If you are pregnant and thinking about what to eat in order to stay healthy and fit, then this article is just for you. In today’s article about healthy pregnancy, keeping in mind this worry of all the mums who are pregnant or breast feeding their babies, I am going to share the health benefits of Beans. Beans are large seeds of several genera of the flowering plant family Fabaceae. They are a type of legume. They are native to Central and South America, and have been grown there for thousands of years and now a days widely available and consumed throughout the world. They are known to be the powerhouse of Fiber and also the least expensive source of Protein. Super food Beans are available in dried and tinned both forms and most commonly consumed beans are:
1) Black beans
2) Black eyed peas
3) Cannellini beans
4) Chick peas
5) Kidney beans
6) Lima beans
7) Pinto beans
Beans are high in protein, complex carbohydrates, folate, fiber, and iron, that’s why experts recommend you should consume up to at least a cup of the legumes several times a week. The balance of complex carbohydrates and protein along with fiber in beans slowly and steadily fills your stomach and causes a slower rise in blood sugar. So, beans are a wonderful option to have with meals not only for diabetic patients but also for healthy individuals who want to maintain or loose their weight. Beans contain soluble fiber, saponins and phytosterols which plays a key role in controlling blood cholesterol levels hence, keeping your cardiovascular system healthy. Beans are a very good source of protein as well and contain both soluble and insoluble fiber and help running your digestive system working smoothly by slowing down digestion, which gives you the feeling of being full and helps prevent constipation also.
Studies have shown that beans contain phytochemicals which are very beneficial for heart’s health and also contain some cancer fighting plant chemicals which are associated with reduced risk of cancer.
HOW MUCH BEANS WE SHOULD CONSUME: 3-4 servings per week and 1 serving is roughly equals to ½ cup of cooked beans.
There are several ways to have beans in our daily diet with a delicious and different taste every time, e.g.,
1) Beans soup or you can also add meat or other vegetables and spices to add taste.
2) Beans can be cooked as a curry to eat with rice or a curry having both beans and meat.
3) Salads along with other veggies and fruits and tummy sauces.
4) Dips like Hummus
5) Roasted chickpeas
6) Beans along with vegetables and/or meat with pasta or lasagna
7) Baked beans in yummy tomato sauce
After a quick glance on beans, we came to know that these are extremely nutritious food to have in numerous different ways and regularly in appropriate portions as required. Apart from all health benefits these are very inexpensive as well, so, what else should be the best option to have in our daily diet. So mums, lets include beans in our diet plans, as these are the super foods for everyone especially if pregnancy and health are concerned…:)


  1. Hi Sarah, what a great article! Beans and pulses really are super food and a power house of nutrients. I love the fact that they contain both protein and carbohydrates meaning if need be you can consume them alone and still feel satisfied.
    Every week I make a massive pot of bean chilli which lasts me days and I can eat it with anything, such as rice, jacket potatoes or with nachos. My favorite ingredient to put in a chilli is some dark chocolate as it makes it taste really rich and you also get lots of nutrients from the cacao.
    I thought you might be interested to know that most of the pictures on this post aren’t showing up and instead you just have lots of big white gaps.

    • Thank you Stefanie for your comments. Beans are one of the healthiest option to eat and you are right, we can consume beans with anything like rice, jacket potatoe, as salad and many other countless food items. We should all include beans in our regular diet plan.

  2. What an interesting article. I never realized the benefits from beans before. When I was younger we were just taught that they are part of proteins.

    • Thank you Eden for your views on Beans. Beans are achty a “must have” food item for everyone because of their great nutritional values. There are countless ways to include beans in our food like we can have beans sald, we can also have beans with rice, wraps or with jacket potatoe and countless other ways…😊

  3. Generally, beans contains certain nutrients needed by everyone aside from a pregnant woman, though can be specially needed by pregnant mothers particularly at early pregnancy. It’s great when added to rice or any other meal making it a balanced diet. Balanced diet will give all the nutrients needed in the right Proportion.

    • Thank you Israel for your comments. Beans are super food and we all shook include these in our diet regimen I order to stay healthy and fit. Beans are easier to consume because of a vast variety of ways to have them in our diet. This super food is not only for pregnant woman but every one should have beans in their everyday food regardless of age and gender.

    • Thank you Fiona for your comments. Beans are really nutritious and yummy to eat and that’s why these pictures are also looking appetizing:)

  4. A common italian pasta dish is pasta fazoole, or white beans in pasta. It’s really delicious. There are so many ways to eat beans without having it be chilli or, as we in the US usually encounter them, in Mexican food. thanks for letting us know about their health benefits during pregnancy!

    • Thank you Penelope for your comments and appreciation. You are right, there are so many ways to eat beans, with or without chillies, dry or with gravy or as a part of salad or wrap and at the same time beans are super healthy too with a lot of nutritional goodness…

  5. Beans really are great because they provide many benefits to your health and give you a nice amount of protein. The fact that they are inexpensive is a great reason to get them in your diet. You provide great ways to get them in your diet. I love chili and it is one of my favorite ways to eat beans. I haven’t tried hummus but I certainly will. Great info!

    • Hi Melissa, thank you very much for sharing your views on this article. Beans are one of the best and nutritious food and best thing is that these are inexpensive and can be consumed and countless ways according to our own taste and choice.

    • Thank you Jasmine for your comments. Beans are no doubt, very nutritious and healthy option to have. We all should include these in our regular diet regimen.


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