Welcome mummies to 6th month of pregnancy i.e., the last month of second trimester. In this article, we will have a look on “fetal development” from 22nd-26th week. We will also discuss about maternal changes and advises for all the wonderful mums, who are still being restless and sleepless at times, also enjoying baby’s kicks, moves and all gym activities. These feelings are very beautiful and unforgettable. So, mummies let’s peek inside the womb and see how your little baby is growing.

Week 22: Apart from skeletal system getting stronger day by bay, your little baby’s coordination is also strengthening and your baby is practicing how to grasp and grab by holding umbilical cord.

Baby’s eyes and lids are fully developed but still closed but he/she can detect light coming through the womb from outside world. Your little one is busy practicing hiccups, yawning, sucking and swallowing and is also listening to the sounds around him/her like mum’s gut sounds, heart beat or noises from outside world.

Your baby has now developed a timed sleep pattern (approx. 12 hours sleep/day) as well, which will carry on until birth or may be afterwards. If you are expecting a boy, then his testes have started to descend now.

Your little one is now approx. 230g and 28 inches long from head to heel.

Week 23: Your baby’s head at this point of time is still a little bit bigger as compared to the body but it is on its way to get into proper proportion. Now your little bundle of joy looks like a little baby but still need more and more strengthening and production of fat under wrinkly skin.

Your baby is busy practicing breathing movements, her/his lungs are developed now and have Surfactant that prevents Alveoli (air sacs in lungs) to collapse, and one more exciting thing for beautiful mums is to know that your baby’s ears are developed and can recognize your voice, so, now the time has come to start talking to your little baby and having an adorable bond even before his/her arrival.

Your baby is now about 11 inches long and weighs about 500g.

Week 24: As your baby is busy practicing all the activities we have discussed earlier like kicking, moving, punching, breathing, grabbing and grasping, baby has now also developed a set pattern of being more active at a specific time frame.

Though your baby looks like a tiny human being but her/his skin is still bit translucent as well as hair also need to get pigmented by colour.

As inner part of our ears is not only responsible for hearing but also for balancing our body. Your baby’s inner ear is also developed now and he/she can sense about his/her position that is upside down or down side up. Isn’t it amazing and beautiful…😊?

Your baby is now 8.5-9 inches long and weighs around 550-700g.

Week 25: Along with all above developments and activities, your baby has started to develop fat inside her/his skin to get Plummer. Your baby’s gums with future teeth are also developed. Your baby’s blinking reflex and sense of self is developing during this week. Not only this, but baby’s vocal cords are developing and strengthening as well.

Your little one is now 10-12 inches longs from head to heel and weighs around 1.5 lbs.

Week 26: Your baby’s sense of equilibrium and balance is getting stronger. His testes are descending into scrotum. Skin, hair and iris are getting their pigmentation/color. Hearing is getting stronger and the most beautiful thing in this week is that your beautiful baby can now open and close his/her eyes whenever they want or after getting light stimulus.

As your baby’s blood is forming inside his/her body, so immune system is also getting stronger day by day.

Your little one is now 11-14 inches long and weighs around 2 lbs.

CHANGES IN MOTHER: Many congratulations! This is the last month of second trimester. You are getting heavier and your baby bump is growing fast. Your baby is growing and developing day by day but there a lot of maturation, strengthening and development needed.

Second trimester is the relaxing period of the whole pregnancy as in your first trimester you suffered from nausea, morning sickness, loss of appetite and what not. In third trimester, your baby bump will be bigger. So, second trimester is considered as golden period of pregnancy and you feel more energetic and better as compared to first and third trimester.

In this trimester, with your growing bump, you will feel difficulty in changing positions, even while lying on bed, use maternity pillow for support between your legs if you want to lie on your sides or pillow and cushions under your feet while sitting and lying. This give your legs extra comfort. You might be having swollen legs especially when you stand on your feet for longer. In that case, rise your legs with the help of pillow while lying and if sitting, keep your feet on another chair or table. This prevents you from getting swollen legs.

With growing bump comes stretch marks and itchy tummy skin as a result of stretching of skin due to increased bump size, best advice for minimizing stretch marks and skin itching is to keep yourself well hydrated and keep your bump moisturized by olive oil or stretch mark creams.

Bladder infection is another very common thing during pregnancy, so, keep drinking a lot of water. If your get itchy vagina or your discharge becomes yellowish/greenish, go to your doctor to get treated as this is the sign of infection/thrush.

