Hello Mums and Dads, as I always share my articles which are especially designed for busy parents, today I thought that I should write something directly for kids to read and here comes the idea to share some really informative earth day facts for kids along with all the information related to this special day.

Earth day is a day when we all learn and spread awareness about our Planet Earth, how to keep our planet neat with a healthy atmosphere. It was first founded by D-Wisconsin and was first celebrated on 22nd of April 1970. Around 20 million Americans took part in Earth Day Celebration and they did walk, gatherings and talks in parks, streets, auditoriums and other places to talk about our Planet Earth. Now this day is celebrated throughout the world by millions and millions of people.

There are a lot of facts are related to this Earth Day and we are going to discus each fact and point one by one, so, let’s start…:)

  1. WHY TAKING CARE OF EARTH IS IMPORTANT: Earth is our own planet and we all live on it, so as our next up coming generations. So, it is very important for us to take care of this planet by keeping it clean and healthy. Like, to stay healthy it is important or us to eat a balanced diet, exercise, sleep and to take care or our hygiene. Likewise, to keep our planet in it’s best form, it is very important to us to take care of it’s water, greenery, plants, reserves and other treasures by keeping it clean and free of pollution.
  2. RECYCLING: Total population of people on our Planet Earth is around 7.5 billions. Now Imagine, how much waste do all of us make each day. Do you know kids that about 75% of our waste can be recycled which means this 75% of wastes can be used again in making new things. Now imagine, if we put our recyclable waste in correct bins, then we can keep our beautiful planet far more cleaner and healthier. Using less plastic and disposable things is one of the best thing we can do to keep our earth cleaner.
  3. CLEANING: As we have just discussed about recycling, proper cleaning or our surrounding is equally important.  If we put the food packets we eat in bins, keep our streets and houses clean from inside as well as from outside, it means we are contributing a great part in keeping our planet far cleaner.
  4. SMOKE FREE AND CHEMICAL FREE ATMOSPHERE: As we talked about recycling and cleaning of our surrounding, then what about clean air? Well, it is so true that fresher and cleaner atmosphere is as important as out surrounding and for that we should try out best to keep our air free from pollution. For that, we all should prefer walk, cycling or scooting to reachable destinations. This way we prevent our air to get polluted from gases came our from motored vehicles. Less smoke and chemicals from factories is also a great step to work on, in order to keep our atmosphere free of pollution and we all can breath in fresh air.
  5. WATER CLEANING: We have discussed cleaning our surrounding, air cleaning and recycling. Now, we can also contribute in cleaning our seas and rivers by using as less plastic as possible and we all should strictly avoid making mess and throwing plastic bags, bottles and wrappers in rivers and sea whenever we go for a picnic. We can also contribute by volunteering a day to clean beaches and parks a little bit according to our pace along with our all friends and people we know. This way we will be able to spread awareness to other people.
  6. OZONE: Ozone is a special type of oxygen that covers our Earth like a protective blanket. It protects our Earth from harmful Ultra Violet Rays of Sun, that can cause us sun burn and other damages as well. This Ozone Layer is getting damaged day by day because of too much pollutants and smoke in the air. One of the main reasons are smoke coming from factories and motored vehicles. That’s why, if we want to contribute to protect our Earth’s protective blanket, then we have to use more public transport instead of using cars individually, use cycle or walk to easily reachable destinations. This way we don’t only helping our Ozone layer to get protected, we are also contributing in keeping our air clean and also in our own physical health.
  7. TREES AND RAIN FORESTS: Trees are called the lung of Earth as we all know. These trees inhales carbon dioxide and exhales Oxygen that we inhales. This way, trees contribute in cleaning our air, our own health, beauty and fertility or earth and these trees and plants are also very crucial for the wild life and also for having rains and water on earth which is the most important part of our life.
  8. GLOBAL WARMING: All the points we have discussed about are the main cause of Global Warming. Now, how can we understand as kids about Global Warming in a simplistic way? Well, here is the answer. When we are unwell, we get fever and our body’s temperature rises up. Likewise, if dont take care of our earth, it gets unwell and it’s temperature rises like fever. This is what we call Global Warming and our weather get’s hotter instead of cold or nicely pleasant.
  • Taking part in cleaning or our surrounding, beaches and  parks.
  • Doing more and more activities using  recyclable products like cardboard boxespop sickle sticks and dried plants and other craft things in doing activities.
  • Plan talks among school fellows about Earth day and every thing related to it to spread awareness.
  • Dispose waste in correct bins.
  • Do more walking, cycling and public transport travels. If we try our best to practice all these points in our life, we will be able to live in a healthier and greener world and we will be able to enjoy a healthy life with our friends and family. Here is a Video Demo. for all of the Great Kids for more understanding about Earth day and our Planet Earth…:)


  1. This is very informative and a great resource for parents to help facilitate important conversations with their kids about the benefits of contributing to safe practices to help our planet survive. When we can all communicate these important issues in a way that kids can understand, they can grow up with this awareness and contribute in positive ways to our planet’s survival. Great work on a great post!

  2. What a wonderful post for kids to read. You really explained it well about how extremely important it is to us ALL to take care of our beautiful planet before it’s too late.
    As I have never really heard about earth day I am pressuming it is not celebrated so much here in the UK, unless I have been living with my head in the clouds ha ha. But I hope it becomes a big thing here too soon as it is just so important for us all.

  3. I think is very important to teach awareness to our children, after all they are the future.
    My son loves recycling, it mostly started with his love for recycling trucks but i’m glad it did, as he gets older i give him bigger tasks and i teach him more why it’s important to put things in the proper bin.
    We live in Canada so on Earth day we saw some events around our area, it was super fun!
    Thank you for sharing more information about it, that’s how we can spread even more awareness!


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