I hope your first two months of pregnancy went well. With ups and downs in the mood, morning sickness, back pain and all other symptoms that comes with pregnancy will not stay forever. I know it is difficult but very soon your life will be full of happiness and joy as you hold your little bundle of joy in your arms. Believe me, it seems difficult in the beginning but time really flies faster than your imagination. My daughter is 4 years old now and it seems it’s just a little while back when I found out about my pregnancy. Well, as you enter in third month now i.e., from week 9-13, you will find this article about “fetal development stages” useful too. So beautiful mums to be, have a look about what’s going on during this month of your pregnancy.

WEEK 9: Embryonic tail is now shrinking and your baby now looks more like human as facial features are getting more distinct and eye are fully formed yet covered with eye lids. Your baby’s heart now has four chambers and functioning very fast. Head is still bigger as compared to the body. Some of the baby’s organs like gall-bladder and pancreas are formed and intestines are getting longer. Genitalia is formed but still not fully distinct. If you see your baby on and ultrasound screen, your will see that your baby is having twitchy or jerky movements continuously. Due to these movements, baby’s muscles and joints are getting stronger, though these movements are involuntary.

Baby’s size: Around 2.4 cm/ size of a grape, Baby’s weight: 2g.

WEEK 10: At week 10, embryonic tail is gone completely and all vital organs are developed. His/her little fingers and toes are fully formed, little nails, hair follicles and teeth buds are forming as well. Ears are taking their final shape now. Skeletal system is formed but still in strengthening stage. As your baby is in amniotic fluid, so, he/she is now swallowing amniotic fluid.

Baby size: Equals to the size of a green olive i.e., about 3 cm from head to bottom, Weight: About 4g.

WEEK 11: At week 11, your baby is now called as a “FETUS” not “EMBRYO” anymore. At this point all the organogenesis is done. Face is taking its proper shape and ears are moving to the side. External genitalia are forming very quickly and you will be amazed by knowing that by the end of 11 week and at the beginning of week 12, ultrasound scans might show you the gender of your baby as well as baby’s kicks and bounces. Your baby’s head is still big as compared to the body. The most beautiful thing happen during this week is that, your baby can suck his/her thumb to get ready for having feeds after birth.

Baby’s size: your baby is now as big as a fig (4.1 cm from head to bottom), Baby’s weight: 6-7g.

WEEK 12: At this stage your baby’s facial features, fingers, toes and limbs are getting more and more distinct and you can see that in scan. Your baby can swallow as well as he/she can squint. Baby’s heart is busy in beating and pumping at the rate of 160-170 beats/minute. Now your baby’s organs and body parts are formed and just need to get more and more growth and maturation day by day.

Your baby is about the size of a lime (Length: 5.4 cm, head to bottom) and weighs 14g.

WEEK 13: At this stage, your baby’s organs and nerves that are formed are functioning, skeletal system including bones of limbs, ribs, skeleton around brain and other bones still need some maturation and strengthening. Your baby’s little fingers now have their own distinct and unique finger prints. Your baby’s head is now getting into proportion with body in size. Skin of your baby is still transparent with blood vessels visible at this point. If it’s a girl, she is having around 2 million eggs in her ovaries which will decrease to 400,00 until she reaches puberty. If it’s a boy, he is producing testosterone.

Baby’s size: 7.4 CM i.e., about the size of a pea pod, Baby’s weight: 23 g.

CHANGES IN MOTHER’S BODY DURING 9-13 WEEKS OF PREGNANCY: Well, first of all a huge congratulation to you as you are at the end of your first trimester. From week 14, your second trimester will start. As your little baby is growing inside your womb dramatically, there are a lot of changes happening to your baby as well. Let’s have a look on these changes.

