school lunch boxes for kids with food in the form of funny faces

Packing up a healthy school lunchbox daily is a big challenge for every mum. Therefore, I am writing this post of healthy school lunch ideas for kids to fascinate them and attract them towards healthy eating. Normally, during lunch time school kids get busy in playing, running and chatting which make them ignoring their lunch food. If the lunchbox would be filling with simple yet yummiest and attractive items then kids will tend to enjoy the lunch more.

Being a mother of school going kid I can also relate to the mums who daily face this challenge and expect the accomplishment in return with empty lunchboxes. However to get a success you need plan what healthy and tasty food you can add in lunchboxes. For your ease I am sharing some of the quickest and simple ideas which could help you to pack your kid’s healthy school lunch box.

Foods That Meet The Requirement Of Balanced Diet:

When we talk about balanced diet it means all the necessary foods required to provide energy to the kids to remain healthy and active.

A healthy lunchbox should be consist on the following items:

  • Like bread, rice, potatoes or macaronis/pasta
  • Include the protein foods as well like meat ( roasted chicken with ham and cheese), fish, boiled or fried eggs or beans.
  • Vegetables or salad use it with cheese, ham, sausages.
  • Fresh seasonal fruits.
  • Yummy sandwiches

How To Pack The Lunchbox?

As we parents remain curious about healthy eating habits and focus on providing healthy foods, so here are the some ideas for your child’s school lunch box that he/she can easily eat.

Brown bread with a smiley face cheese slice, small portion of fruits including strawberries and berries. You can add the fruit of your kids choice.

Cat and mouse funny lunch box for kids including bread slice with cheese, boiled egg and biscuits all decorated with raw vegetables.

Lunch boxes for children in the form of monsters for Halloween, The Toning. selective focus:

Kids get bored by looking at the same item daily, but if you present this old item with new look then they won’t resist their selves to eat it 🙂

So, these were the simple yet very interesting school lunchbox ideas for your little ones. I am sure you would love packing your kid’s lunchbox with these creative ideas and your kids would love eating them in school. If you want to know about anything or want me to write about any specific topic do write in below comment box the name I will try my best to give you the right, accurate and healthy amount of content to read. Don’t forget to leave your feedback for my encouragement 🙂



  1. Once again you provide some great meal tips for our children. Can you imagine the envy of the other children as our child opens their lunch box, hehe? This would surely cause some lunch trading for sure. Thanks for the great tips and ideas.

  2. How creative of you! Very inspiring ideas here. You’re so right that if it’s the same thing every day kids do get bored.I find the effort of doing lunches every day is so draining, and usually resort to the same thing each day. This is inspiring me to get my creative on and be more inventive with my lunches. I love your choices. My kids tend to have different tastes, so it gets tricky trying to accommodate each one, but I am used to their differences. These ideas can be incorporated into our daily routine. Thanks for the great post.

    • Hi Kat, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. It is indeed a best practice to give our kids healthy food in school lunch with a change of taste, that’s why I shared these ideas with all of you:)

  3. Beautiful and tasty looking lunchboxes Sarah, you really must be a fantastic mum! It’s obvious you know exactly how to get into the mind of kids to understand exactly what they want. And I love the fact that all your ideas are healthy as it’s so important for children to get good healthy nutrition at school when they need it for learning and brain power. Your lunchboxes look very well balanced without too much sugar and no junk foods and I hope many mothers take the advice on your very informative website.

    • Hi Stefanie, thank you so much for your comments.Nutritional meal at lunchtime in school is also very important because kids are most active at school and nee a lot of energy and healthy nutrients.

  4. Hey Sarah, I wish you were packing my lunch boxes, your creations displayed in these images look super yummy, any child will wade through these without a hitch. Love your boiled egg mouse display along with ideas for artistically creating Halloween’s monster munchies, they look fab & very tempting meantime super-healthy.
    You are right, kids soon get bored and will start leaving sandwiches that contain the same fillings day-in day-out. Captivating their attention through a balanced diet such as your yummy examples are the way to go – thanks for your inspiration,

    • Hi Simon, thank you so very much for your comments and all appreciation. Practicing some creative ideas in food making is one of the favorite activity for most of the parents. It also encourages our kids to eat healthy food.

  5. Hi, Sarah,

    I am stunned! These ideas are fabulous 🙂 I have three small kids and no doubt I will grab their interest, instead of preparing the ordinary pack! You know – it is harder to convince kids eating healthy food than junk. This food design will definitely help me be more persuasive.

    Thank you so much for your creativity!

    And by the way, I will use your ideas at home, as well! I struggle catching their attention, and I am impatient to see the result!

    Which idea is your favorite one?

    Thank you

    • Hi Valeria, thank you for liking my post. I am so glad that you like my ideas, my favorite is cat and mouse lunch.

  6. Kids can prove to be quite fussy what you put in their lunch box so making it look good and appetising is a skill. You are obviously quite experienced at this looking at your pictures and checking the menu. That may be coming from a mothers ‘outlook but can the fathers have the same intuition.

    • Hi Andrew, thank you for liking my post and for sharing your views. It is very important now a days to make food appealing and appetizing for our kids because mostly all kids love eating junk. So, making healthy food attractive and appealing is very important.

  7. I love your creative eating ideas for children. Good nutrition starts when kids are young as a foundation for life. Getting them to eat fruits and veggies early on establishes good healthy habits. My daughter is now 26 and as a result of good early nutrition has not fallen into the fast food and soda trap that so many of her friends rely on. Thanks again for your great suggestions!

    • Hi Stacey, thank you so much for sharing your views on this post. It is very important for us to give healthy school lunch to our kids in an appealing way, so that, they can have best nutrition in their most active time of the day.

  8. I love your pack lunch ideas they are just so cute. My daughters are nearly adults but they still loved the ideas you have come up with and when something looks fun the child isn’t thinking about what they don’t like so its a win win. I remember doing something similar to this for our daughters birthday party that fell around Halloween the kids just loved it. Keep up the good work what a fantastic site you have.

  9. Hi Sarah,

    I just love your ideas! My child, as many others is very squeamish when it’s about food. I’ve tried to ‘beautify’ the food on the plate, giving different shapes and using baking forms. Some were accepted, some not.
    I will try your suggestions.
    Thanks for a great article!

    • Hi Dany, thank you so much for your appreciation. Please do try my ideas and share your pictures and reviews of your kids about these ideas. I really appreciate your time and comments. Thanks once again.

  10. Thanks you so much for these great lunch ideas, they look amazing. I will definitely use these ideas for my little ones.

    • Hi Nalin, thank you for your comments. Please do try these lunch ideas which I am sure your son will love 🙂

  11. The lunch ideas are very good! My son is also a bit fussy about his food . I will try to use these ideas as well . I hope he doesn’t say to me that I don’t want to spoil the cat’s face 🙂


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