Have your kid’s New Year resolutions been set for 2018? Not yet? Then my today’s article will certainly help you, as I am suggesting some New Year resolutions for kids to ring in the New Year.

But before setting the New Year resolutions for your kids it is necessary that you explain them what is resolution and why it is set for? Always explain it in a positive way, like ‘I am going to do this’ instead of ‘I am going to stop this’ or ‘ I am never going to do this’. This positivity will help them to decide resolutions that are specific and achievable.

Here are some of the resolutions your kid might set for 2018 with your help and support.

Healthy Eating Habits:

This year make your children understand the importance of eating healthy like fruits, vegetables and home cooked meals rather having fast food or junk food. You can explain them the benefits of healthy diet. Explain them how their fitness and health is important for their life ahead and make goal for them to achieve by staying healthy and happy this year by adopting healthy eating habits.

Room Cleaning:

My 5 year old daughter set goal for year 2018 that she will keep her room clean and tidy. As she always gets fussy whenever I asked her to keep things organize and put back at the place. She normally spread the things everywhere and I hardly can take step in her room.

Focus on Oral/Dental & Personal Hygiene:

Tell your children the health benefits of oral/dental and personal hygiene and explain them they should brush teeth twice a day. They should also focus on their personal hygiene like wash proper hands after using bathroom, don’t eat anything without washing hands, always wash their hands and take bath after playing.

Help Mom in Household Chores:

You can encourage kids to set a goal of helping mums in household chores like washing, cleaning, setting dinner table, and gardening. These activities can also help them increasing their cognitive skills and motor skills, and they become more responsible and expert in organizing things at home and in their future life ahead.

Stop Eating Junk Food.

This year make a goal for your kids that they stop eating junk food or fast food. Limit the fast food comes at home rather involve them in cooking activities and give them chance to become an active household member, let them decide what to cook and shop for it and let them participate in the process of cooking.

Focus on Good Behaviour.

Another resolution that my daughter set for 2018 is she will continue good behavior and would listen to mum (me) and daddy. She will be nice to friends in school whom she doesn’t like.

Improve Reading:

Kids can also set their resolution of improving skills like they can say, I am going to improve my reading skills and I will read books, story books as much as I can to get better in reading this year, because reading book is a lot of fun along with learning 🙂

Limit Screen Time:

Limit kid’s screen time and ask them to decide a single time in a day for watching TV, Mobile, Tab etc. Replace the screen time with any learning activity or art and craft activities.

Physical Games and Activities:

I will try my best to be physically active as much as I could. I will play games and take part in sport activities as well. I will walk, jog and run instead of watching television all the time.

I will Make Real Friends: 

I will make real friends instead of virtual ones on social media. I will try me best to become a good person, a helpful friend and a good neighbour as well. This way, I will become good friend of others and make others my real good friends because a sincere and good friendship is the key to happiness, fun and joy, isn’t is right….?



These are some of the suggestion I presented here, it can be different from kid to kid. As a good parent we can encourage and motivate our children to follow their goals. But bear in mind that it would be much better if they set their own goals, let them decide what they want to achieve this year. Fist ask them if they have certain goals or not, if they don’t have any specific then you can help them.


  1. Lots of information to make sure that I am doing well by my child. Thank you for putting this together. I am really in love with – Kid’s New Year Resolutions for 2018. I had never thought about them doing this.

    • Hi Sylvia, thank you so much for your comments. It is always a good idea to make some new year resolutions. It keep us motivated for achieving our goals and same is the case with kids:)

  2. Wow, I really like this post. We focus so much on ourselves we can forget about our little ones sometimes. Resolutions are about improvements so why not let your children set goals to improve themselves for the new year? I like the room cleaning one, and the help mom with household chores haha. Really awesome post!

    • Thanks for liking the post Melissa, i always feel glad when someone appreciate my work. Indeed, we should give our kids such goals because they love accepting challenges and work hard towards achieving them. By this we can help them to become more responsible and a good helper as well 🙂 isn’t it ???

  3. I love that resolution, “I will make real friends.” It’s kinda sad that it would have to be so necessary and resonate so much, but since children spend so much time online, the social growth is stunted and real friends are far more rare. thanks for the eye-opening post!

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for your appreciation.New year resolution is a must for all of us to make in order to keep ourselves motivated. Not only us, our little kids also needs to make their resolution and we as parents should help them in doing so, and yes Making real friends should be a must to include in that resolution in this era of social media.

  4. Oh, I really like these. Healthy eating was trying for me when the babies were younger because I was fighting depression. Emotional eating was a battle for me. I am grateful that they do engage in some healthy choices.

    • Thanks for liking post Lane. I can also relate to you because my daughter also a picky eater but this year she made promise that she will eat healthy food. You know what Lane kids like challenges and when you motivate them that nobody can do better than them so they put more effort towards achieving that task.


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