Book reading is one of the healthiest workout for our brain and the best habit to develop. Now, as our kids are heading towards school going age, now it’s time to teach and encourage them to read by themselves. Book reading is very important for their developments and growth and here I am sharing some amazing benefits and importance of reading for kids to motivate them, so that they can develop the habit of book reading in their everyday life.


Books are just like toys, a perfect medium for our little kids to peek through and see and understand their surroundings and everything happening around.

Books don’t have words but have places and wonderful imagination for our kids to visit, explore and learn from.


When we read to our kids and when they started reading by themselves, they learn to pronounce different words and develop a huge pool of vocabulary in their brain which will help them in doing their best in their academic and practical life and even if they read their books to their dolls or teddies they learn new words and vocabulary.


Reading books build confidence in our kids as they become better and better in knowledge and vocabulary, this will help them in developing a great speaking power in front of people and helps them going their best in academic and extracurricular activities.


Book reading helps our kids in development of better imagination power and creativity. Whenever they read a fiction, non-fiction, science or book of any type, they make a imaginative film with characters in their mind and then they enjoy reading their film and this will help them in developing a better creativity and thinking power, as they can get different ideas and thoughts about any specific character or scenario.

A reader live thousands of lives before he dies but a person who never read, live only one life.


To keep our body fit and healthy, we need regular exercise and activity. Well, books are the best work out for our brain and are “a must” for our brain’s growth and development.


We often notice that our kids don’t want to concentrate on one thing and they always want to do so many things at a time. Well, books reading is one of the best exercise to boost concentration ability on one specific task at a time when needed, as book reading disconnects our mind with the surrounding world for sometime.


Book reading provides a huge boost in knowledge for our kids, knowledge that they miss during their everyday life and school times. It teaches them about things in the surrounding world, about past and about future as well.

Your Wealth and Money can be stolen, but your knowledge is yours and no one can steal it. The more you share your knowledge, the more it grows.


When our kids read in the book about poors, needies, helping others in need and how the certain character character interacts and helps other, this will teach them the value of life, respect, empathy and manners also.


Reading books in a group or sharing books with friends and then discussing with one another about the lessons and ideas, helps our kids to learn about sharing, taking care of other’s property and how to respect and value the point of view of others even if it differs from you, this will not only teach our kids empathy but also teamwork.





  1. I love this post!! It really is so important, and you definitely inspired me to try and read with my kids more often than we do. We always do bedtime stories, but we could definitely squeeze in more time just during the day. Great information!

    • Hi Sarae, thank you so much for your appreciation. Reading books to our kids and encourage them to do so by themselves is very important for their learning and growth. i am glad that this post has inspired you.

  2. Love your post! I do my best to read to my girls everyday! It helps there imagination grow and helps improve many other qualities that you discussed above! My person favorite books for my Children are the Bear Books by Karma Wilson. Happy Reading

    • Hi Florinda, thank you for your comments on this post. Karma Wilson is my kid’s one of the favorite too. Book reading boost the imaginative and creative growth of a child to many many folds.

  3. My daughter is 14 months old and doesn’t go anywhere without her Lion King book. She doesn’t actually say any words, just mumbles when she reads, and I guess she is trying to copy the way I read the book to her. I never really thought about how beneficial reading is to their young minds. Thank you! I will be reading to her more often so she can turn those mumbles into words!

    • Hi Miranda, I am glad that you find this post beneficial and really appreciate your kind comments here. thank yous so much.

  4. Reading to our children is so important, the past couple of baby showers I have been to have requested you to bring a book to start the parents with a child library.

    • Hi Debbie, thank you for your comments here on this post and baby shower idea with a book to start reading is a great way to start out learning journey with out little baby. thanks for sharing this idea with us.

  5. Love it! As a first time pregnant women who is learning little things along the way this is super important to me! I really want to make sure I’m helping my child’s development in a positive way! Thank you! I will be reading to my baby for sure!

    • Hi Cassandra, I really appreciate your tie and comment on this post. I wish you all the best for a new life after having a baby. You will find this website very very useful as it is for pregnant mums, babies, toddlers and kids and every thing related to them and their health.

  6. My grandson just turned five last year. When he was two years old we were all impressed with his ability to not only talk, but to form complete sentences and use big words. To this day he uses words that I didn’t learn until I was around 10. I believe this is due to all of the book reading we did with him. Great post, thanks!

    • Hi Tammy, you are absolutely right, your grandson used words and sentences he learned while book reading. This is a really great practice to develop vocabulary at a very early age.

  7. Reading is very beneficial to both our children and anyone. The benefits you mentioned are very true. I love how reading helps improve your child’s vocabulary and their confidence. Books are still a great way to relieve stress and they still provide a great bonding tool between parent and child before bed and allow you to relax and doze off to sleep. Starting as soon as possible is important. Thanks so much for this wonderful list, this is a must share!

    • Hi Melissa, thank you so much for your comments.Book reading is great for gaining knowledge and developing good vocabulary. We all should encourage our little kids to do book reading.


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