All of us came into this world with five senses to observe and feel the world around us. These senses are Hearing, Touch, Smell, Vision and Taste. We can start doing activities that stimulates our baby’s senses from the very first day we brought her/him to our home from the hospital after giving birth. Though our babies inside our womb, before birth, can hear and recognize our voice, have taste buds developed and can open and close their eyes and can notice the light coming from outside world into the mum’s womb, but soon after birth, our beautiful babies start using their five senses more actively to explore and feel the new outside world around them. It is very important for us to stimulate their five senses through play and through simple learning with toys and activities at home. Good and healthy development of motor and cognitive skills, learning process, academic and extracurricular activities and success, play and fun and everything we do in our life are based on these five senses.

So, isn’t it a good idea to share with all of you wonderful mums, some simple baby sensory development and learning with toys at home in a very simple and easy way. So, Mums, let’s see, what are the top tips for stimulation of our baby’s senses.

  • TALKING: Talking, talking and talking is really very important for our babies. As our babies recognize our voice since they were in our womb and love to hear our voice again and again. A mother’s voice is the most understandable and lovely voice for the baby. So, Mums, talk a lot with your beautiful bundle of joy. Are your wondering about what to talk with your baby, as he/she is too tiny and can’t understand and talk back to you. Well, babies are never to young to start talking activities. Talking with babies can be done in the following simple ways…Talk to them about everyday activities like, when u hold your baby just say, now mummy is going to hold her beautiful baby, or mummy is going to rock or bath or play with you my baby or take her name.Another way to talk to your baby is to read colourful books and stories to them. Make different face expressions and sounds. As your baby grows up and started mimicking you in face expressions and tell you about her favourite sounds through her beautiful smiles and by making happy sounds, then repeat those face expressions and sounds again and again.When your baby is playing and lying, just say, oh wow what a beautiful rattle or what a beautiful toy, let’s play with it or let’s play with this balloon or ball or anything related to regular life routine.
  • PLAY MAT & GYM: Play mat and Play gym are so wonderful and magical as far as baby’s sensory development is concerned, as these toys have different colourful textures and toys handing and moving. Lie your baby on a play mat and let him/her explore the surrounding. As babies gets older like, about 3 months or so, they start to kick harder and try to hold their favourite toy hanging on the gym or they try to hold their favourite toy in front of them. Playing on a play gym is such a fun for our babies as they see different colors and textures and explore the hanging toys and everything around them.
  • BABY MIRROR: One of the best thing that stimulates your baby’s sense of vision is Mirror. Baby at this stage see black and white and blurred. Their vision become 6/6 when they reach the age of about 8-10 months. Along with vibrant coloured toys, babies also love to see in mirror. So, attach an unbreakable baby mirror along side of his/her cot, crib or play gym and introduce their adorable face to them. Babies love to see their face and things around them in the mirror, this will boost their sense of vision along with enjoyment, play and giggles.
  • MUSIC & RHYMES: Babies love soft music, especially the music that they recognize when mum used to play during their pregnancy. Babies love hearing rhymes and repetitive sounds and words especially in mummy’s voice. No matter how bad you think your voice is or how bad you sing, like me😊…but for our babies, our voice is the best voice and they love listening rhymes when we sing to them. Play rhymes on YouTube or on a player and sing along with different gestures, expressions and sounds. Clap with them, hold their hands and clap, laugh and giggle during rhymes. This simple activity will create a beautiful loving bond between you and your beautiful bundle of joy and will boost his/her sense of touch, sense of hearing, and it’s not far when he/she start talking back to you and mimic the words, sounds and face expressions you use in front of him/her. Simple rattles and musical toys also plays an important role in boosting baby’s sense of hearing and babies do love playing with simple musical instruments like piano, xylophone or simple musical rattle along with rhymes. The xylophone my son enjoyed a lot costs only £3…😊. See, babies only love colours, music and sound, unlike most of adults, they don’t bother at all about costs and prices…
  • TUMMY TIME: It is very important for our babies to be active and healthy. Tummy time is one of the best activity to start with. New-born babies might not feel comfortable during tummy time as they don’t have control over their limbs and muscles. My babies started to enjoy tummy time when they were 7-8 weeks old. It’s totally up to their choice. Tummy time is a good way for our babies to explore their surrounding world while lying on the floor. Best tools and toys for baby’s tummy time are play mat and colourful soft balls and rattles that your baby likes. As our babies reach the age of 3 months, they started to try to reach and hold their favourite toy but couldn’t at this age, but they will, very soon as they reach they age of 6 months. Tummy time gives our beautiful babies to explore a wider area, with vibrant colours and textures by touching and holding. So, tummy time boost your child’s sensory development as well as motor development.While babies, see, touch and explore different things and textures during tummy time, the best things that boost the sense of touch are soft felt toys like balls, cubes, blocks and books with different textures on each page. Apart from this, a relaxing massage and bath is also one of the best thing to boost baby’s sense of touch and makes baby feel relax with mums touch and massage with a lot of love and care.

