Pregnancy is a very miraculous as well as one of the most beautiful experience in mum’s life. Along with the immense happiness and joy of having a little bundle of joy, it does comes with some health related ups and downs and we all need to make sure to follow a safe and good care plan as per our doctor’s advice. So, if you are pregnant and looking for some pregnancy advice and health tips, then I am sure you will find this article really helpful.


Approximately 85-90 % mums feel nausea and nearly half of them also suffers from vomiting during early period pf pregnancy and there are also some mums who feel nausea throughout their pregnancy. By Following some simple tips, we can help ease our nausea , i.e.,

  1. Drink less water during meals, instead drink in between weals bit by bit, but please drink atleast 8-12 glasses of water.
  2. Eat smaller 4 – 5 meals instead of 3 big meals.
  3. Drink ginger lemonade or anything that contains ginger, like ginger biscuits. kepp these at you bedside to eat after waking up.
  4. Keep you room well ventilated.
  5. Nausea could get better by smelling certain smells like essential oils or fruits or it could be anything. Mines eases by smelling lemon. So, do whatever helps you ease your nausea as far as it is safe to do so.


Eat a good balance of meat, vegetables, fruits and other foods like pulses and beans. Eggs and all the food should be properly cooked, not semi cooked. Mayonnaise should be made from pasteurized eggs and milk in order to avoid food borne diseases and illnesses. Combination all all seasonal fruits and vegetables should be a part of our daily food regimen. Water and fruit juices are really helpful in keeping us energized during pregnancy and last but not the least dry fruits are a must as far as we are not allergic to these super food snacks.


Physical activities like gym (safe exercises during pregnancy as per expert’s advice), swimming and regular walk in fresh air is very beneficial during pregnancy, infact these activities eases our nausea as well.


Apart from being physically active, it is very important to follow a healthy life style, So please try to reduce off alcohol consumption, smoking, caffeine and soda drinks. If you want to reduce smoking and alcohol consumption, you must contact your healthcare provider for better guidance according to the facilities provided in your area.


Moving and handling should be done in a safer way. Try to keep your back straight while sitting down or while holding you baby. Avoid lifting heavy loads. Always ask for help if your find things difficult to do. For more information click


Try do meet and make new friends, plan meet ups in parks, restaurant, at home or where ever you feel happy. Talking and laughing with friends works like a wonder and has very therapeutic effects. Talk about you pregnancy experiences, baby shopping, baby kicks and life plans after having a baby and a lot more, discuss, talk and laugh about anything that makes you happy and fresh.


Join antenatal classes near your home, go these and talk to other pregnant mums and discuss and learn about pregnancy and baby and everything related to it. Antenatal classes helps us a lot in learning about pregnancy, baby and other things a mum goes through during this magical period.


As pregnancy comes with a lot of ups and downs and mood swings, it is also very important to address this problem and the best way is Relaxation via Yoga and other techniques as per expert’s advice. One other thing that we all can do is a relaxing bath with our favorite essential oil and soft music. Yoga and relaxing aromatic bath not only helps us in relaxing our mind and body but also helps in having a good night sleep.


After spending a tiring day, you have now relaxed after having a relaxing bath, Now make sure that when you come into your room after having a bath, it should be cleans, well ventilated and very comfortable with relaxing room spray of your choice. This will also helps you having a good sleep.


Well, as it is now time to have a good night sleep, please make sure not to use electronic devices atleast halt an hour before going to bed, this will help you relaxing your mind and you can then sleep better throughout the night.

So, here are some useful pregnancy advises for wonderful mums. Please make sure you are having your regular antenatal check ups, scans and care as per your health care provider’s protocol. Feel free to discuss your problems and worries with your partner, friend or family as well. Please share your ideas and tips about pregnancy care in comments section. It is always great to know and learn from one another’s experiences.


    • Hi Jerry, thank you for your comments. As every pregnancy id different and varies from woman to woman so it really depends but most of the times, nausea and vomiting gets better by the end on 3rd month. The pillow your are asking for is called maternity pillow and I bought it from amazon.

