Hello beautiful mummies & daddies in my today’s article easy kids meals, i am going to share some very interesting yet creative and magical oatmeal topping ideas that will leave you amaze and you along with your kiddies would definitely crave for it 😉

Normally families eat oatmeal porridge in breakfast, though its totally up to you whether you and your kids eat in morning or evening there is not specific time to eat. Only the fact is how can you make oatmeal bowl funny, creative and attractive. All these topping ideas are very simple and you can easily do without spending much of your time.

You can use any fruit and nuts available at home just cook your regular oatmeal and do something different with it. So, lets have a look what funny and creative shapes you can give to this healthy ingredient.

Bunny Rabbit Porridge:

Rudolph: The Red Nosed Reindeer Porridge Oatmeal, Fun Christmas Food Art For Kids:

Kids Breakfast Porridge With Fruits And Nuts Look Like An Angry Owl:

Funny Bird Oatmeal Porridge With Fruits And Nuts:

Funny Owl Oatmeal Porridge:

Funny Penguin Oatmeal porridge with Fresh Berries:

I hope you would love these funny oatmeal topping ideas. I know mostly you parents have busy routine and are not able to take out time for making something very special. Therefore, i brought these simple ideas to save your time and energy yet by using these simple ideas you can express your love to kids. Even you can make something else like heart with nuts and can fill it by using strawberry pieces or you can write some love phrases as well. If you found this article interesting so please let me know your views in below comments box.


    • Hi Helga, thank you so much for your appreciation. Oat meals are one of the healthiest thing to eat in breakfast or whenever we want. Oats are full of essential nutrients and fibre and if we use a little bit of creativity, our kids will love eating this super food as well. Ideas in this article are not at all time consuming and very very simple, even busiest parents can do these for their kids or even kids can decorate their oats according to their imaginations.

  1. Ohh my, my I now have a solution for an easy meal for my girls, Sarah you don’t have an idea how I struggled on this, just shown my girls and are waiting to try will be making something tomorrow for them, thank you kiddieversity!!!

    • Hi Mercy, thank you so much for your king comments, it really means a lot to get appreciation for your hard work. These creative oatmeal ideas are so so simple and beautiful and I hope your girls will enjoy these ideas and love making these again and again.

  2. Hey Sarah, I love oatmeal too and I’m sure kids will get a craving for these oaty recipes. Seeing all these topping ideas sets your creative juices flowing. I could just dive into the ‘Funny Bird Oatmeal Porridge With Fruits And Nuts’ or the ‘Funny Owl Oatmeal Porridge’ as I’m writing to you.

    Getting artistically creative with meals this way is pure fun and extremely nutritious, a great way to inspire kids to eat more healthy whilst enjoying their meals. I’m sure most kids would love to get involved, plan their design, produce their unique artistic creation followed by a photo sent to their friends – Great fun!

    • Hi Simon. thank you so much for your appreciation. I always love being creative in a really simple way especially as a busy mum of two. I always love to share my ideas and I am glad that you like them too. Thank you.

  3. I absolutely love this! Mealtime can be tough for parents, especially when they are busy. Too often people do not sit together and share a meal. This is a perfect way to make kids want to sit at the table and eat!

    Since oatmeal is kind of bland to begin with, this is a great way to make it exciting.

    • Hi Scott G, thank you so much for your appreciation. Indeed these oatmeal ideas are perfect to attract a fussy eater to sit on the table and have it without making complains as kids usually do.

  4. These are great ideas also, like your veggie character post. I love all the ideas you come up with here, so helpful for the little ones. We will be using your tips and ideas, thank you!

    • Hi Tammy,thank you so much for liking and appreciating my posts. These ideas are so awesome to encourage a child to eat healthy.

  5. What a great way to get kids to eat more fruit and healthy whole grains! I love how you give foods faces, it’s so fun and refreshing and really makes things kids might be picky about more accessible and friendly.

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for sharing your reviews on these creative oatmeal ideas. I am glad that you love them all.

  6. These are great Sarah! My kids love Oatmeal but sometimes it can be a bit boring. That penguin is really cute. My daughter would love that, she loves when mommy makes her food cute lol. I will have to show her these. Thanks again for some great ideas!

    • Hi Melissa, berry penguin on oats is my daughters favorite food. Kids do love eating food that looks colorful with a touch of creativity. This is one of the best way to encourage them for healthy eating.

  7. Oh wow, these are some useful ideas, thank you.
    It can sometimes hard to make sure that my daughter eats anything since most of the time for her the food seems unapealing, but this will definitely work wonders, especially the bunny rabit porridge.

    • Hi Richard, you are absolutely right, such food decoration and presentations works like wonder for encouraging our kid to eat healthy. I really appreciate your comments, thank you.

  8. Yet again more amazing ideas from you Sarah, you really are artistic minded. I would struggle myself to come up with something like this which is why your website is so great. It’s so important to get children to eat healthy and wholesome foods, but you make it fun for them and nobody could resist.
    I often tell my brother and sister in law about some of your advice for their little boy and this one I will share with them too. Thanks

    • Hi Stefanie, Thank you for your appreciation. I am glad that you have shared my posts with your sister and brother in law and I am sure that they will love these posts and find it useful too.


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