Sandwiches either in brown, nutty or white bread are one of the healthiest and quickest food to make if we are very busy in everyday chores. In sandwiches we get goodness of bread like fiber, essential vitamins and iron from vegetables we use and proteins from meat, sausages, salami and yes omega-3 as well in fish sandwiches. Apart from these, we can use peanut butter, chocolate spread cheese and jams to add a lot more flavor. As a mother, we are always curious and worried about our kid’s health and fitness and at the same time we all are super busy with other countless chores as well so, easy meals for dinner is always a good option. So, keeping in mind all these things, I have decided to share some easy sandwiches, which are not at all time consuming and super easy to make. Your can involve your kids in sandwich preparation as well. These ideas are so creative and super easy and are so attractive to your child especially fussy eaters.

So Mums, Following are some creative ideas and I am dam sure your little one will  love to have these…




As you can see, all above sandwiches haven’t got time consuming chopping and cutting, just few slices of tomato and cucumber, whole boiled egg and big pieces of lettuce are all that we need to make a creative and mouthwatering sandwich. Mums, please do share pictures of your creative ideas as well….


  1. How cool is this stuff!!! I occasionally am left to take care of the kids and I love trying new things to get my kids to eat healthy. My youngest will love these. I am sure to try a few. Thank you! great ideas . I really like the snake sandwich platter.

    • Thank you Jason for your comments. Snake sandwich is really nice, creative and easiest idea and it needs just simple cutting. It is very important for us to make food attractive for our kids in order to encourage them for eating healthy food.

  2. I think my little cousin would love the look of these and this is something I can do. Thanks for the suggestions and I will also pass it to my aunt as well.

    • Thank you Furkan for your views on this creative sandwich making article. The main reason for sharing all these ideas with all of you is to make the difficult job of feeding kids especially picky eaters much easier in very simplistic way…

  3. I absolutely love all of these ideas, especially the ones with the veggies since kids can be so picky! what a fun way to start eating. I am an adult and I almost wanna start making all my sandwiches like this, is that bad?? 🙂

    • I am pleased to know that you love these ideas. Kids are usually picky, we should encourage them to choose their veggies and toppings for the sandwich, in this way they will start eating healthy food and sandwiches. It is not at all a bad idea to eat these creative sandwiches as an adult. Please share with us if you have any other idea as well…

      • I will absolutely do that, I know so many moms with picky children that could benefit from this. And giving kids a choice of toppings for the face seems like a recipe for success…pardon the pun!

        • Thank you Penelope for sharing your views on this article. Many kids are picky as far as healthy eating is concerned and this is the best way to encourage them to eat healthy with a lot of fun.

    • Haha, I hear ya Penelope, I want to make me one too. I don’t care I am going to, no one will see it but my daughter and I and she won’t tell, haha.

      • Hi Melissa and Penelope, I am glad that you both want to have these sandwiches. I wish I could make you both some sandwiches too 🙂

  4. I love how creative these ideas are. I am certain my grandkids are going to enjoy some of these sandwiches. This is certainly a good way to get kids to eat healthily. I will bookmark your site so I can revisit and document some of these great ideas.
    Thanks for the recipes they are all helpful.

    • Hi Luna, I am so so glad that you like these ideas. Kids do love eating meals in a fun and beautiful way and by doing so we can encourage them to eat healthier options as well.

  5. I love these ideas! My children love sandwiched, maybe they got it from me lol. Surprisingly they like tomatoes and lettuce and pickles and all that stuff on their sandwiches so I can have lots of fun with these ideas. I am going to make one of these with my daughter this weekend. Since she is my only girl I spend a lot of time with her doing mommy and daughter things. So thanks for this idea.

    • Hi Melissa, thank you for sharing your comments and appreciation. These creative sandwich ideas are every one’s favorite and almost all kids love eating these sandwiches.

  6. These food creations are brilliant! Sometimes it helps them to eat if it’s fun like this. When my boys were younger I used to make dinosaurs out of mashed potato, sausage and peas, they loved it and even ate all the peas, result!

    • Hi Matthew Owen, thank you for your comments. These ideas are no doubt very cute and we can make our kid’s meal fun and attractive just by doing little little things not only with sandwiches but with any thing we can create fun and joy and encourage our little ones to eat healthy, you can find more ideas about food here

  7. These sandwiches are almost too cute to eat! These do look pretty simple, but still full of important foods that you may struggle to get your kids to eat normally. I think these would also be really fun to actually make with your kids.

    I will have to pass this on to a few friends and family who have kids that are in their “picky eating” stages.

  8. LOL. These are so cute to boot. I wish I would have thought about this when mine were small. They are so finicky now. These are just so adorable and a good idea. Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Lane, thank you for your comments. These sandwich ideas are not only cute but super simple as easy to make. Even our little kiddies can make their own according to their imagination.

  9. Now this is what I call an amazing and creative way to get your kids to prepare and eat healthier foods. You have presented us with great illustrations to follow along with the type of food choices that are packed with vital nutrients.
    Great article–thank you.

    • Hi Phildore, thank you for your kind views on this article. These sandwiches are really amazing and yummy too. Kids love eating these because they like the creativity, It is also good to encourage them to make their own sandwich according to they way they want as well.


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