Planning to get pregnant is one of the best decisions we can make in our lives. Arrival of a beautiful bundle of joy gives us so much happiness that is indescribable. If you are trying to have a baby, especially for the first time then you must be looking forward to know what are earliest possible signs of pregnancy as you miss your periods by few days, or even before missing your periods.

But before jumping onto the signs of pregnancy, the first thing to do is to buy a home pregnancy test and check it at home and from the first urine after waking up in the morning, as it gives more accurate reading, but you can certainly do at any time of the day. So, let’s check out, what are the first sings of pregnancy.

Missed periods: Missing period is an important indicator of being pregnant if you are trying for a baby. Do a home pregnancy test when you are 5-7 days overdue for accurate results. Home pregnancy test can give accurate results a couple of days before missing your period though. A positive home pregnancy test result is almost right but a negative test result is less reliable as if you are pregnant then test might come positive after a week or few days. So, if you missed your period and suspecting that you are pregnant then repeat the test after a week.

Morning sickness or sickness throughout the day: Human Gonadotropin Hormone released during pregnancy cause us feeling sick especially in the morning, that’s why most of the expectant mothers do feel sick in early pregnancy days. Some women feel sick in first trimester only and v rarely some throughout their pregnancy.

Feeling tired and lethargic: Feeling lethargic during these days is very normal. This is due to hormonal changes going on inside your body. Try to stay calm and have as much rest as u can.

Sore breast and nipples: Breast feel fuller and tender as milk ducts are starting to develop more and more to provide milk your little one. Areola and nipples get darker than earlier with more and more “Montgomery’s tubercles” i.e., the little bumps on the darker area around nipple. But fuller and tender breasts could be the sign of onset of periods in some women.

Peeing more often: This is due to increase blood flow to kidneys and increased uterine pressure on kidneys as it grows bigger and bigger.

Increased vaginal discharge: Vaginal discharge increases as you get pregnant, because it increase estrogen levels and blood flow in pelvic area. Normally this discharge is transparent to milky and very thick. If you have yellow/ green discharge, itch or odour or all of these three symptoms or even any one, please consult your health expert as it could be the sign of infection.

Strange tastes and smell: Hormonal changes and increased level of estrogen might be the reason for a pregnant woman to feel strange taste especially metallic taste and smell. But some women don’t feel any of these symptoms throughout their pregnancy at all.

Food cravings: This is also linked with blood flow and hormonal changes but I have also seen many women who don’t feel any craving throughout their pregnancy at all. So, it varies form woman to woman.

Constipation: This is due to increase in Progesterone levels which cause relaxation of smooth muscle of digestive tract, so, food in the intestines move slowly through the tract.

Slight cramping and backache: This is due to a lot of uterine changes, foetus implantation and its growth.

Implantation bleeding: Once fetus attached itself to the uterine wall, mother might experience slight spotting around the time when you expect your period. Sometimes it is mistaken but very light periods.

Once your found out about your pregnancy, then call your healthcare provider to get register and start getting regular check-ups and appointments as per your need and protocol. I wish you all the best for a healthy pregnancy and delivery of a healthy beautiful baby.










  1. This is a great article! There are a lot of possible signs of pregnancy. For me, it was always the missed periods and morning sickness. I got sick early in my pregnancy so by the time I thought I might have been pregnant(ie. period late a week) I was starting to get sick. I miss being pregnant 🙁 Thanks for the detailed post!

    • Thank you for the comment and that is so true Melissa, signs of pregnancy varies from woman to woman, though missed periods and nausea are the commonest ones.

  2. Thank you for this informational article! I remember my first signs of being pregnant very clearly. I was a day late on my period and road tripping for work. I kept having to adjust the temperature in my vehicle as I would get very hot and turn the air up and within minutes be freezing and have to turn the heat on. It was very strange, but two days later took a test and it was positive! ((:

    • Hi Misty, thank you so much for your comments, feeling sweaty and hot during pregnancy is very common and that is the reason for me to write this article, so that we all especially new mums know what to expect.

  3. My periods were always irregular… that’s why when I missed one, I didn’t trip off of it because that was what usually happened. However, when I started getting nauseous in the morning, like everyday…. and normal things would smell really bad and make me even more queasy, that is when I suspected I was pregnant. Oh what a horrible few months that was!!! As soon as I went to my doctor they confirmed I was 10 weeks pregnant! Our bodies do crazy things when we make babies!

    • Hi Sophia, thank you so much for sharing your comments and experience with all of us and your are right, our body do crazy and unexpected things when we get pregnant.

  4. One early sign of pregnancy consistent with me has been dizziness, which is unique as I never experience dizziness otherwise. Another is a sensation of “more” blood in my body, which feels both like a heaviness and just more “movement” in my vasculature, if that makes any sense. great article!

    • Hi Penelope, I experienced the same symptoms at the early stage of pregnancy though these symptoms vary from mum to mum and I have covered almost all the most common symptoms here in this article. I really appreciate your time, thank you so much for your appreciation.

  5. So many early signs that indicate pregnancy! With my two it was the missed period followed by sickness when brushing my teeth. Ugh, I don’t miss that part. The home pregnancy test confirmed our suspicion. And the rest is history, he’s 18 months now 🙂

  6. Hi Sarah! This post is a great read for first time infanticipating moms. You have included everything that comes with early signs of pregnancy and explained them very simply. It’s very strange how our body responds when we are caring for a life within us. In my case, it was so contradictory to my normal. When I was pregnant with y 1st child, I hated the smell of anything stir-fried when ordinarily, i love that scent a lot 🙂
    Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Gigi, thank you so much for sharing your experience and appreciation. actually symptoms of pregnancy varies from woman to woman.


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