Today, we are going to discuss about a very common problem among many people especially women during and after pregnancy and this problem is “Sciatic Nerve Pain” which is a pain in lower back which goes all the way down to the foot. If you are suffering from sciatic nerve pain and thinking about “how to relieve sciatic nerve pain?”, then you will find this article really helpful.


Sciatic nerve emerges from the lower part of spinal cord from both aides and runs all the way down to our thighs and from there all the way down to the foot. It supplies our lower limb and we feel sensations because of this nerve. This is the Largest nerve in our body.


Sciatic nerve pain can happen due Slipped disc, herniated disc, any problem with vertebral column like fracture or injury or even arthritis. Could also caused during fights if a person got punched in that are or by accident and injury. Most common cause of this pain is also pregnancy. Well all the reasons mentioned above causes pressure on the nerve, because of this pressure the nerve got compressed and inflamed, and that’s what causes the pain.


  1. Pain in buttock, hip, thigh and all the way down to the foot.
  2. Weakness in hip and lower limb.
  3. Tingling sensation.
  4. Numbness.
  5. Worst pain when sitting for a very long time or in such a position which puts pressure on Spine.

WHEN TO SEE A DOCTOR: If you think that you are having sciatic nerve pain which doesn’t get better at all then you must see a doctor so that he can prescribe you proper pain killer or steroids for relief and examine you for further actions like referring you to physiotherapy or suggesting some exercises.


Apart from doctor’s advises and treatments, it is also very crucial to follow the care regimen at home in order to ease the inflammation of sciatic nerve. There care regimen works like wonder in easing the pain. So, let’s have a look of care regimen for sciatic nerve pain.

  1. Massage: Relaxes the muscles and ease the pressure on the nerve, increases the blood flow on that area and heals the inflammation. You can Massage with any prescribed gel from your doctor, or any relaxing oil like olive oil. For best results do it after warming the oil a little bit.
  2. Warm Bath: Have a warm bath with relaxing essential oi of your choice also relaxes your muscles and body tensions.
  3. Hot or Cold Compresses: Cold compresses lowers the swelling around the inflamed area and numbs the pain while hot compress relaxes the tension and stiffness of the muscles around the nerve. You can use hot steamed towel on the pain area. Best advises it to consult a doctor before starting hot or cold compresses so that he can guide you about the best option for you.
  4. Regular walk and exercise 
  5. Proper and comfortable mattress: Use proper mattress for sleeping, it should be neither too soft nor too hard.
  6. Cushion Support: Put pillow or cushion between your legs if sleeping on your side, if your want to sleep on your back then raise you feet by putting pillow or cushion underneath along with a soft cushion under the leg and buttock. This way, pressure eon the nerve eases and hence reduces the pain.
  7. Physio therapy
  8. Drink Chamomile or Valerian Tea.
  9. Proper Lifting Techniques: Follow proper lifting techniques while lifting your baby or anything with back straight and work and do everything in the same manner with straight back.
  10. Avoid Making Sudden Movements: Avoid making movements all of a sudden, give your back a little time while sitting from lying position or whole standing from sitting position or do a slow move while changing any position.
  11. Yoga also helps a lot in healing pains but should be done under expert’s supervision.
  12. Acupuncture helps a lot as well but should be dome after consulting your health experts.

SO, mums and dads, these are some really helpful and simplest ways to ease sciatic nerve pain. I hope you all will find it helpful too. For knowing more about healing this problem, please watch the following video demonstration.



  1. Sciatic nerve pain is really painful. I see a pain specialist for that as well as other back pain. I have never tried a warm bath for the pain, I will have to try that. I don’t like taking meds at all, especially for pain, so the tips you provide are perfect. Thanks for the different useful tips.

    • Hi Melissa, thank you so much for your comments. Sciatic nerve pain is really painful and disturbing but proper care regimen can help us in easing this and that’s what I have mentioned in this article. I hope other readers will find it beneficial too….:)

  2. Hi Sarah, I know only too well how horrendous sciatic nerve pain can be as my sister often gets it down her legs, and she says it’s the most painful condition shed ever had (and she’s had lots of thing). I am going to forward her your list of helpful things as I know she will appreciate it. Keep up the good work. I love all your posts and have bookmarked loads of them for when I have kids 🙂

    • Hello Stefanie, thank you for sharing your views on this article. Sciatic pain is really very horrendous as I have suffered from it couple of years ago. I am glad that you find my articles helpful and I am sure your sister will find it helpful too.

  3. There are a number of good stretches and strengthening exercises that people can do to help heal sciatica, as well. “Nerve flossing” exercises, in particular, is one way to help relieve pressure on the nerve. This often can flare up during pregnancy due to increased pressure in and changing shape of the pelvis. Great article and illustrations!

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for your appreciation and comments, and yes, Sciatic nerve can get better by nerve flossing, this is also one of the great way to relieve it.

  4. It’s great to see so many suggestions for self help options for tackling sciatic nerve pain. Especially the holistic options like acupuncture and yoga. I’ll be sharing with those I know who suffer this pain. Thank you.

  5. Hi Sarah! I never got Sciatica during pregnancy but I got interested in this article because my husband occasionally has sciatic pains. I never knew that chamomile tea helps. I should get that for him. And the entire options for healing are not just for people with sciatic pain, but can be used by anyone needing back strengthening. Thanks for this posts

    • Hi Gigi, thank you so much for your comments. You are right, the tips mentioned in this article are also good for back straightening and back pain and not just for sciatica.

  6. These are great and natural options to treat sciatic nerve pain. When I had my baby I used to have pains in my lower back, they were so strong. Like you mentioned, walking and having a good posture when lifting the baby helped me and also resting. This article is a good reminder that we need to look after ourselves, when we have babies we dedicate so much and give everything for our babies but then we tend to forget about ourselves. It took me a while to take some time for me to have a nice and relaxing bath. But later I understood that if I’m not ok I can’t give the love my baby deserves. Thanks for these great tips 🙂

  7. I have dealt with Sciatic nerve pain off and of for years. It’s horrible and definitely affects every day life. I agree that it can be really bad during pregnancy and not another pain a pregnant mom wants to deal with on top of everything else. You have some great solutions listed here that do help, especially the massage. I also found that using exercise bands and stretching out the hip worked as well.

  8. I feel sciatic pain from time to time. Sometimes I go months without feeling pain. But sometimes it hurts all day until I perform a good stretching routine and it is gone. I do a mix of yoga and some other exercises when it comes. Like I have said, it is not chronic. I must have triggered it by a wrong move or something. Should I be alarmed by this? Ivan

  9. My mom is having this sciatic pain and i terribly sorry for her whenever she can’t get out of the bed or the chair because of this paralyzing pain. I will definitely share your care regimen to help alleviate her sciatica pain. Thank you!


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