So, Wonderful mums, I hope you find this article beneficial for your baby’s sensory development. The top five points mentioned above helps your child in boosting all five senses which will help them in development of good motor and cognitive skills as well, and a healthier life ahead. These five points seems very very simple but believe me, these simple basic things are the building blocks of our beautiful child’s learning, development, growth and health, and yes, along with all mummy’s love, cuddles, and cares with healthy and yummy food as soon as your little one’s will reach the weaning age. I know and relate to all of you, a mother’s job is very demanding and need a lot of hard work, but it pays off when we see our adorable bundle of laughing and giggling and growing into tiny toddlers and then school going kids. Isn’t it a magical journey:)


  1. Great article. I was luck with pigeon pair twins and we discovered that they learnt completely differently and we always ensure a variety of toys. Toys with textures were a winner for both.
    The took in most with speaking, singing and music.

    • Thank you Vince for your views on this article. This is so true that singing, speaking and reading along with simple toys and Baby books helps our baby in their learning process and boost their five senses to explore and feel their surrounding world and learn from it..

  2. We were taught as mothers the importance of talking to our babies and how they can hear us from the womb and it is so true. When my babies were born as they lie in their cribs and I would be talking they would be trying to turn their heads to my voice. I always talked to my babies and not in a funny baby talk but clearly, so they could learn speech. I agree with the importance of all these things you mention such as toys and tummy time and miss this so much. Thank you for such a great article, you give such great detail and important topics and I love reading your post. I have some people in mind I will share this with. Thanks!

    • Hi Melissa, it is a pleasure to know that u like this article. You are right, talking to babies in either way they like is so so important for them to understand the concept behind words and to build a good understanding and vocabulary. A child with a good vocabulary, talking skills and confidence always do best in his/her life.So, talking, talking and talking is “A Must”…

      • Yes, Sarah,
        It seems like children can have improved vocabulary when parents talk to them and read to them as babies. The more you take the time to do this the better their vocabulary will be and the better they will succeed in school.

        • Hi Melissa, your are absolutely right. Child’s vocabulary increases when we as parents talk to them rather them keeping them busy in electronic tablets and videos all the time.

  3. Very good thorough article. I’m always so encouraged when I see parents talking to their babies in public, I think they need so much more attention than they often get, and they’re absorbing information about the world at such a rapid rate, anything we can do to help is a plus!

    • Hi Penelope, I am thankful for your kind views on this article. Actually everything now a days has been taken over by technology and we as parents rarely give proper time and education to our kids. These tips and advises are so easy and applicable in this busy life. I am glad you like all these tips. Thank you…

  4. This article is amazing, I completely agree with tummy time and sensory toys, i got my son a lot of light up balls and i made a few noisy toys with bottles and rice, it works so well for their development.
    I always found it so funny when my son looked in the mirror, he seemed to think it was another baby, until he got older and tried to look around the back of the mirror!
    All of these things are simple and extremely effective ways to stimulate your baby’s brain and development, great article as always!

    • HI Colleen, thank you so much for all your appreciation. Tummy time and sensory play is very important for our little babies to boost their senses and understanding of surrounding world.

  5. My wife blessed me 2 Beautiful boys that are now 3 & 1! Thank you for your article and website! There’s nothing more prescious that a baby. Their comfort & development is Most important! New parents need to be informed so thank you for your informative website! We applied all these methods and tools/toys for our babies and now they are honestly too smart for their own good lol!
    Thank you again for sharing!

    • Hi Benjamin, thank you so much for sharing your views on this post and for your appreciation. Learning activities shouldn’t be done when baby reaches the toddlerhood or pre-school age, it should started even when soon as they arrive in this world.

  6. I really like that you have written and shared this article. We need to give the babies a lot of activity and happiness. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed reading this.

  7. I must say, this was very well written. Me personally I don’t have any kids, but this has really opened up my mind to a better understand of what babies need. Interesting the different things you can do to help them with there brain development essential at such an early age.

  8. These are great recommendations for children. I think tummy time is so important in developing a child’s back muscles and helping him/her hold her head upright.

  9. This was fantastic especially as a nervous expectant father! Great website, I’ll certainly be revisiting often.

  10. Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for a beautifully written article. You are very right. My little one gets so stimulated with music and rhymes and she dances and claps her hands. It is so exciting to see. I think that she loves music and dancing. I am thinking of enrolling her in dance school when she is much older. Thank you and have a great day!


  11. I’m not a woman or a mother, but I know how important for us to teach and support the new generation. I think from all of these tips you’ve listed with detail explanations, the most important thing I’ve learned so far is the power of communication, though even the babies seem hard to understand. I don’t know how to explain but I really positive about it. Anyway, great article.

  12. This is an incredibly awesome website, it is very engaging. The baby images grabs the reader’s attention, which in turn encourages them to read on. I also love how you have the images sort of zoom in, which is another oooh factor. You have a real talent. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  13. Very informative information as always! As you may know I have a grand baby coming soon and just visiting your site is getting me excited! My list of items to get for him/her is growing by the day! So many good options. Thanks for all your hard work in this great website!

  14. Hey,

    Another great post.

    A baby’s learning is very important, especially from a very young age. My friends baby could definitely learn from your post to help teach their two year old new things with toys etc.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up your posts as they are excellent.

    All the best,



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