As our little babies grow older and reach their weaning age and then toddlerhood, we always wanted to introduce best and healthiest food to them, so that, they can have a healthy start in life. We as mums, always surf for healthy recipes for toddlers and babies, so that, we can cook and feed our little bundle of joy the healthiest foods with our love.

Today, I am going to share rice and lentile medley recipe to feed our little babies and toddlers. This recipe is extremely easy and simple to cook. So, let’s start our recipe…


Mixed lentils of your choice 1 cup (soaked for atleast 1 hr)

Rice 2 cups

Onion 1 little piece

Water 3-4 cups

Black pepper 1/2 pinch (optional)

Oil 1 tbsp

Method: Pour oil in a pan and fry onions. When onions become light golden then add lentils and rice and black pepper. Store and mix it well and then pour water and then cover the pan and let it cook on slow flame. When all the water dries off and rice and lentile becomes v softened, then this rice and lentile medley is ready. It is so so simple, easy yet very healthy.

FOR BABIES OF 7-8 MONTHS OR OLDER: Add 1 cup more water, so that when all the lentils and rice become soft, there is some water left to give it a liquidy consistency. If you find it bit thicker for your baby add more water and then blend into a puree like paste and feed your little one.


Vitamin B Complex: Vitamin B complex which plays very important role in strengthening the body tissues and for mental and physical development and growth,good source of high energy, useful protein in rice, easy to digest, rejuvenates the body when mixed with milk and is a cure for diarrhea and dysentery.

Good Source Of Energy: Rice has a lot more calories than many other baby cereals. After eating rice, our little baby feels energetic and active for longer time.

Proteins: Rice is a very good source of Protein as well which plays an important role in strengthening, developments and growth of muscles and other body tissues.

Easy to Digest: Rice is very energetic and healthy food and at the same time very easy to digest. Apart from being easy to digest, rice can be given in various ways like rice pudding, along with milk and yogurt and other food.


Rich In Fiber: Lentils are very rich in fiber and very easy to digest and light on baby’s tummy. As lentils are rich in fiber, it prevents baby from having constipation.

Rich In Iron: Lentils are rich in iron and gives our baby and toddler a lot of energy and about half a cup of lentils contain 3.4 mg of iron in it. These are very good source of energy as well as great for keeping blood cells healthy.

Immune System: Lentils contain Zinc which helps our little ones in developing good immunity against diseases and infections.

I hope you like this recipe. I will share lentils along with vegetables in my forthcoming articles as well. Our little one can have lentils and rice along with anything. Please let me know if you want rice and lentile recipes along with other ingredients like fish, chicken, meat or vegetables. It will be lovely to share recipes as per you choices.



    • Hello Fai, you are absolutely right, adults can also have this rice and lentile medley as it is really wholesome and nutritious. Thank you for commenting here 🙂

  1. Your rice and lentil recipe sounds very nutritious and full of healthy vitamins & proteins meanwhile due to mixing into a rice pudding type of consistency it will be easily digestible even though it’s rich in fibre owing to the lentils. Lentils and rice provide such a good base for baby meals, as you say chicken, fish and veg can be added to differ the taste but still provide the nutrition. Thanks, I’ll keep calling back in for more recipe ideas,

    • Hi Simon, thank you so much for sharing your reviews on this recipe. This recipe is really light and easy to digest and that is why it is best food for babies, smooth and nutritious:)

  2. Wow I never thought to make a rice recipe for my children when they were 7 months old. This is great! I sure wish your site was around many years ago, you provide such great info to parents!

    • HI Melissa, thank you so much for your views on this recipe, rice and lentile can be given as weaning food keeping in mind the correct consistency. This recipe is really wholesome and easy to digest, even elders can have it.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Great post! This recipe sounds delicious for adults too! really healthy ingredients and I’m sure a toddler would really get some great nutrition through this meal.

    Lentils are a much under rated food source and it’s great to see our younger folk can benefit from them too.

    Really enjoying your website,

    Cheers, Kev

    • Hi Kev, thank you so much for your appreciation, this recipe is really healthy for our growing babies and really easy to digest as well.

  4. I was looking for healthy recipes for children when I came across this post which caught my eye. I have never tried my 3-year-old with lentils and I would be worried that he wouldn’t like them. Would this recipe work without them or is there anything else you would suggest using instead? Thanks for your advice

    • Hi Matthew, lentils are really nutritious and wholesome food especially when cooked with rice but your can follow same recipe by using meat, vegetable or anything you like along with rice as well.


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