Are you planning to have a baby and trying for some time now and have you had a positive pregnancy test? Well a huge congratulation from me to you for this good news and wish you all the best for your pregnancy and delivery of a healthy beautiful baby. As you just found out that you are pregnant, then you must be eager to know what’s happening inside you and how your baby is growing. Well, this article covers all your curiosity about “PREGNANCY WEEK BY WEEK”. First thing you should do is to register with your healthcare provider for regular ante-natal care. Now lets have a look on embryonic and then fetal development afterwards…

MONTH 1 (WEEK 1-4)

WEEK 1-4: Pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your menstrual cycle and ovulation occurs about 14 days before the onset of next period (in 28-day regular cycle). At that time if your egg is fertilized by a sperm, instantly cells start dividing from 2 to 4,4 to 8, 8 to 16 and so on while travelling through fallopian tube to get implanted in your womb which takes around 7 days.

During week 3 you might have no idea that you have conceived. You baby is continuously growing and at week 4, it is not even 3mm in length. At that time, you might start feeling soreness in breast or might have a very light spotting and begin to experience some early pregnancy symptoms.

MONTH 2 (WEEK 5-8):

Week 5: Your periods are already late and you are suspecting being pregnant and might be thinking about doing a home pregnancy test and consulting a doctor. If your home pregnancy test turned out positive due to increased level of “human gonadotropin hormone”, then congratulations for the good news. Now it’s time to get registered with your healthcare provider for regular check-ups and advises.

Week 6: Now embryonic stage starts, that means, it is the time when all major internal and external organs (intestines, pituitary glands, muscles and brain etc etc,.) begin to form. But the heart develops more rapidly. Eyes and nostrils starting to form and ear buds as well. Your embryo is now c-shaped with two arteries and one vein running in umbilical cord and is covered with amniotic fluid. At this point of time, you will start feeling nauseous, back pain and lower abdominal cramping.Your baby is now around 3mm in size.

Week 7: Your little embryo’s heart is beating rapidly by the rate of 100-135 beats/minute. Now your baby is getting all nutrients and oxygen through umbilical cord from you and sends back de-oxygenated blood through placental arteries. Face features of your baby are getting more and more defined. Lenses of the eye lids also begin to form. Hands and feet are also becoming more prominent into proper shapes like a paddle at the moment. Your baby is now 1/3rd inch in size. This is the time when most of the mummies feel nausea and vomiting the most along with mood swings, soar breast and crampy abdomen. Your uterus is double the size as it was before getting pregnant. Some women started experiencing insomnia at this stage, if you are not experiencing this, then you are the lucky one, unlike me 😉.

Week 8: Your little baby’s fingers and toes have started to develop, as well as tiny arms, legs and joints. If your scan is been done at this point of time, you can easily see your beautiful baby’s arms and legs and face and body. As eye lids are completely formed, so your baby’s eyes are closed all the time. as you baby is growing very rapidly, its heart if now beating at the rate of 150-170/minute.Your baby is now 1/2 inch or a grain size long.

Now the time starts when your experience a lot of toilet trips for pee, due to increased level of progesterone (stimulates bladder muscles) and your growing uterus putting pressure on bladder. You might be experience congested nose, increase saliva, increased mucus vaginal discharge and you might be feeling queasy and moody. These things are absolutely normal, but consult your doctor if your vaginal discharge becomes greenish or itchy, as these are the signs of infection. If it is transparent/white and not itchy at all, then you don’t need to worry, it is normal. Your blood volume is continuously increasing and pumping 50% more blood every single minute in order to support your baby’s growth.

















  1. Ahh this is wonderful. It’s lovely to know exactly what’s happening with your growing baby at all stages of pregnancy. What shocked me was the fact that a baby’s hands and feet are forming even only 8 weeks in. These little things surely do grow fast! Two things that would be the worst for me about being pregnant and that would be the constant peeing and insomnia as I already suffer with both of these, so I can only imagine it would be 10 times worse of I was pregnant. Do you know of any remedies for these…especially the seeing?

    • Hi Stefanie, thank you so much for sharing your views and for all your appreciation. It is really amazing and magical to see and know how a tiny human being is being developed stage by stage. Like you, most of the women experience different problems as well and insomnia and constant peeing are the commonest ones and I have shared some informative article about insomnia as well, to know about this problem please click

  2. I am TTCer, unable to get pregnant so far, but I love reading articles like this and imagining the possibilities. My best friend recently announced her pregnancy, she’s about 10 weeks in, and I haven’t been able to stop visualizing what that must be like and what the little one looks and feels like. Someday I hope to have my own experience with this, but in the meantime thank you so much for helping me live vicariously. I wish all the best to the moms on here.

    • Hi Jamie, thank you so much for sharing your views on this article and it really touched my heart. I wish you all the best and may you get pregnant very soon and hold your baby in your arms.

  3. 50% more blood volume? That’s crazy. I bet that’s the majority of the “weight” women gain in early pregnancy, or what’s perceived as bloating. thanks for the details about early pregnancy. very informative!

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for your appreciation, purpose of writing this detailed information about stages of pregnancy is to help pregnant mums so that they know what to expect and what is happening inside the womb.

  4. It is so amazing to have every step of your babies growth, it makes pregnancy that much more special. I do remember getting sick around my sixth week and it was really bad, especially my last pregnancy. Weird how it happens so fast. Great article, thanks for such detailed information.

    • Hi Melissa, it is indeed very amazing to know about growth and development of our baby at each and every step. It sort of create a bond between mum and baby:)

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Love this post. Really great that you are helping so many parents with these amazing blog posts. Babies grow so fast. It’s been a while since I had a baby but reading this brings back so many memories.

    It still blows my mind how fast they grow and the miracle of life. Each and everyone of us is so special!
    Keep writing beautiful posts like this 🙂


    • Hi Kevin, thank you so much for all your appreciation. It really encourage and motivates me when my readers like my work and find it helpful. Thank you:)

    • Hi Lace, you are right, this post is very useful for newly pregnant mums, this will help them know what’s happening inside them and what to expect.

  6. I been remembering lots of my pregnancy since my son’s birthday is near.
    It feels many take for granted what goes on during pregnancy, every time i read of the development week by week, it never ceases to amaze me.
    Even the continuous trips to the bathroom…
    Thank you for sharing this information with so many details, I hope more women expecting or planning read your blog.

    • Hi Arlet, thank you so much for sharing your views on this article. I am glad that you like it and definitely it will benefit the newly pregnant mums to know about their condition and about expecting new changes as pregnancy progresses further ahead.

  7. I love those pictures! And this post is great for expectant moms. I remember when I was pregnant, I always tried to imagine how my baby looks like inside. And now, they can actually take a picture of the baby in the womb. I don’t know how that works. Maybe you can blog about that too?
    Continue writing. Thanks!

    • HI Gigi, this is so true that now a days science is so advance and we can see our baby at each and every stage of pregnancy which is actually good and lovely. Thank you so much for your comments and suggestion about writing a blog on this, and I definitely will, very soon.

  8. You should have seen me when I found out I was pregnant. I found out at work. I was so ecstatic. I wanted to hurry up and have my baby so I could hold him and love him.

    I love the way the babies grow and develop. It’s such an amazing journey. Thanks for these posts.

    • Hello Lane, thank you for sharing your beautiful memory with us, I agree with you, baby’s growth and development inside the womb is amazing and magical.


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