Spring has just started and we all are enjoying our spring holidays with kids. During these holidays, apart from enjoyment, there is also something which is “A Must” to do and that is “Spring Cleaning”. Cleaning home with kids is a never-ending job. So, what are the easy ways to make this cleaning process fun and learning for our little kiddies. Here I am sharing an easy spring cleaning list for busy parents with simple tips about involving kids in this process. So, let’s have a look on this list…:)

  • CLOTHES SORTING: First of all, take your children’s clothes out and see if they grow taller. If you find some clothes that are smaller now and your kids cannot wear them anymore, put those clothes in a separate bag or box. Teach your kids once or twice if they are old enough to compare sizes and let them separate their smaller sized clothes by themselves. This will give you a little hand in the cleaning process. All you need to do is to help them if they need. Do the same with jackets and shoes also.
  • TOY SORTING: Ask your kid if they don’t need any toys they already have or if they grow older for the toys. Then separate the toys along with the involvement of your kids and ask them to arrange the toys they don’t need any more in a box.
  • TEACH THEM ABOUT CHARITY: Once you have completed the jobs mentioned above, then talk to your kids about giving these items to a charity so that, other kids can use these pre-loved things. Don’t forget to tell them about giving charity the new items and some money as well and not only pre-loved things. This is the best time to educate them about charity and donation from their pocket money also, even £1 will be great. So, we teach our kids about charity at the same time while doing our cleaning and sorting jobs.
  • HOME CLEANING: Give your kids their own cleaning spray bottle with water with a couple of essential oil drops or just water will do…:) Keep the professional cleaning spray bottles with you. Give your kids a cleaning cloth, their own toy broom, and vacuum cleaner and mop. Kids love mimicking elders and they will love helping you with the cleaning process. Give them the job to clean the simple things where they can easily reach. You will be amazed to see how much they enjoy this dusting, cleaning and tidying up the process.
  • GARDEN CLEANING: Garden Cleaning is a time consuming and difficult job. Involve your kids in this cleaning process by giving their toy garden supplies or give them gloves and a bag to pick leaves or any other easy job that they love to do. Teach them about the importance of gardening during this cleaning process. Buy the garden tools here for your kids.


  1. Teach them about giving things to needies. Kids learn more when they see things happening practically and this spring cleaning period is the best time to learn for them. Helping others and charity are the most important things to teach our kids as a part of effective parenting.
  2. During this cleaning process, talk to them about teamwork and working and helping together as a family.
  3. Don’t try to sort everything in one day. In fact, do things bit by bit.
  4. As we all have some sort of ways to reward our kids when they do something good. Well, During spring cleaning, increase the reward points. Normally if they get one reward point for one good thing, then increase it to double i.e., 2 reward point for one good work they do, this will even encourage them more. Giving kids a reward after every good work is not recommended. What is best is to let them collect some reward points to get one thing they want like 10, 15 or 20 points but appreciation is always a must.
  5. Make cleaning process a game, like before taking out clothes or toys from a drawer, play a guessing game like everyone has to guess how many toys or things are there in a drawer to clean. Then take them out and count. Whoever is correct and does the job well will get one more extra reward point for guessing correctly. These things can be done while working together and doesn’t even take a minute extra.
  6. Once all the cleaning is done, let your kids count their own reward points. Take them out to the market and let them choose the thing they want according to their points. Have a meal together in your favorite restaurant or just go to the park, relax and play together. This will be a good way to treat your self and kids after a hard work of cleaning the house.
  7. Educate them about charity bags, recycling item, garden stuff like grass and bushes and also the concept of putting all these things in separate bags and containers to dispose-off.
  8. Garden cleaning involves a lot of work like cleaning thorny bushes and leaves and sticks. If your child is too young to participate then give them some crayons, markers, and paper and ask them to draw what they are observing around them. Or give them some leaves and sticks with glue to make a craft while mum and dad are busy cleaning the garden. This will keep them busy as well. Always keep their craft on display like on the table or on the wall and appreciate their effort. Encouragement, appreciation, and love are the main three things our child needs from us to be happy, not expensive toys and things. Along with this love and positive parenting, it is always a must to keep kids involved in whatever we do in our everyday life. This way, they will learn the most…:)


While working and cleaning together, the best idea is to sing or play rhymes about cleaning. This is an amazing tip from my own experience as a mum of two kids Kija and Abraham. My kids love these rhymes about cleaning 🙂


  1. Hi Sarah!
    This article is great and I learned a lot from it. To be honest, I’m not the best person for keeping stuff sorted in boxes, cleaning etc… so I take your advice and change “kids” to my self instead 😉

    • Hi Patrick, thank you so muchf or your appreciation. I am glad that you learned a lot from this post. I was also not the best person in sorting things but being a mum of two taught me everything though.

