If we talk about our kid’s health, the first thing that comes in our mind is sports/physical activities which are so true, but we should also think about and integrate their everyday play and activities in a much healthier and beneficial way. The healthier option to perform different activities is to work on a vertical surface rather than just sitting on the floor or chair. Though kids do work on vertical surfaces like easel and whiteboards, most of their time is taken over by electronic devices. Kids just sit at one place and play their favorite game or watch videos just by sitting in one position, which is very hazardous.

So, a healthier, funfilled and better alternative is very important for our kids to enjoy performing different activities. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of working on vertical surfaces and the tips about how we can integrate sitting play in standing activities. So, let’s have a look at Benefits first…

Shoulder & Elbow Stability: Working on a vertical surface like whiteboard, blackboard, magnetic boards or easel leads to stronger shoulder and arm muscles and joints too. Stronger wrist and hand muscles lead to a stronger grip and better writing ability.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Working on a large vertical surface needs a lot of attention. Your child’s work and a task are closer to eyes which helps in boosting visual attention and hand-eye coordination.

Spatial Understanding & Awareness: When our child works on a vertical surface, he/she understands the concept of directions like right, left, up and down far better than working on a horizontal surface.

Better Posture: By working in a standing position and on a vertical surface gives our littleones better strength in back muscles and joints and this leads to a good posture. We lack this good and healthy posture while working in a sitting position. Not only that, a perfect and good posture prevent us from the back and joint pain in later life.

Prevent from Diseases: Working in a standing position on a vertical surface prevent our kids from having heart diseases, diabetes and obesity in life afterwards.

Over-all Health: Do you know that if we work while changing our position or while moving a little bit after some time is far healthier and we understand things better by doing activities this way. While working on a vertical surface, we don’t just stand in one position at all times, especially kids, they love to move and wiggle around as well, doing any activity this way leads to a better understanding of what they are doing and at the same time not losing concentration from their work.

Crossing of Mid-line: When our little one works on a large vertical surface, he/she crosses the mid-line of his/her body with the dominant hand to cover as much area as possible in order to draw or write or paint. This activity is great for our growing kids especially the kids with lack of confidence or learning disabilities to express their thought in a much larger area by crossing their mid-line of the body.

Motor Skills: While working on a larger vertical area, kids hold pen and brush with their fingers and write on a larger surface by using their large arm muscles. These activities boost fine and gross motor skills and help our little one in developing good balance and position as well.

Multiple Tasks: Working on vertical surface boost the ability of doing multiple tasks with concentration at the same time, e.g., if a child is drawing on a vertical board using stencil, he/she must hold the stencil properly by one hand and hold pen in other hands while looking on the book or on the reference he/she wants to make. This needs a lot of concentration and thinking at the same time. Doing the same thing on a horizontal surface doesn’t need much attention as paper, reference and stencils are just placed side by side.


  1. Working/Drawing/Painting on Easel.
  2. Writing and learning on a black/white/magnetic Board.
  3. Sticking learning chart on the wall and then study or Play Teacher-Student Pretend game with your kids. If you are busy in doing your everyday chores, then ask siblings to play Pretend student-teacher game and if you have only one child, then encourage him/her to be a teacher and teach his/her teddies and dolls. You will be amazed to see the joy and enjoyment of your little one while teaching teddies and dolls😊.
  4. Playing with LEGO/building blocks on a table in a standing position rather than playing on the floor.
  5. Encourage your child to play with pretend toys like kitchen, dolls or garage or pretend car mechanic game by placing toys on a table rather than placing these toy on floor and play.
  6. Stick large cardboard or paper on the wall or easel and ask your child to draw or make anything or any craft by sticking coloured papers and other things he have. Simple coloring and drawing on an easel is also a good idea for vertical surface activities.
  7. Take a big paper and stick it on the wall. Draw different animals with a marker or any other thing and leave some of the parts, ask your child to draw the remaining part to complete the picture. You don’t need to be an artist to this. You can draw in whatever way you can. You can draw scenery and leave flowers and sun or stars and moon in the sky for your child to draw and do some editing in the picture if he/she wants….isn’t it an amazing idea😊.
  8. There are a lot more activities using shaving cream and slime and glow in dark activities too. These activities have a good impact on our child’s health. The activities that I have discussed with all of you can easily be done every day. You all are more than welcome to share your ideas or vertical activities that can boost our children’s fitness in the comments section. It will be lovely to know your ideas and experiences as well😊


    • Thank you Kayla for your comments. You are right, it is very important for our kids to be physically active rather than using electronic devices. Physical stimulation is very important for healthy life.

  1. I also think that hand-eye coordination is really important and I will be a trainer for kid’s classes in the gym. My instructor said that I should show more hand-eye coordination exercises. What can you recommend for me?

    • Thank you Furkan for commenting here. I wish you all the best for your job as a trainer for kids. Hand and eye coordination skills are very important in almost everything we do. I recommend playing games like catch the ball, tennis, badminton, basket ball etc., these games need hand-eye coordination a lot and needs a lot of physical activity as well.


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