  1. Another great informative post with great tips. I had really bad morning sickness which lasted basically my whole pregnancy. At one point they said not to take baths and then it was okay. I wish I would have had the time to relax more during my pregnancy but I was sick a lot. This is awesome, Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Melissa for sharing your views with us, morning sickness is really disturbing thing during pregnancy and getting some time for relaxation is so so crucial at this stage.

  2. Healthy birth on time is best for the mother and for the kid. Any pre, during and post pregnancy activities are of high importance for the mother and for the kid, and for the whole family. Having a place with practical advice is of big help for the mother. very nice topic, and a good work!

    • Hi Igor, thank you so much for your appreciation. You are right, getting all the useful tips for pregnant mums at one place is very helpful and that’s what motivated me to write such articles.

  3. Hi Sarah, this is some great advice for expectant mothers about having a healthy pregnancy. What you do during this time directly affects your unborn baby and so you must be very careful to eat healthily and fine time for relaxation. Not just for you, but for baby also as they can sense a mothers stress from the womb. It’s funny you should say about lemons helping nausea as when I was working on the boats, many years ago now, i used to get terrible sea sickness and the only cure for me was sucking on lemons, much to everybody’s shock! Ha ha, so yes, that one does work! Thanks.

    • Hi Stefanie, thank you so much for your comments. I am really glad that you like the tips and advises I have shared in this article. Healthy pregnancy is not only important for expectant mum but for also for the baby’s health and well being.

  4. Pregnancy is so weird, you are overtaken by the reality of hosting another body. Sleep is different, food is different, movement is different, mood is different. Thanks for all these great tips for keeping up a regular healthy routine!

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for your comments. It is really weird that everything is so different during pregnancy, but all the ups and downs pays off once we see and hold our baby for the first time in our hands.

  5. I was lucky to experience nausea only for a month during my 1st trimester. It was triggered by scents of the very food that I like when I am not pregnant. So weird! lemon juice with honey helped me too. Thanks for this post! I have a friend at work who’s pregnant and will share this.

    • Hi Gigi, thank you for sharing your experience with us, this is exactly I felt when I was pregnancy and lemon worked for me too.

  6. Sound advice here. Pregnancy is beautiful but can be challenging. Brushing my teeth made me sick with both my children. Ugh. I sure appreciated a good bath and a good sleep with the support of my maternity pillow! Well worth getting one if you don’t have one already.

    Great tips!

    • HI Lace, you are absolutely right that pregnancy is beautiful but also very challenging, and maternity pillow works like wonder as far as mum’s comfort is concerned. I am glad that you like the advises I have mentioned, thank you so much.

  7. As a new mom I love this information on this post! I love the tips for moving as i am moving soon myself! Thank you so much for sharing tips on morning sickness! It will help so many moms out! 🙂

    • Hi Cassandra, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. Morning sickness is one of the most commonest problem in early pregnancy and I am sure most of the pregnant mums will benefit from these tips.

  8. Hi there,
    Very informative article. I never knew Ginger could reduce Nausea, thanks for the tip. Just a quick question, Is too much Ginger bad, will it have side effects if consumed in large amounts?

    • Hi Kay, Ginger is really good for minimizing nausea and so as lemon. Pregnancy is a beautiful yet difficult journey and a proper care is always needed along with such remedies.

  9. This was amazing post!
    As somebody who is engaged, babies are more and more on my mind as every day that goes by.
    Now I know what to expect!
    I will be coming back for more advice, so keep those awesome posts coming.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Boby, thank you so much for sharing your views on this article. I wish you all the best for a beautiful life ahead. Please do visit again for more useful advises and information. Thank you.

  10. Drink less water during meals. Who would have thought about that one. I would think you would have drinken more. Shows what I know lol. Pretty complicated stuff. I like also how you break up the meals instead of 3 big meals. That is a great idea. Excellent article.

  11. Hi Sarah, I love your pregnancy tips here. I can relate well with them having gone through those funny experiences. These tips will be so helpful for intending moms out there. Good job!

    • Hi Shalom, Thanks for liking the post. Many of us mums have been gone through the same experiences :). Therefore, such useful tips and information can better help to the new mums.

  12. Great information here! I am far away, but I will remember your article so I can forward the information to my future wife when she will have to deal with all of the above. I will know more, so I will be able to help during the journey as well. 🙂


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