When we talk about our children’s health and fitness, we should also take care of their mental health as a very top priority. Where healthy diet, books, learning sources and physical activities are important for their health and wellbeing,  learning activities and fun-filled games are equally important. Jigsaw PuzzlesAbacus, learning games using Lego, building blocks, play dough, and other activities have their own importance in boosting mental health and intelligence. But where we talk about these mental health boosters, cross words also have great benefits as well, especially for our kids from a very early age. So, here are five amazing free printable crosswords for our lovely kids to solve and enjoy.

Benefits of Crosswords for Kids:

  1. Best interest builder for our kids in developing reading and writing skills.
  2. Sharpens the mind & intelligence.
  3. A really fun and playful way to learn.
  4. Boost vocabulary.
  5. Builds Patience.
  6. Develops critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  7. Develops the ability to concentrate and focus.
  8. Develops the ability to deal with curiosities and difficulties.
  9. Develops self-confidence not only in solving crosswords and puzzles but this will also help them in later life ahead.
  10. This development of self-confidence will also help them in the development of social skills which is one of the important parts of basic life skills.

Free Printable Crosswords for Kids:

worksheet – complete the crossword puzzle colors worksheet for preschool kids
Halloween theme crossword puzzle for children with kids dressed in different costumes – witch, skeleton, ghost.A4 format, printable worksheet.
worksheet – complete the crossword puzzle sweets worksheet for preschool kids
worksheet – complete the crossword puzzle fruits worksheet for preschool kids
worksheet – complete the crossword puzzle 2D shapes worksheet for preschool kids




    • Hi George, Thanks for liking these puzzles. I prepared this post because these were the simplest crosswords kids can easily do. If you see all the answers are already present in the form of pictures. Parents can help them in guessing the right answers. Actually, these types of activities help parents and kids to come closer and spend good quality time, it helps them in increasing these communication skills, their intellectual skills, as well as they, it increases their vocabulary and they get more confident. I hope you will visit http://www.kiddieversity.com again.

    • Thanks for visiting the site and liking the post. Do visit us again I am sure you will get more interesting posts.

  1. Oh, that so awesome and refreshing puzzles for kids to play and learn. I would definitely recommend this website to my friends. What amazing tools you can even download from here.Is so good for children to grow and develop. Thank you so much for sharing,

    Take care

  2. Sarah I am speechless. I am happy I came to view your website and I love it. Everything about it is just fine. Honestly I do not think there is anything more that your website needs. It is so engaging I believe I will have to take days to go through it! It is full of colour and links for other sites and even Amazon. You obviously thought of everything to build it. This is a good niche you have chosen. I like the colours you chose to draw the eye. I like your creative imagination.
    You have a beautiful website. It is a professional – looking one.

    • Thank you so much dear for the comment and the appreciation. Being a mother I thought of many things while I was creating this website and decided to present something interesting in a very colorful way. I am glad you liked it. You will find a lot of other useful information apart from this specific post. I am sure you will visit the site again…


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