Who Are Melissa & Doug? 

Melissa & Doug are a lovely couple, Parent of six beautiful kids. They are together and have been creating learning and creative toys for kids since 1988. Melissa and Doug toys are of highest standard and loved by millions and millions  of kids.

Today I am reviewing one of the best learning toy i.e., suitable for kids 3 to 5 years of age. So, let’s have a look…:)

Wooden Latches Activity Board:

Melissa & Doug Latches Activity board is one of the best learning toy and make kids happy and busy in playing and learning at the same time. It is made up of high quality wood with beautiful and vibrant colors.

How This Toy Is Good For My Child?

This wooden hand crafted toy has six different types of latches which improves your child’s Dexterity and Problem Solving Skills, while he/she is busy in figuring out how to open and close all 6 latches. It also improves your child’s Cognitive Skills, Coordination & Fine Motor Skills and they learn about Colours and Numbers too.

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When you open first latch and the door, you will see one animal and on 2nd door there are two animals and so on up til 6. Each door has specific color too and that’s how your child will learn about numbers and colours and at the same time boosting their fine motor and problem solving skills while having a lot of fun.

Latches are Slide, Snap, Hook and Click.

Product Dimension: 1 cm-29.5 cm-39.9 cm

$ 20.99 – Add To Cart

For all the amazing features mentioned above, it is a “Must Have” our your little children. Having the best and the right toys from a well trusted brand with very good quality standards at a reasonable price is what we all want for our kids, isn’t it…:)

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    • Hi Aretha, you are absolutely right, we all have to find good and enjoyable substitutes to TV and electronic media. Watching TV for sometime is good but kids nowadays just want to sit in front of it all the time. Toys like this keeps them busy while having fun and learning at the same time. These toys are perfect for their mental and sensory growth as well.

  1. When my son was growing up we purchased several Melissa and Doug products. They have a wooden shoe to learn how to tie your laces.
    The earlier you start with teaching your child things, the easier it is for them to get it.
    Although this one teaches them how to get into things that are locked, it does great things for their motor skills.

    • Hi John, thank you for your comments. Melissa & Doug toys are indeed superb for our little kids and their sensory and motor skills development. I have a lot of Melissa & Doug Toys for my 5 and 2 year old kids.

  2. Oh, I love toys like these. My kids all had similar toys growing up, and with a grandchild on the way, this looks like a perfect choice to have at Grandma’s house when they come to visit. I can’t wait! I really like learning toys like this, especially wooden ones. Thanks for the great review!

  3. This is such a neat toy!! Glad to hear that it is a really good learning toy, definitely going to keep it in mind for my sons 2nd birthday coming up!! 🙂

    Thanks for the info

  4. Great article and something that sparks my interest as I a going retro as far as my kids are concerned. I do feel that good old fashioned toys are better, educational wise than just giving them a tablet and installing an app.

    Being wooden, huge plus – less toxic chemicals that could harm them. You know the skin is very absorbable organ, plastic is hard to avoid but we can reduce exposure and for our kids who love to play, toys are a great start.

    (DerekWA returning comment)

  5. Love Melissa and Doug toys, they make such high quality toys that challenge kids and inspire their imaginations. This looks like such a great tool for developing motor skills, thank you very sharing your great article on this product.

  6. Melissa & Doug have great products for kids. They are so durable and last forever. This looks like a really fun activity for kids – but it’s almost teaching them how to un-childproof the house, LOL!

  7. What a brilliant toy! The shapes and colours look very inviting for a young child and it’s great to buy them toys that are also helping them learn.
    At that age it is all about giving them things that help to fine tune their cognitive and motor skills in preparation for their school years.
    The wonderful selection of toys available these days helps our kids to become more intelligent than ever at a young age.


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