With the growing baby, your pelvis is getting more and more pressure, you might feel pain in pelvis and lower back because of this pressure on muscles and ligaments and also because of this pressure, you might experience little bit incontinence of urine.

This incontinence is also because of Progesterone which relaxes smooth muscles. Kegel exercise is the best thing to do if you are experiencing incontinence and want to get rid of it. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles (that your use to stop urination), do this tightening 5-6 times in one episode and one tightening should last for 8-10 seconds and then release for 8-10 seconds. Do 10 episode per day. you don’t need to take out extra time for this, it can be done while doing our everyday cores.

Progesterone also relaxes smooth muscles of digestive system and hence food stays in stomach for longer, so, causing heart burn. The food in the intestines moves slowly because of progesterone effects and cause constipation.

Well, drink a lot, eat fiber rich diet like fruits, cereals, whole-whet pasta, beans and lentils etc.,






During this trimester, skin of face, breast and abdomen gets blotchy and darker because of high levels of pregnancy hormones. Your Breast might leak Colostrum from this point of time on wards and getting prepared to feed your baby after birth.

During Pregnancy your blood volume increases, that might cause gum bleeding and nasal bleed sometimes. Well, all these difficulties are for a little time. The time will pass and you will be holding your baby very soon. So, think about your baby, his/her shopping and preparation. Go out and meet your friends.

If you are expecting a midwife appointment, then think about birth plane, type of birth you want as per your wish and your health, maternity leave and paternity leave and discuss every point with your midwife. Keep yourself healthy and active and be happy and enjoy. You will forget all your discomforts once you hold your little one into your arms😊.










  1. Such an interesting topic. Pregnancy is perceived as a beautiful thing which is true but it also has some downsides to it that not everybody has the courage to talk about and you do. Especially the small things that are overlooked when visiting the doctor. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Thank you Dira for your comments. you are absolutely right, Pregnancy is perceived as a beautiful thing which is true, but yes it does come with ups and downs in health, moods, hormones and many other things. To ease all these discomfort it is very crucial to know about all these problems at first, then it will be easier to comfort and ease yourself….

    • Thank you so much Kwacha for your appreciation and I am really glad to know that you like these articles, this is the best reward one could expect.

  2. Hiccups! Very cool. I had no idea those developed so early. I guess the thing I find surprising in this article is just how much the fetus is awake. I would assume they’d sleep way more than 12 hours a day. Really makes you wonder what it’s like in there for them, and it’s kinda sad we can’t remember being in utero!

    • Hi Penelope, it is no doubt very cool that babies do have hiccups in the womb and we can see it on scan very clearly. It is so amazing and wonderful to know and see all these baby activities. Yes it’s sad that we dont remember our life inside womb, it would be so fun if all of us remember about how we all grow from a tiny microscopic being to a human being. It is certainly a miraculous journey…

  3. Both of my little ones were so lazy inside of the womb. They hardly made any movements that I felt on the inside. They simply saved them for the light of day.

    • Hi Lane, thank you so much for your comments. Number of moves that a baby makes in a day inside the womb varies from baby to baby. Some babies move a lot and some makes few moves. As far as they are moving regularly as per their pace, then that is absolutely fine.

  4. I remember when my babies had the hiccups, I could feel it and it would make my tummy jump. It was so amazing! Believe it or not, my babies would kick when they heard my husband talk, so amazing. Thanks for this informative article and bringing back wonderful memories.

    • Hi Melissa, I still remember the baby hiccups inside the womb, it’s overwhelming and funny as well. Overwhelming because we can feel our baby growing day by day and that makes me so happy. Pregnancy is so magical to be honest…:)

  5. I remember when my babies had hiccups in utero. It feels so strange. But nothing compares to the beauty that is pregnancy. I agree though that it isn’t always roses. I had complications with 3 out of 5 of my pregnancies. Thankfully I had 5 healthy babies though! Great and very thorough article here.

    • Hello Michelle, thank yo so so much for sharing your views on this article. Baby hiccups in the womb do feel strange in the beginning but then we started feeling overwhelmed. Your are right, there is no feeling that can be compared to the beauty of being pregnant.

  6. I really love your articles. They are SO unique and well written. I will definately be passing by for your articles when am Free. I do learn alot from them especially about pregnant. Thanks à lot😍

    • Hi Lucia, thank you so much for sharing tour kind views on this article. I am really glad that you like it. It is always great to know about our baby’d development and growth day by day especially when we are pregnant. Its so amazing and beautiful…:)


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