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Hello Mummies, Today I came up with an interesting post I hope you would like it, being a mother of school going kid I can relate to many mums out there who are really worried for their picky eaters. I know how difficult is to wake-up child, get him/her dress-up and offer breakfast. My daughter is very fussy and she normally doesn’t like to eat breakfast and all you wonderful mummies know how much healthy breakfast meals are necessary for kids especially eggs in breakfast meal, as it is a best source of high protein, it enhances immune system, improves eyesight, highly rich in iron and has good quantity of cholesterol.

One day I did a different thing and fried an egg in a flower shape and served my daughter with toast and sausages, i placed butter on bread and make smiley face with ketchup. When she saw that egg, she passed me a big smile and ate that fried egg with joy. I really felt glad and got an idea to share those fried egg decorative ideas with you which I later made for her. All these shapes are very simple yet don’t require much time to prepare it. You can also use your own creativity by using olives, sausages, cucumber, carrot, cheese, broccoli etc use all those things which your kid like the most including his/her favorite cutleries. So, beautiful mummies, enjoy these yummy fried eggs, all are quick, healthy, and easy for morning rush hour.

Flower Fried Egg With Bread & Sausages:


Happy Face Frying Eggs With Bread:

Simple Fried Eggs:


Flower Egg With Slice of Cheese And Sausages:


Scrambled Eggs Funny Bunny For Kids Breakfast:


Funny Pirate Fried Egg:


I hope you would like this post as all these shapes are very funny, and looks very attractive. Like me i know all you mummies right after leaving bed get into rush towards morning chores which include making breakfast, preparing lunch box, waking up child, getting him/ her dressing up for school , all these tasks take a lot of time. Therefor, mummies i shared some of these creative ideas for your little ones so that they could eat their healthy breakfast meal and stay healthy and happy.

I would highly appreciate if those mummies who have already used this technique to appeal kids towards breakfast share their ideas and experiences in below comments box. I will be glad to read their experiences and would love to use to apply their ideas.


  1. Oh wow, even more fun faces in food! Love the breakfast eggs as eyes ideas, and using a mold to shape the eggs. THat’s definitely gonna entice some picky eaters to go for the most important meal of the day, for sure.

    • Thank you Penelope for your comments. Breakfast eggs are really famous among parents and kids, to make these creative eggs we only need molds and that’s it. That’s why mums can make these breakfast eggs to feed their kids. These creative ideas play an important role in encouraging little kids to eat healthy food rather than junk…

    • Thank you so much Sativa for your comments. These egg are really so so yummy and amazing and of course adults can have them too. Sometimes I also want to have some breakfast like this for myself:)

    • Hi Helga, I am so glad that you like these funny ideas and want to try. Please give us your feedback about what your family say about these easiest yet creative oatmeal breakfast ideas. I am sure everyone will love eating these oatmeals, you can also involves your kids to decorate their oats in whatever way they want…:)

    • Thank you Sylvia for your comments. I am glad that you like breakfast eggs, these are so so simple and not at all time consuming. My aim is to provide ease to busy mums and I always share recipes, creative ideas and activities that busy mums can do with their kids.


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