If we talk about newborn child care, for new parents especially first timers, holding, dressing, bathing and doing everything related to the little baby seems very difficult in the beginning and then we all get used to all these things by doing all these activities many times a day. Learning about how to do all these activities safely is very important because our newborn little baby is very delicate and cannot control his/her body. If you are worried about newborn baby care, then you must be expecting a baby or already have a newborn. Well in both cases, many many congratulations to you and I wish you all the happiness, joys and charms for your life ahead along with a little bundle of joy.

In this article, I will be covering some really easy and useful tips about holding a newborn baby in the safest way. I hope you all will find this article helpful. So, following are some helpful tips for all lovely parents along with two video demonstrations in the end.

  • BABY’S HEAD & NECK: When our little babies make their arrival, their whole care and grooming starts straight away and for that care, we should know how to hold and support our little baby’s neck, as newborn babies cannot hold it and need support all the time. Whenever you hold your beautiful baby, always keep one hand behind his/her neck and head for proper support.
  • BABY’S SPINE: Spine of newborn babies is very fragile and needs a support all the time. Always make sure to keep your hand under her spine if you hold your baby horizontally or vertically in burping position. Baby’s spine needs support in both ways. Holding baby with our hand and arm will support his/her spine, neck and head all together.
  • BABY’S BREATHING: While holding your little baby, don’t cover his/her face with anything or there is nothing on her face little piece of garment your or your baby is wearing, or even a bib and make sure baby is not very tightly cuddled up as it might cause difficulty in breathing for your baby. Make sure baby has a good enough room to breathe.
  • BABY ON YOUR TUMMY: If baby is lying on mummy’s tummy, then make sure to hold baby’s back from both side so that he/she can’t roll over and hurt him/herself. Massaging baby’s back during this time along with some talks helps baby calm as well.
  • CRADLING BACK AND FORTH: Put baby (on her/his tummy) on your while sitting or standing, moving back and forth is also a good holding technique for baby to relax. During this holding position, make sure to hold baby’s back with other hand in order to keep baby safe and sound.

So lovely mums, these are some very basic and easy tips for new parents to learn about holding baby safely. This might seem very very simple to experienced Parents, but believe me, first time Parents need all sort of tips and techniques about everything related to bay, as I still remember my experience with my first born. All of you lovely mums are more than welcome to share your tips about holding and taking care of babies in comments section….


    • Thank you Samreen for your comments. I agree with you, becoming a mom is really a blessing. It is always very important to take care of our little ones in a safest way and in the way that makes us enjoy this blessed journey of motherhood.


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