Hello Kiddies, a very Happy Earth Day to all of you. As we all have discussed about Earth Day Facts in our previous articles, now it’s time to have some fun and coloring. So, here I am sharing with all of you “Earth day coloring pages printables”, I am sure that you all will have fun while your coloring activities. You all are more than welcome to share your coloring pages in comments section as well…:)




  1. Oh how cute are these! Very thoughtful of you and a great way to add playful craft to learning. I’ll be printing these out for my kiddies straight away, thanks for sharing these beauties :).

  2. These are great printables I can have my little sisters color whenever I see them later today. I like the cute “Love your Planet” one. Thank you for posting this!

  3. Hi Sarah, now I actually knew nothing about earth day until you informed me about it. Is it a new thing? I am gathering from the pictures on this page that it is obviously to do with saving the planet, which is exactly what we all need to be doing right now. What a great thing to get the children involved in as they are the ones that will inherit this earth.

  4. Though earth day has passed it is still important to hold the values of what that day represents every day and teach our children how to care for the planet. The will become adults and be responsible for doing what it takes to save the planet and preserving our natural habitats. Those coloring pages are so cute and they are a fun way to teach children things that are important. Thanks for another great post.


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