  2. Awesome tips, i been stressing out with the cleaning that i totally forgot it can be fun for both my son and I.
    He enjoys helping me clean more than picking up his toys, but if I use the reward points tactic I’m sure he will be motivated, after all it’s quite similar to the one we use of doing small tasks, to get coins for his piggy bank so he can buy something for himself, right?
    Most important, after all the process, we should relax and enjoy!
    And I totally agree…showing them how much we loved them is more important than toys, always.
    BTW, is it better to have a point or coin reward system? I have heard many different opinions and i’m still not so sure which one i should use.
    Thank you for the info though, i love it!

    • Hi Arlet, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. I am glad that you also agree with my post as other parents do. It really gives me encouragement to do more good work for all of you.

  3. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to teach your children different responsibilities. These are some great tips. I remember going through the toy bins with my children to see which toys they didn’t need. You are right it is good to teach your children about charity and spring cleaning is a great opportunity to do this. Thanks for another amazing article!

  4. Hi Sarah, what a great list of ideas for teaching kids how to do housework and clean up after themselves. This is obviously a valuable skill for adulthood and also takes the pressure off the mother at the same time. My small nephew is obsessed by vacuum cleaners at the moment and practices using them so much that he does a fantastic job of it and he doesn’t leave a single crumb anywhere.
    I also love your ideas about gardening as that is really fun and rewarding for kids, especially watching things grow and bloom. Thank you for all your wonderful advice.

  5. Again, more great tips. I love the idea of teaching them to give to the needy. We do that already, but I am always trying to emphasize that. And then giving them a spray bottle with essential oils, another great idea! I am a bit of a clean freak, and I don’t want my son messing with the chemicals, so essential oils is a great alternative. Another great and informative article!

  6. I absolutely enjoyed this post because I’m a mother of four kids. They don’t always have fun when it comes to spring cleaning, but their old enough to know that it need to be done! So the tips on keeping it fun for the kids was great!

    • Hi Ashley, thank you so much for your comments on this post. I am really glad that you like this post and all the ideas that I have shared.

  7. Awesome tips, Sarah! I love the idea of teaching your kids about charity. Our son almost three now and he starts realizing what “giving stuff away” or selling it means in terms of that it is a final decision. I think soon he will also understand what giving something to charity vs. selling means. And I think we will definitely take this tip to heart and start teaching him as early as we can!

    Great blog post! Gonna share it with my wife and friends!


    • Hi Chris, thank you so much for all your appreciation. In our busy life schedules, it is very important for us to take some time our and teach our kids about life lessons and values. The best way is to show them while doing our everyday chores. This way, kids learn more and best time to show and teach them about helping others and doing charity is spring cleaning and other cleaning and sorting times.

  8. This is a great article. Toy sorting is my favorite one on here. I remember doing that when I was a kid. I swear I had a lot lol. I think its important for kids to be organized, and what a great way to instill that in them by sorting there toys. Really well done.

    • Hi AJ, thank you so much for commenting and liking my post. Teaching kids about sorting their own things and being organised is very important and we can show them while our cleaning and sorting time.

  9. We’ve just had a spring clean with the kids and sorted all the toys out they no longer use, unfortunately tablets & mobiles run their lives now – ha!
    Like you mention, we chatted about what their preferred charity is and wouldn’t it be a great idea if we cleaned all the toys up making sure they still worked so they could sell them on to make money for your charity. They thought this was a fab idea so we boxed them up with shoes & clothes that no longer fit and delivered them to their prefered charity shop.
    The lady in charge was delighted , the kids came out of the shop buzzing. It cost us a Mcdonalds however,


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