Coloring page with duck bird. Color by numbers educational children game, drawing kids activity, printable sheet. Animals theme

Homeschool worksheets are one of the best tool to provide preschoolers, toddlers, and kids the basic education at home. These worksheets can help children to increase their knowledge which later help them in their academic education. If this tool is being used properly at home with the assistance of parents, then the child can show his/her best progress in a joyful manner.

You can get the wide range of printable sheets while sitting at home even and will save your time and money.

The benefit of getting involves your child in worksheets is that, they cover almost every course you wish to introduce and teach your child like counting, phonics sound, spelling, animals name, colors name etc. All are full of funny pictures and formation which fascinate kids and they love learning them.

Some of the basic counting printable homeschool worksheets are also available here for your ease, I hope your kid will enjoy coloring with fun and joy.

Math Homeschool Worksheets:

Coloring page with strawberry. Color by numbers educational children game, drawing kids activity, printable sheet. For pre school age
Counting Game for Preschool Children. Educational a mathematical game. Count the stones on the crown and choose the right answer.
Counting Game for Preschool Children. Educational a mathematical game. Count the candles and choose the right answer.
Connect the dots children educational drawing game. Dot to dot by numbers game for kids. Animals theme. Printable worksheet activity with baby bath duck toy

Handwriting Practice Sheets:

Handwriting practice sheets help to strong the grip of finger for holding pencils. Usually when toddlers hold color, pencils or crayons they are unable to write anything, they just draw lines, therefore, there are certain specific criteria to guide them towards having control over writing. These sheets mentioned below will help them in improving their writing skills with your continuous guidance. Keep guiding them while tracing the dots even you can grab their hands and trace the dots with excitement, just by practicing twice or thrice your kid will understand how to do, next time just let him/her do in their own way and you just watch them and appreciate them on every action.

Activity page for children. Handwriting practice and mathematics. Educational game, printable worksheet for kids. Learning writing and counting skills
Handwriting practice sheet. Educational children game, restore the dashed line. Writing training printable worksheet
Handwriting practice sheet. Educational children game. Writing training. Connect the dots, restore the dashed line, kids activity. Learning geometry shapes

I hope you like this post and the homeschool worksheets presented here for your lovely toddlers and older kids. All are very interesting, funny and would help your kids learning at home in a joyful manner at no cost, because all sheets are free and printable 🙂 If you want to ask anything related, comment me your question. I would love to answer your questions. Thanks for reading my post. Have a great time!



  1. These are some great activities! Color by number was one of the first ways I learned to love math. I think using coloring to teach math is a great way to make it exciting and all these activities help children learn the basics of school from proper penmanship to shapes and colors. This brings back so many memories.

  2. How does the first activity work sheet within the handwriting section work exactly? I don’t understand how the numbers come into play? Am I just supposed to connect the dashes and ignore the numbers?

    Perhaps I’m being a bit dim ,apologies in advance

    • Hi Vivek, there are numbers given an each mark in the strawberry and in the side of the activity sheet you can see colors given in front on each number i.e., 1,2 and 3. all we have to do is do color in the numbered marks of strawberry accordingly. Please dont apologize, it is my job to guide all parents and and make their work convenient and easier and that’s what is all about:)

  3. These are all GREAT math worksheets to print out. I home schooled my youngest for 13 years because he was a competitive gymnast and practiced 7 hours a day. I know that I did not use a lot of these, but I think back and wonder why I didn’t. I have found with homeschooling, particularly math, that they need that extra practice because the lessons never really provided enough. Great information!

    • Thanks for your comment dear, Indeed you would have given the best education to your son at home. With time to time learning ways are being modified. The purpose to share this information is to help those parents who keeps looking for the best and easiest ways to teach their growing kids at home.


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