Little boy being creative making homemade diy paper toys.

Growing kids especially preschoolers always love being engaging in art & crafts activities. Kids who start their preschool learning activities early at home are comparatively more creative, confident, socialize and communicative than the kids who start these art and craft activities later in school.

The art & crafts activities not only boost kid’s gross and fine motor skills, cognitive skills, but also help them to become a good problem solver in their own joyful manner.

However, there are varieties of activities available online, like paper crafts, cardboard activities, learning activities you can arrange at home for your little one but for your ease in today’s post I am sharing few ideas for easy paper crafts kids make & enjoy at home with parents.

We parents always remain curious for the health of our kids, these art & craft activities can be a great way of keeping them out of the electronic devices. The more they spend time in art & craft activities the better is for their mental health. Just arrange the accessories required and assist them, as they will love your assistance. This will help bonding love and spending joyful time together with your little one.

So, beautiful parents let’s have a look at these easy paper crafts ideas for kids to have great and joyful time together.

Accessories Required For These Activities:

  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil, Markers
  • Ruler

Simple Paper Butterfly:

  • Draw the butterfly wings and antenna on paper and cut it.
  • Cut other sheet into half and fold it, agglutinate with glue stick and let it dry.
  • Now stick this folding tube with wings and draw eyes and smile 🙂

Easy Peasy paper Caterpillar:

  • Draw small circle on your kid’s favourite colour sheets and then cut with scissors.
  • Past them on a sheet and draw eyes and smile 🙂

Paper Apple Tree:

  • Make an apple tree, clouds, grass out of paper.
  • Draw the sketch of tree and ask your kid to colour.
  • Tear the paper and then paste with the help of glue.

Cute Paper Owl:

  • Draw the simple sketch and cut with scissor.
  • Draw the leaf shape for wings, feet and eyes on another coloured sheet and cut it too.
  • You can draw eyes instead of pasting or you can also use googly eyes as well
  • Here is super cool paper owl craft 🙂

Homemade Paper Toys:

  • To prepare these paper toys you can use toilet paper roll or paper sheets.
  • Use googly eyes, pom poms, pipe cleaners to make different your own unique homemade toys.
Little boy being creative making homemade diy paper toys

So, parents I hope you would love these paper craft ideas for your little ones. I am sure when you will involve them in these activities, they will not only enjoy it but also will learn a lot of things. All these activities are very beneficial for their brain development as well. You will be noticing their focus and dedication towards completing the activity, my daughter like crafty work so, I usually do spend time in such activities with her and believe me she enjoys the most this crafty time.


  1. I love your blog. I was a homeschool mom for several years and appreciate your easy step-by-step instructions. The pictures give a good idea of how to assemble and execute each project. Creativity is the key to opening children’s brains.

    • Hi Stacy, you are right, creativity is the key to open up our child’s brain and these paper craft activities adds up the fun element in it as well. Thank you for your views on this article.

  2. Amazing activities to keep your kid engaging. Being a mother i know how my kid gets bored in the house as i cant send him to play
    outdoors alone., these activities will not only make him utilise time, give enjoyment but will also improve his different n my kid really enjoyed reading it..

  3. I love arts and crafts with my son . It’s so much better for them mentally and emotionally than playing with games on phones or IPads. The images you have used are very colourful and striking which is perfect for any creative minds. They really look very simple and easy to make – I’m sure to try out the caterpillar one as my son loves The Hungry Caterpillar especially as it’s Book Week here in the UK.

    • Art and craft are the best way for kids to enjoy and to explore their imagination and creativity by making different things and what else could be better than simple paper crafts.

  4. Hi there, such great tips on easy to make crafts. It’s so good for kids to use their imaginations and be creative, and it really helps their confidence and life skills. It’s also great for parents on a budget, as there are just no end of used packaging and household items that can be recycled and made into something interesting. I did this a lot as a kid, and we were lucky enough to have this show on the TV called Blue Peter where they showed us exactly how to do all this stuff just like you’re doing with your website. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Stefanie, I am really thankful for your comments and appreciation. I am glad that you love this creative craft post, actually these activities are so beneficial in boosting our child’s intelligence and creativity.

    • Hi Liana for all your appreciation, these paper activities are so cool and my kids also love doing these paper fun crafts.

  5. Great ideas! Not only for moms but for us NaNa’s. So many new ideas on your site since raising my daughter. I will let my daughter know about your blog site as she has two little ones!

    • Hi Kimberly, thank you so much for liking my post. These activities are not only for kids and parents to enjoy together but grandparents, uncles and aunts can also have fun along with kids.

  6. I love this post Sarah, and I agree that arts and crafts are something that children love to engage in. In fact, I think it is most children’s favorite part of their school day. I know my daughter enjoys it tremendously and it helps relieves some of the stress she has to deal with during school. It is not only something fun but it is very relaxing and distracting. I love these craft ideas because they are very simple which is perfect because you want the kids to be able to enjoy their craft time and not have to worry about how difficult the task is for them to complete. Thanks for this great article.


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