mother tickling and laughs with her newborn baby

Having a baby in life is a great blessing for parents. Especially mummies feel really very happy to have their bundle of joy after spending very tough and painful pregnancy time.

Right after the moment baby comes into the world his learning process gets start as, parents remain very curious about baby’s activity, they try to play with him/her as much as they can but sometime they don’t get exactly what types of play babies normally like and can engage with.

Newly parents normally search out the term “how to play with a baby?” as they don’t have experience and don’t understand how to go with a newborn child care and how to keep them busy and happy with play.

Being a mother of two I can very relate to the mummies who really look around to find out fun learning activities for their newbie as, I did also find such activities which I could use to make my babies happy and active. Therefore, in today’s article I am sharing some of the simple yet very interesting and engaging activities for your lovely babies. I hope you would love playing with your babies and you both would have a great joyful time together. These activities will increase your bonding with your little one and will help in rising up him/her a happy and healthy child.

Tickling a Baby:

Newborn baby normally has his/her own routine and sleeps much as compare to the toddlers but righter after spending 2-3 weeks  he/she gets start noticing things around. It doesn’t mean he/she understands everything being happening in surroundings but he/she starts feeling mother love and actions.

Baby starts learning by actions and noise, in the beginning they get surprise by loud sound, laugh and noise but with time they start responding actions. When a mum tickles baby around tummy, neck and thighs and laugh with voice, baby after watching the action and gestures return the same action and smile too.

Gradually as much as you tickle your baby he/she quickly and happily respond your actions. You can spend a long joyful time with your little one. Tickling a baby is not just an action of making him/her laugh, it helps in developing sense of autonomy and make your baby a happy or healthy child.

Peekaboo (Giggle Your Little One):

Peekaboo is another activity that you can enjoy with your little one because until he/she starts properly sitting and grabbing things you can’t involve him/her in any other activity. Babies love responding peekaboo actions, I used to play with my daughter when she was a month old she always had enjoyed this play. Actually, babies enjoy such things which suddenly popped up and then disappear and they love this repetition again and again. If you play peekaboo with your little one with the help of a little blanket or cloth or just by hiding your face with your hands and then suddenly remove the blanket or hands to show your face to the little one you will see that how much happy they get and do laugh. This activity helps them in improving their cognitive skills as they do more emphasize on finding the things coming out of the hands, increase interaction with parents and enhance hand-eye coordination as baby sometimes try to remove the hand by himself to find out the face behind the hands.

young father sitting on the sofa while playing peekaboo with his baby boy

Rattles Amuse Babies:

It sounds noisy but you know what this activity really amuse your little one, after a month baby’s start moving their hands and because they respond to voices and noises, rattling attracts their attention and they try to grab the toy. Rattling toys keep babies busy in playing for long hours either by themselves or if you are making sound of it. They enjoy listening rattle’s sounds, as soon as they enjoy the sounds they put all their energy and force to hold the toy by reaching their hands towards the toy which helps in increasing their fine motor skills and because they put more attention towards the sounds for responding where it is coming from so, it helps in boosting their cognitive skills as well. When babies get successful in holding the rattle and makes sound of it, they start noticing the things have in hand, they watch it, they explore it as they are trying to understand what it is in my hand. This action actually increases their eye-hand coordination because this is the time when baby starts developing this skill and continue to develop throughout their life.

Beautiful ParentsI hope you would like these simple fun learning activities that you can enjoy with your little ones. I had very great time with my both kids and captured a lot of moments when I engaged them in these activities as their expression, their smiles, their laugh were so mesmerizing. When you will engage them in these activities you will also get a chance to captured a lot of beautiful moments of your little ones and I am sure about it. Now its a time to go and play along with your little one and have a great time together :).


  1. Hello Sarah,
    As a father of a seven months old child, I agree with you. He likes it when I make silly sounds and faces at him. Those moments are truly precious.

    • Hi Peter, Playing with baby is so beautiful and good for their learning as well and you are right, those moments are very precious.

  2. These are great tips, I remember I read something similar in a book when my son was a few months old, but it’s a great reminder for me as I sometimes help a few friends care for their babies and some are first time mom’s and have asked me how can one entertain a little one.
    I get my silly side out for babies as I know they love that weird side we would normally wouldn’t show.
    So thank you for the info!

  3. I think it’s so important to work with what babies that young CAN do, which is look, listen, and react. Bringing laughter into their lives early which should help them grow up with plenty of humor and good spirits!

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for your comments. Playing with babies is so so important to keep them entertained and happy and for mum herself to enjoy the beautiful life with little baby’s smiles and giggles.

  4. Thank you for the great tips, Sarah. I always enjoy playing Peekaboo with the babies. They seem to really get a kick out of it. Funny sounds and faces get them to giggle as well. 🙂

    • i Tammy, thanks a lot for your comments and appreciation. Peek a boo is one of the most favorite game for all mums and babies, same is the case with my daughter and me, we love playing peek a boo.

  5. I miss when my children were babies. They loved when my husband and I played with them all of these ways. Especially when you make funny faces with them. I love when they got older and they started to mimic your faces. Peek a boo is always babies favorite. Thanks for another great post, you have such wonderful tips and ideas!

    • Hi Melissa, my youngest is nearly 2 now and I miss their baby time as well, the way they laugh, giggle and play. I am glad that you like these ideas as well like other mums do.

  6. Aww what a wonderful way to connect with your new baby. It is so important to bond with them at this very early stage and you have given some great ways in which to achieve this on the baby’s own level. These ways to pay with a baby are the best to be found considering a very young baby cannot move around too much. I love the peekaboo game, I often see parents doing this with their kids and now I understand the relevance.
    Great post yet again!

    • Hi Stefanie, thank you for sharing your comments on this article. Actually we underestimate the learning skills of newborn babies and do play with older kids and toddlers the most, but actually soon after making arrival into this world, learning process of our babies starts right away and it is very important to play with our babies accordingly.

  7. Hello ,
    To be honest I don’t have a child yet , I am 26 years old 😀 But I saw that a child needs a lot of attention and care in order to be healthy/happy.
    I didn’t know about all these tips to have your child attention . I wil share your website to my sister who have a 2 years old boy .

  8. My baby just turned 5 months and loves to be tickled! I still get some strange looks when I play peekaboo with her but just yesterday she cracked a smile so maybe she is starting to get it!


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