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Fun activities are the best source of enjoyment for the kids. These activities not only make them glad but also helps in boosting a child’s fitness, his/her physical well-being, and improves social, interpersonal and behavioral skills, and if these activities contain educational components, then it becomes the important source of learning which help them increasing their cognitive and intellectual skills. Kids with growing age become curious and adventurous; they show more interest in interactive activities than conventional teachings, because conventional teaching at times becomes boring especially for grown-up kids. I have been already described number of fun learning activities for toddlers and preschoolers in my previous articles. Therefore, in today’s article I am going to share an interactive fun activity to do with kids which I am sure will be quite encouraging, interesting and informative for your kids.

Little Astronaut – To Explore Galaxies:

During the winter my attention was attracted to the changes in the stars and planets in the sky (Paul Nurse)

Similarly, our children remain very curious and attracted towards changes in stars, universe, solar system and its revolving mysteries. Especially, when they see the character of astronaut and the whole scenario of solar system and stars in cartoons and movies, they get more attracted and interested in becoming an astronaut. If you ask any child what he/she wants to be, probably majority would answer to be an “astronaut”. Even you ask the same question to teenager or adults the answer of going into space would be top of their priority. And to satisfy the curiosity of their learning and exploring about space travel, know about planets, stars, moon, and solar system, organize this simple activity at home with recycled material.

A young boy is in a cardboard space rocket ship pretending to be an astronaut and looking at stars with astronomy icons around him.

What You Need…

Cardboard is an amazing recycling material to turn into your real object. Take two medium size boxes and a large rectangular box, tape, and scissor and off course your little one energetic partner. Give the shape of your own choice to your craft and get ready.

  • To prepare this craft take rectangular shape box because it is easy to stand it vertically and cut the circular shape hole from top.
  • To create top pyramid shape, cut cardboard into triangular shape and joined them with tape to reinforce the pyramid shape.
  • To make its wings, cut the other board in triangle shape and also make a vertical cut with the help of sharp cutter to attach it side by side.
  • To make it more bright and colorful give your kids freedom to be more creative and let them make it more bright and shine with aluminum foil paper and glitter card sheets.
  • Give them markers, colors, paints to decorate their craft in their own way and draw buttons, control panel, screen of their own choice.
  • You can also prepare props like stars, planets, sun, moon and enjoy the whole activity with your kids.

Take another small box to prepare the helmet. Keep its one side open and cut other side in square shape. Trim the strip from box and stick them inside the box to give it a helmet look.

Once the craft and helmet are ready set the music of star wars and let your kido to move his craft into the next galaxy. Even your whole family can be a part of this activity.

child is dressed in an astronaut costume

This simple interactive activity is perfect for winter days and you along with your kids can share a lot of fun together without being bored. Your kids not only love your presence in the activity but also learn more about planets, stars and solar system. They get learn their names, their purpose which you can explain them during pretend play. The best you can do is to create an atmosphere of universe in a room and play the background music of explosion and craft sound. I am sure this would be the best activity you can enjoy with your kids.

child in an astronaut costume with toy rocket playing and dreaming of becoming a spacemen. happy kid plays in tent. funny lovely girl having fun in children room.

So, Wonderful parents I hope you would like this activity, as it is family fun activity, apart from playing preparing your own craft is a very interesting task to do which I am sure you and your kid will enjoy the most. You can also use tissue roll, plastic bottle or soda bottle to prepare small size rocket ship for your little one and can enjoy the astronaut activity with toddlers too. We parents are teachers of our children we should not leave everything to the school to get them educate, by organizing these activities at home we can not only make them physical fit but also can help them improving their knowledge and learning.

Do your kids love astronauts and cardboard craft? Have you ever experienced this pretend play with your kids? How your craft was turn out? All mums and dads share your experience below!


    • Thank you Paula for your comments. Doing crafts with recycled materials like cardboards is the best idea to learn and to explore our child’s creativity rather than buying them expensive noisy toys.

  1. As a child, my parents had purchased these glow in the dark stars and pasted them on the ceiling in my room so I could see them at night. I think children have a fascination with the stars and astronomy. I think if my parents were more into creativity with cardboard my dad would have made me one of these for sure. This is something my children would love and this is something you can definitely do when you are bored. Thanks for this!

    • Thank you Melissa for commenting. You are so true, kids always fascinate everything related to space, stars, moon and planets. Learning and enjoying the activity related to this by using recyclable products like cardboard is always a big hit.

    • Thank you Penelope for your comments. Any activity related to outer space, especially those in which kids are directly involved in making and creating things according to their thoughts is always the best idea, and what is better than doing these great activities using cardboard without spending a lot of money…

    • Thank you lace for your review on this article. Space is always a fascinating topic for all kids and making space craft using their own imagination in a simplistic way using cardboard is always a fun for kids and they always enjoy doing it in their own way…😊

  2. That looks like it could be a lot of fun! I was really interested in astronomy when I was a kid. I’m sure I would’ve loved this!

    • Thank you Luke for your comments, astronomy is always a fascinating topic for everyone especially kids and making things related to space, planets and stars is always a great fun.

  3. Hi Sarah, I really love your website. It looks great and it’d easy to see how passionate you are about kids. You’re so right, kids do almost always want to be astronauts (I never did because I’m afraid of heights, and just a scardycat in general ha ha) but my brother was fanatical about anything to do with space and still is to this day. I love your idea for a cardboard spaceship, and I love the idea of kids doing these old school creative activities instead of being glued to a T.V. screen. It surely must be so much better for their brains.

    • Hi Stefanie, Thank you so much for your appreciation. I am glad that you like my work and as a mother we need to be passionate about their growth, learning, health, well being and also about play and fun. That’s why I made this parenting website and I really enjoy working on it and sharing my ideas and experiences with all other super parents. It is also very important to encourage our kids to play physical games rather that glued on the electronic devices and screens all the time, it is not at all a healthy approach. Keeping in mind all this, I would love to share one more article about hazards of electronic devices https://kiddieversity.com/effects-of-technology-on-children/. Please have a look, I am sure you will find it helpful.


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