Hello beautiful mummies & daddies in my today’s article easy kids meals, i am going to share some very interesting yet creative and magical oatmeal topping ideas that will leave you amaze and you along with your kiddies would definitely crave for it 😉

Normally families eat oatmeal porridge in breakfast, though its totally up to you whether you and your kids eat in morning or evening there is not specific time to eat. Only the fact is how can you make oatmeal bowl funny, creative and attractive. All these topping ideas are very simple and you can easily do without spending much of your time.

You can use any fruit and nuts available at home just cook your regular oatmeal and do something different with it. So, lets have a look what funny and creative shapes you can give to this healthy ingredient.

Bunny Rabbit Porridge:

Rudolph: The Red Nosed Reindeer Porridge Oatmeal, Fun Christmas Food Art For Kids:

Kids Breakfast Porridge With Fruits And Nuts Look Like An Angry Owl:

Funny Bird Oatmeal Porridge With Fruits And Nuts:

Funny Owl Oatmeal Porridge:

Funny Penguin Oatmeal porridge with Fresh Berries:

I hope you would love these funny oatmeal topping ideas. I know mostly you parents have busy routine and are not able to take out time for making something very special. Therefore, i brought these simple ideas to save your time and energy yet by using these simple ideas you can express your love to kids. Even you can make something else like heart with nuts and can fill it by using strawberry pieces or you can write some love phrases as well. If you found this article interesting so please let me know your views in below comments box.



    • Hi Helga, thank you so much for your appreciation. Oat meals are one of the healthiest thing to eat in breakfast or whenever we want. Oats are full of essential nutrients and fibre and if we use a little bit of creativity, our kids will love eating this super food as well. Ideas in this article are not at all time consuming and very very simple, even busiest parents can do these for their kids or even kids can decorate their oats according to their imaginations.

  1. Ohh my, my I now have a solution for an easy meal for my girls, Sarah you don’t have an idea how I struggled on this, just shown my girls and are waiting to try will be making something tomorrow for them, thank you kiddieversity!!!

    • Hi Mercy, thank you so much for your king comments, it really means a lot to get appreciation for your hard work. These creative oatmeal ideas are so so simple and beautiful and I hope your girls will enjoy these ideas and love making these again and again.


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