As you get the good news that you are pregnant, a lot of changes started in your body along the little miracle growing inside you. When you found out about your pregnancy or after missing periods for some days, you might be curious of know early signs of pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses ahead, many changes occur in your body like:

FREQUENT TOILET TRIPS: As you get pregnancy and your pregnancy reaches at 7-8 weeks, you feel frequent urination as the hormone Progesterone relaxes your bladder muscles, other reason for peeing more is continuous increase in size of the womb because of growing baby, putting more and more pressure on bladder.

CONSTIPATION: As you know, Progesterone relaxes bladder muscles, it also relaxes intestinal muscles and food passes through the intestine very slowly, hence getting harder leading to constipation. Best advice for mummies suffering from constipation is to drink a lot of water and eat fiber rich food like fruits and cereals.

FATIGUE AND HEADACHE: Your body is functioning 24/7 to grow and nourish your baby, so it is very likely to get lethargic, tired and restless. take some rest and relax. Take a relaxing bath and try to lie down on bed, just watching television or listen to your favorite music, watch any comedy program or talk to your loved one or a little chat with a friend. Just do what makes you relax and happy. Or if you don’t want to socialise or chat, just take a relaxing bath and spend some “me time” or go to sleep. If you are working, try to have some rest after coming home and sometimes don’t cook, just order something or take away from your favourite restaurant. Relaxing massage is also a very good option to relax though. You can also join antenatal classes or antenatal relaxing yoga after taking advice  from your health experts. Yoga in pregnancy works like wonder, believe me.

PREGNANCY BLUES: You might be feeling depressed, forgetful, moody and tired. It is all because of hormonal changes going on inside you. My advice to rest as much as you can, go out with your partners or with friends. Socializing will make your feel better and happy. Join pregnant mother’s group or NCT group of your local area, go there and talk to other pregnant mothers going through the same conditions and experiences mother’s advices about how to cope will help like wonder. In this way, you can make new friends as well.

TUMMY AND WAIST: Your waistline is growing day by day as your baby is getting bigger and bigger. You might need bigger size clothes as compared to the sizes you wear before pregnancy. Your bump might not be showing at the moment at the end of first trimester.

LIGHTHEADEDNESS: You might be feeling lightheaded, dizzy and more lethargic as your body is working 24/7 in order to provide nourish your little baby.

HEARTBURN: Muscles in your body that are responsible to break down food are more relaxed now and food stays in your stomach for much longer time hence causing heartburn.

PROMINENT VEINS: Your blood flow increase during pregnancy many folds, because of this your veins started getting more and more visible, due to this increase in blood flow along with some hormonal changes, you might feel that your hair and skin are getting healthy and you might notice a glow on your face.

CHANGES IN BREAST: Due to increase blood flow and rapid development of lactating ducts, your breast might be tender. Now you might need a size bigger in Bra.  Your nipples and areola gets darker with some Montgomery’s tubercle around (little elevations on areola). All these changes are happening to make your breast ready to produce milk for your little baby.

VAGINAL CHANGES: Your vaginal lining will become thicker and less sensitive with thick whitish discharge which is normal. If it becomes reddish or greenish or itchy, go to your doctor as it might be the vaginal infection, otherwise it is normal in pregnancy.

SHORTNESS OF BREATH: Progesterone triggers the body in lowering down carbon dioxide in the blood which causes shortness of breath in mother.

MUSCULOSKELETAL CHANGES: Due to release of hormone Relaxin, muscles and joints of mother loosens, which allows the pelvic cavity to accommodate growing baby. It’s because of this relaxing and loosening of joints, mothers feel back pain and lower pelvic discomfort sometimes during pregnancy.


During this month, most probably you will get a date for your first scan. I wish you all the best and I am sure that you will be overwhelmed with joy and happiness when you see your little baby on the screen and hear his/her heart beat for the first time. Do get the pictures of your first scan to keep them as the precious, beautiful and unforgettable memories.





















