is is the best approach. Thank you so much 🙂

  5. My 2nd oldest son has had speech problems since he could talk and now he is 10. It’s not s severe as it used to be but he is still shy about talking in front of strangers even though he is very vocal in the house, lol.
    He had speech therapy when he was younger which did help a bit but not enough, to be honest with you. It is just certain words he has trouble with so he reverts to his younger self and speaks as he would when he was about 5. Do you think that he will always have problems with his speech or do you think he will grow out of it?

    • Hi Mathew, kids do learn with time according to their own pace, it really depends the level of speech delay they have, normally kids do grow out of it if they get proper strategical education along with speech therapy but they might remain shy as per their own nature also.

  6. Yep. This article was me all the way. My youngest is autistic and had a speech and learning delay. He takes speech therapy now. I definitely had to stay up on helping him to speak properly and giving him confidence. Now that he’s a teenager, we are facing another realm. It’s a constant learning cycle.

    Thanks for this article. Please do more on special needs children.

    • Hello Lane, thank you so much for all your appreciation and yes, many other articles for kids with special learning needs are in the pipeline and you will see them very soon.

  7. You lined up such wonderful ideas on how to engage children with speech and language delay. My 2nd daughter was delayed in her speech. I think some kids development are just late, some are more advanced. She eventually started speaking, and when she did, oh boy, she’s unstoppable. like the clapping game idea. I never tried that before. Thanks! Your tips are truly practical!

    • Hi Gigi, thank you so much for your comments. My daughter is also going through speech delay but doing good as per her pace and these activities are so effective and helping her a lot in building vocabulary and confidence of speaking.

  8. Speech is a very important tool because it allows us to communicate with each other and when something impairs this it can be very frustrating. For a child, they wouldn’t have the experience to understand why they can’t communicate in the way others can so I can imagine how embarrassing and frustrating this is to them. Since having seizures and having to take more and more meds my speech has become more impaired and it can be very frustrating for me. I have to use tools to help me express myself. Without the patience and help of others, it would be a lot more difficult. So I encourage parents to give their children all the time they need to help their child who has a speech disability and be patient and understanding. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post!

  9. You have games to play with the kids and other resources to show parent how to teach their kids! My children are 6 and we used a lot of these games when they were in pre-K and Kindergarten!Thank you for all the resources!I want more about it from you.


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