As Parents, we always want to see our kids as confident and healthy individuals. Many people think that academic learning and books can make our kids intelligent and learned, and yes, books are one of the best medium to gain knowledge but play and problem-solving tasks and toys are equally important along with physical activity as well. So, the best thing we could do as parents, is to help our kids in their development and growth in a balanced way. In this Article, I am sharing benefits of one of the best medium to boost our child intelligence and mental health and i.e., Jigsaw puzzles for kids. I find jigsaw puzzles very helpful in order to boost my 4-year-old daughter’s confidence and communication skills, as she has been playing with jigsaws since she was 1 year old.

Tips to boost creativity and thinking power in our children: Once our children have solved the puzzle, we can ask them to make a story out of it or a rhyme by using some rhyming words. We can help them by giving clues about words and can participate with them to make it more fun. Like if the puzzle is about a farm, or jungle, sea or space or about something else, a story or rhyme can me made out of this. we can also ask them about which story, rhyme or any everyday situation they can relate to that puzzle and why?

Benefits: This activity will help us in boosting our child’s intelligence, confidence, creativity, thinking process, vocabulary and communication skills.

So, let’s discuss the benefits of jigsaw puzzles and see how these puzzles can boost our child’s mental health and intelligence…

  • Human Brain has two hemispheres, Right and Left. Right brain is responsible for emotions and to perform different tasks, whereas, Left side of brain thinks logically. While playing with jigsaw puzzles, both sides of brain are used and this will boost our child’s intelligence and thinking power.
  • Jigsaw puzzles teach child about basic concepts of things around him/her like different colours, shapes, fractions and how two, three or more parts can be joined to make one complete picture.
  • Our child learns Prioritizing and Pacing from jigsaw puzzles.
  • Helps our child in Focus and memory recall.
  • Build confidence and social skills while playing together with other kids. Kids also learn about staying calm while taking turns or if solving a puzzle together, then the ability to discuss and solve the puzzle accordingly with other fellows.
  • Jigsaw puzzles are a great booster for motor and cognitive skills.
  • Jigsaw puzzles help our child in learning about problem solving by thinking and at the same time staying calm if they find anything difficult.
  • Helps our little ones in learning and knowing the world around them by solving the puzzles about shapes, colours, animals, plants, underwater world, space or other sceneries.
  • Boost our child’s math and phonic skills.
  • Teaches our child about creativity and boost their vocabulary as well.
  • Though electronic devices also offer jigsaw puzzle games but wooden, plastic or cardboard ones are the best to play with. When the kids are busy in solving these puzzles, they stay away from harmful effects of screen.
  • These puzzles help our child in building confidence and the ability to cope with difficult tasks. Though the puzzles our babies play with are simple for us, but for them these are very difficult to solve. That’s how our kids learn coping with difficult tasks and situations.

These are some benefits of jigsaw puzzles for kids. All super mums and dads are more than welcome to share their experiences and ideas about jigsaw puzzles for kids in comment section. The most important point to keep in mind is to keep a balanced approach, i.e., a good balance in books, puzzles and other toys along with a lot of physical activities, as, all these things work side by side in order to boost our child’s development, growth, knowledge and intelligence.Save

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  1. Your article reminds me of when my oldest daughter was about 4. Jigsaw puzzles where never something I’d considered when she was growing up. In fact, I don’t think she’d ever put together a puzzle. We went to a neighbor’s house for a play date and her daughter had puzzles. My daughter really struggled with reassembling the puzzle, where as the neighbor’s daughter had no problem.

    I know it was the newness of a different toy, but it really got me thinking about experiences and how they relate to our abilities to perform. You see the same thing in artists, musicians, mathematics, etc. A lot of it comes down to exposure. What experiences are we creating for our children, so they can be well-rounded individuals.

    Like you said, balance is key. 🙂

    • Thank you Renee for sharing your point of view about this article. Jigsaw puzzles are something that is very underestimated as far as benefits are concerned and only use for keeping kids busy at one place. These puzzles have countless benefits for mental health of our child. My daughter didn’t like to solve jigsaw puzzles but as she started doing it again and again, now this is one of her favourite thing to do and she has learned how to be patient and relaxed if she couldn’t solve anything or during any difficulty…

  2. I never thought about how jigsaw puzzles stimulate the different hemispheres of the brain, very cool! I do know that it’s a really good way to pass time without a screen, and it does make sense as a teaching tool for kids as well.

    • Thank you Penelope for your comments. That is so true that jigsaw puzzles have a lot of benefits and boosts mental health. These are not at all for keeping our kids busy, but also great in making our kids intelligent and confident with a huge boost in thinking power and concentration.

  3. My kids loved jigsaw puzzles and in fact, when they were around four we would buy the large ones and put them together and frame the images. I too loved jigsaw puzzles as a child and I felt a sense of accomplishment when I completed them. I guess that is why I purchased them for my children so young however, they did get away from them as they got into the electronics age. I think jigsaw puzzles are something we can benefit from at all ages. Great article as always!

    • Than you Melissa for your comments. You are right, solving Jigsaw puzzles do give our kids a feeling of accomplishment and confidence and at the same time these puzzles also train our kids to be patient, if something difficult comes or if they cant work out any difficult problem. Jigsaw puzzles are very beneficial for our kids to learn to concentrate on one thing at a time as well as these puzzles boost mental health to many folds.

  4. What a great article, my son absolutely loves puzzles, he has a thomas the tank engine one that he likes to bring with him everywhere he goes lol
    I also have a great puzzle that has different scenes from the butchers and shops etc and you have to put the pieces into the correct part of the shop, it’s great because he is learning the names off all the fruits and vegetables and also the colours, it really stimulates him.
    Completely agree with this article, keep up the amazing work!

    • Hi Colleen, thank you so much for sharing your comments with us. Jigsaw puzzles are one of the best learning toy for kids with a lot of benefits, my kids love playing and solving jigsaw puzzles too.


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