  1. It’s unbelievable how quickly a baby grows isn’t it? You really have explained everything so well Sarah, and now after reading so many of your inspiring baby post you are making me very broody ha ha. It is great to know that I can come to your website for trustworthy information on all aspects of pregnancy and giving birth, and I will definitely send my pregnant friends your way:)

    • Hi Stefanie, it is really unbelievable and amazing to see how baby develops inside the womb. It is no doubt a magical journey for mum and baby.

  2. I cannot wait to see the pictures of my little god-daughter or son. My best friend is getting close to her appointment and everyone is beyond excited. This is her first and I personally have very little experience with pregnancies. Your website is a lot of fun and help. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

  3. I think it’s amazing that our pelvises can change shape and get larger as our bodies prepare for vaginal birth. I know so many women who said they went from being “straight bodied” and boyish to being outright curvy after giving birth. I also feel like every pregnant woman I’ve known has dealt with very stubborn constipation…not pleasant!

    • Hi Penelope, Female body goes through many changes during pregnancy and our pelvic bone is broader from inside as compared to men because it makes passage of baby easier.

  4. Wow, it is amazing how much has changed from the first months. The baby already starts to get facial features at 9 weeks.Mommy sure goes through a lot of changes. I never experienced baby blues but I can see how it is possible. You need a lot of support during your pregnancy and knowing all these changes can make a difference. Great article again!

    • HI Melissa, that is really amazing that at 9 weeks, baby get facial features and not only this mums also goes through many changes as well and that’s why we all need a lot of support during pregnancy.

  5. Hi sarah,

    Another amazing post! 10 weeks and baby is the size of an olive. Wow! That is scary and beautiful at the same time. Baby blues is real as I have gone through it with my kids mum. Such a hard time for parents but with love and understanding you can get through anything.

    This is such a great website for new parents. Well done on looking out for those who really need support!


    • Hi Kevin, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation and indeed it is really cute and lovely to know about development of our baby and every stage of pregnancy and we all at 9 weeks are roughly equals to the size of an olive, isn’t it amazing.

  6. Excellent post for newly pregnant woman or those just wanting to learn about pregnancy. I remember mine so well and certainly don’t miss the morning sickness. Wouldn’t change the outcome for the world though. Just magical.

    • Hi Lace, morning sickness is one of the commonest problem that newly pregnant women face, but good thing is that it in most of the cases it wont last throughout nine months and fades on by the end of third month.

  7. We really transform as our baby grows…I was one of the few that has morning sickness all the way to the 3rd trimester…It was horrible…i couldn’t eat, I lost weight…but by the ancients that my son was born super strong and healthy…me on the other hand had to be on bed rest for almost a year…
    But when people have asked me if i regret going through that…OF COURSE NOT…it was hellish but i wouldn’t change anything as long as I have my little boy by my side.
    Truly overwhelming but keep informing all the moms to be!

    • Hi Arlet, thank you so much for sharing your views on this article, and sickness is no doubt very painful when we are pregnant especially if suffers from it during the whole period of 9 months. It must be very difficult for you.

  8. The 12th week was my most problematic because I felt all the pregnancy symptoms – nausea, vomiting, and certain scents revolted me. But unlike others, all those were gone after a month. I heard other moms experience these symptoms throughout pregnancy.
    Never had ante-partum depression but had it post-partum. Terrible. One would think you’d be happy because the baby is finally born but those hormones do trick us.
    It’s really incredible how at such little size and weight, the heart and the organs are already formed! I’m always amazed at this.
    Great post!

    • Hi Gigi, thank you for your comments and you are right some mums do feel nausea and vomiting throughout their pregnancy and yes, depression before and after giving birth is so disturbing but we can ease it by talking proper help by our partner and near ones.

  9. One thing that I noticed that was omitted was indigestion. Ugh! I had indigestion during spurts. I didn’t know how to rectify that.

    • Hi Lane, indigestion is very common during pregnancy but we cannot completely rectify it, we just have to follow the symptomatic treatment and advice from our health expert.


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