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    • Thank you so much Mishael for sharing your opinion! Indeed children need to have a good mental health to live up their happy and healthy life that is filled with positive experiences and also the willingness to do best for themselves and the people around them.

  1. Absolutely! It’s surprising how many families put mental health second best or don’t pay enough attention to it. Sometimes the simplest and most straightforward things are the greatest reminders!

    • Thank you Andrea for your views. I agree with you 100% that families do put mental health second and physical health as first priority but actually we should keep both side by side, because person with bad mental health cannot lead a healthy and happy life, isn’t it…

    • Thank you Vince for your views on this Poll. You are absolutely right and I agree with you 100% that good mental health leads to good physical health, not only in growing kids but also for every individual of any age.


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