Beautiful & AdorablEbroken words and sentence through which our child communicates with us is hugely because of the efforts we as parents do in order to develop our child’s communication skills and confidence. Apart from regular chit chats and talks, storytelling and singing rhymes, both are equally important as far as child’s social and mental growth are concerned. That’s why singing nursery rhymes for kids is very important.

Repetitive words in nursery rhymes are very simple and easy for us, but for our little ones, this is a whole learning process, through which they not only develop vocabulary but also develop good memory along with talking and performing skills and confidence.

Nursery rhymes for kids are as important as academic education and physical development. These rhymes are the window to see the outside world along with beautiful imaginations in their little minds and that’s why singing rhymes with our little ones should be a part of our daily routine.

So, lovely parents, let’s have a look on benefits of singing rhymes to our children…

  • Listening to different words and repetition of these words develop listening and concentration skills in your child at a very early age and your little ones will learn about playing and singing together according to the rhyme with their friends as well.
  • Singing rhymes stimulate and boost the thinking power and memory of your baby.
  • If we sing rhymes with music, it helps our little one not only to have fun and dance but also assist our kids in the construction of wordings and sentences and their acquisition, even if the child is bilingual, even then they can learn with music about more than one language in a playful way.
  • Babies and toddlers and even bigger kids are more responsive when anything is sung along with music. Rhymes with music is the best way to stimulate the ability of Reciprocal Communication skills in our little ones. Reciprocal communication skills are the very basic need to develop confidence and social interaction ability. Reciprocal Communication can be defined in simplest way as the mutual exchange of words /sentences/emotions between two or more people.
  • Nursery rhymes give our little ones the opportunity to communicate and sing in certain pitch accordingly, volume and emotion about the specific word or language and hence our little one will learn the manner to talk as well.
  • Nursery rhymes boost our child’s imagination and creativity. Best examples of such rhymes are “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, ” cow jumped over the moon” and ” if you are happy and you know it, clapp your hands”. I was astonished by looking at my daughter and 1 year old son, moving and wiggling on this rhyme and how they use their fingers in twinkle twinkle little start rhyme. We cant even imaging how beautiful our little one’s imaginations are about the world around them, abour sky and abour stars and moon and eveything…
  • Rhymes make our children aware of different words, phonic and counting and a lot more. My daughter learns phonics more from rhymes rather than from books, because singing along with fun and interesting words always catches our baby’s attention. There are so many rhymes about phonics along with sounds. Rhymes like “five Little Ducks Went Swimming one day or you can just change to five little ducks went out one day” or Five Little Monkey Jumping On The Bed” & “1,2 Buckle My Shoe” are the most beloved rhymes for our little ones and they learn about basic counting and maths skills, like, in Five little monkeys, when 1 fell off then 4 are left, sing it like five little monkey jumping on the bed, two fell of and bump their head, three little monkeys jumping on the bed… we can change the rhymes according to our child’s choice and need.
  • Nursery rhymes should be a part of our daily routine, as there are so many rhymes about everything we do, from waking up in the morning to going back to sleep, and also about cleaning and bathing ourselves like “this is the way we brush our teeth, then his is the way we comb our hair”. From these rhymes, we can easily teach our kids about personal hygiene.
  • According to health experts, children who sing along rhymes along with parent’s involvement become good readers as well.
  • You can engage your baby/toddler and make singing rhymes more fun by using finger puppets and sing old McDonald had a farm, five little ducks or farmer in the dell etc…, You can’t even imagine how beloved these puppets are to your little one, not only puppets, other soft toys as we… we see these as toys, but they take these toys as their friends. Introduce rhymes to your baby with a lot of smiles and face expressions accordingly. No matter how bad we are in singing but a mother’s voice is the most understandable and lovely voice for a child, that’s why listening stories/rhymes from parents and having fun with them is the best start we can give to our child.

Nursery rhymes, along with fun and play, also boost your child’s imagination. There is a beautiful world of imagination in their tiny minds and whenever we read and sing with them, they imagine whatever they listen and observe, even if the rhyme is about jumping on the bed, or swimming or playing, sleeping in the bed or fell off from the bed, bathing in the tub or brushing their hair or even having a ride to the moon…every thing is possible in their little minds..

So, lovely Parents, Nursery rhymes are a beautiful way to teach our kids about almost everything. You can also take your child to nearest library or play group, where rhyming sessions are available. Buy them board books and other colourful books about rhymes, I am sure your kids will love these books a lot as my kids do.Sing, play and laugh together, giggle and have fun together as well. Our little babies will soon grow up into an adult and will be busy in their academic and work life afterwards. These are the most precious moments to spend with our little ones and they love to spend time and play with their parents too….so have fun and enjoy, and yes, please share your ideas and nursery rhymes as well 😊.





  1. Hi Sarah,

    I totally agree that singing nursery rhymes to our kids is a fun and adorable way of learning.

    My eldest one always dances to my singing while my youngest one tries to follow. Very cute to watch 😍

    I also sing “Brush, brush, brush your teeth, brush them everyday” song to encourage them to brush teeth. If I happen to forget the lyrics, I’d just make up my own lyrics 😁

    • Thank you Safrina for your comments. This is true that Rhymes are such an adorable way of teaching kids with alot of fun and enjoyment and yes, we can make our own rhymes as well. My aim for writing these articles is to creat a productive way of teaching kids along with joy and fun.

  2. I think it’s fascinating that nursery rhymes appear in every culture, ever language, as teaching tools for small children. When singing and rhyming, we’re using different areas of our brains, which is helpful for development.

    • Thank you Penelope for comments. Nursery Rhymes are a very productive way of teaching our kids. All kids love singing rhymes especially with music and learn alot from repetivtive rhyming words. We can also creat our own rhymes and encourage our kids to do so according to any specific situation. It’s all about exploring our creativity…

  3. I think children learn faster with music and nursery rhymes can help them grow their vocabulary and so much more. I’m now trying to get my son to learn Chinese nursery rhymes besides the English ones.

    • Thank you Yvonne for your comments. Nursery rhymes are one of the best way to help our kids in vocabulary building, not only that, nursery rhymes do teach our kids about everyday life like cleaning, phonics, numbers, moon, stars, animals and about playing together and alot more….

  4. Thank you Safrina for your comments. This is true that Rhymes are such an adorable way of teaching kids with alot of fun and enjoyment and yes, we can make our own rhymes as well. My aim for writing these articles is to creat a productive way of teaching kids along with joy and fun.

  5. Hi Sarah,
    Nursery rhymes go way back and have been used as a memory took for years. I received a book of nursery rhymes from an Aunt when I was very little and I enjoyed it very much. They were some of the first books read to me as a child. I agree very much with this idea of learning and I think more books of this nature need to be continued to be made.

    • Thank you Melissa for your comments. We all have good memories regarding nursery rhymes. These rhymes play a great role in our kid’s learning process from vocabulary building to everyday chores, we can teach anything to our child through nursery rhymes in a very playful and giggly way….

  6. Hi Sarah it’s totally true that rhymes helps a baby’s communication skill alot. Children love to listen sweet music and while they listen songs children capture words quickly.

    • Hi Priyasha, nursery rhymes are no doubt one of the best way to boost vocabulary and communication skills. Rhymes are not only about singing, these rhymes are one of the basic building block for development of confidence, emotions and language.


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