Baby’s senses develop very quickly as they grow, which makes them able to enjoy the fun learning activities.Initial two years of baby’s life is a stage of sensory and motor development.In fact they start learning about their environment and family. Their intellectual and cognitive skills are also developing with time. While involving babies in different activities, their safety is most important. Activities should be safe and captivating and it is proved that rattles and other sound making and lightening toys are quite helpful to keep baby happy. This article will cover fun things to do at home and learning activities for 0 to 6 months babies which will give you a joy and chance to spend wonderful time with your little one.

The level of curiosity in babies increase day by day, toddlers and crawlers always explore around home and manipulate everything comes in their way.

However infants need some help from mum, dad and siblings to incorporate with sensory and motor stimulation and experience the movements. Since, infants cannot do more than using colorful eye catching harmless rattles and sound making toys, which can attract their attention. But again there are some sensory activities which are also to help them develop their mental, physical, social and intellectual skills even much better.

Though it is difficult to find out the exact age of being engage with infant in learning activities but I would suggest you to start in early ages when your infant is 0-6 months. For this I would suggest few interesting activities that your infant will enjoy.

Kicking/moving balloons: The most interesting activity that infant loves is kicking balloon, take a balloon with vibrant color fill an air and tie up with an infant’s leg or hand. As much as he will move leg or arm, balloon will move along. This simple activity can entertain your infant for long and he will not get bored, even you can continue your work around. This activity helps your infant in following ways:

  • To make leg and arm muscles strong.
  • Even Belly muscles also get strong.
  • Improve looking at a point and enforce neck to push up.
  • Encourage sensory development and promote learning skills.
  • Create sense of feel and touch.
  • Stimulates the ability to look  at a moving object as they see the moving balloon.

Flown bubbles: Sometimes it becomes harder for parents to understand and decide the intellectual activity that could attract infant’s attention and keeps him busy and happy. Though being a parent we always try to introduce activities that could help them to make their five senses strong. Here I am mentioning a very interesting activity that can surely bring joy, excitement, and physical development in infants.

My 4 years old daughter kija used to play and enjoy this activity with Abraham when he was 3 months old. She was eagerly waiting for him to grow-up so she could play with him, but for that time she found this activity very useful to engage him. At first when kija blow bubbles around Abraham, he got astonished and was looking all around, first bubbles flown in the room, coming down then they burst and vanished, she was keep floating again and again and he was moving his hand with lot of excitement as he was trying to catch them, all these moments were mesmerizing. They both were having fun with this sensory activity. If this is your first baby, then you can blow bubbles for your little one to enjoy, as i did with Kija.

Peek a Boo: Though your baby is learning from all activities you do with them and  from their environment but when your baby get 4-5 month older, he/she  started to enjoying thing which suddenly popped up and then disappear and they love this repetition again and again. If you play peek a boo with your little one with the help of a little blanket or cloth or just by hiding your face with your hands and then suddenly remove the blanket or hands to show your face to the little one.

You will be astonished to see, how much they enjoy this peek a boo game and soon they will start hiding their face with their little hands as they grow. This activity teaches your little one the permanence of an object as they don’t know that objects do exist even if they are out of their sight and things can appear and then disappear and then again reappear. This will help them to deal with Separation Anxiety, as from this activity they learn that if something they see is disappeared will come back later on..

These cheap and simple activities can help you to engage your little ones for so long, so you could take sometimes for yourself and could finish your other household tasks. These activities doesn’t need any expensive toys, these are simple and full of fun and makes your child happy and giggly…:).









  1. I miss my babies! Maybe grand-babies are not too far away – my oldest is almost 30 and the youngest is 16 – I am definitely done with babies until those grand-babes start to come! Very cute pictures and great ideas for new moms. Thanks for the smiles.

    • Hi Heather, you are most welcome. I am really happy to know that you enjoy my post and best wishes from kiddieversity for your life as grand mum ahead which as you have mentioned in not that far.

  2. Thank you for this interesting post! Bubbles are definitely the winner among my kids, not just with the baby, but also the toddler and even the older ones as well! If my bones weren’t so tired, I don’t even mind joining them chasing after and popping bubbles!

    • Hi Joo, thank you so much for your kind reviews on this post. Bubbles are my children’s favorite too and they always love playing in bubbles all the time and that is why I have a big bubble machine too which they love.

  3. You have some great ideas here for babies in the first 6 months. There is so much development taking place at that age and they just want to touch everything. I remember how much fun it was to play peek a book with my kids when they were young. They are teenagers now and I still mess around and do peek a boo. Of course, now they think I am crazy! Bubble, balloons, so much good stuff. Thanks for sharing, this brought back some nice memories. My niece is due any day now, so I will be sure to forward this on.

    • Hi Steve, thank you so much for all your appreciation. Development and learning starts as our baby arrives in this world and playing with them helps them in their learning process and babies do enjoy a lot while playing with parents.

    • Hi travel and treatz, thank you so much for your comments. Yes, bubbles are definitely a fun activity for every age group, even I love playing with my kids when our bubble machine is on.

  4. Kicking and moving balloons. Heck I do that now, and I’m not a kid. I freaking love it. I can see how this would benefit children greatly. Its kinda like a stimulant in a way to help them focus. Really enjoyed the read.

    • HI AJ, thank you so much for your comment. It is very important to play and do fun things with our newborn babies too and this is the age when babies began to observe and learn about everything happening around them.


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