Hello Kiddies, I am sure you all have enjoyed Earth Day Coloring Pages that I have shared with all of you earlier. Now I have brought something different. Any guesses,  today I am sharing “free craft ideas printables” in which we will recycle our papers into an amazing cut, glue and paste art. These cut, glue and paste paper printables are really easy to make. To make these crafts you need papers, markers (for drawing outlines), coloring pencils, glue and scissors only.

As, today is Earth day and we all know how important recycling is. Using papers and recycle them into amazing crafts is another way to serve our beautiful Planet Earth. So, lovely kids, let’s see what paper craft we are making today …:)

Water is an important part of our life and watering plants is “a must”  thing we all have to do in order to make our atmosphere healthy, clean and fresh. So, Let’s make a Watering Can.

Watering helps plants, herbs, trees, fruits and vegetables to grow and soil to get fertile and insects and animals to grow healthier.. Let’s make a fruit, ladybird and a worm.

Healthy herbs and plants not only give us food but also feed our cattles like cows, horses and sheeps etc.

If we all keep our sea, rivers and water clean, it will help water animals like crabs, fish and other species to grow healthier.

So, with this amazing cut, glue and paste activity we all have learned some amazing lessons too. After making these crafts, you will be left with pieces of left over papers, just shred them and then use these shredded paper in making some other art. Like, I use shredded paper in making grass and other decoration ideas along with my 5 year old daughter which I will share with all of you very soon, but here is a brief video demonstration of recycling shredded paper.

You all are more than welcome to share your crafts with us. I am sure you all will enjoy this craft along with your friends. For more printable sheets and activities click here.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    The craft ideas are amazing. Thank you for sharing.
    We have to keep up with our demanding kids 🙂 And of course, these are good ideas for a party.
    Great tips!

  2. Wow, Sarah, these cutouts are so cute. With all the activities my children have done in school I have never seen these. They are really great, I agree with Dany they would be great for a party. Thanks!

  3. Hi Sarah ,What an awsome craft you made.I will also do this with my kiddos.Thanks a lot for sharing this.
    Very helpful for mommies like me.

    • Thank you so much Floida for your appreciation. I am sure yours kids will love making these crafts too. This is such an amazing fun with no expenses at all.


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